Day 25

God I wish we could do confessionals at Tribal because soooo much sh*t happened and now I need to write a long ass confessional documenting each and every last moment.

Basically, we didn't trust that the Villains would be voting Miguel and suspected Eddie would save him with the idol. SO Andrei and I campaigned to get the Heroes to vote Jerby, the last Anarchist and the incredibly unreliable person. I talked with Adam and decided to get Jerby and Miguel to target Topher, because he's inactive so he wouldn't find out I was the one that said his name. I told Adam about our plan to vote Jerby and made him swear on everything he loves not to tell anyone. I then told Miguel our plan and he swore on his best friends not to tell anyone. However, I didn't tell him we were voting Jerby. Because I knew he would campaign to save his boyfriend. When Tribal results were read, it appeared all the Villains lied about voting Miguel and they all voted Topher. So we have no reason to be pissed at each other, since we both lied. xd

Afterwards Miguel began flipping out at the loss of Jerby and saying it should have been Alejandro. My main concern right now is the idol. We need to get it out and I'm scared I'll be at the ass end of it if it gets played. Also, I still have the fake idol. I'm incredibly tempted to give it to one of the Villains.


So Jerby is gone...FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK -_- Jerby was one of my #1 allies, so dang -_- My gameplan is to work with Luke, he has enough power to manipulate the game, but he isn't the ringleader. Which is the perfect person to align with. I'm not planning to go Villains strong, I'd gladly flip on all the villains to better my game. So if Luke trusts me enough, then I can be his +1, a perfect position to be in so that I'll be able to be safe to an extent, then gain enough of his trust so I can stab him in the back later on.


This is the first time I voted in the majority since Richie went home, so yay me!

I have no interest in playing Shark Attack or whatever upgraded version this is so I’ll let Adam ruin his fingers on this one.


Day 26

So Adam won reward and decided to send himself to Exile Island. I'd imagine he's gonna pick the idol clue and tell the Villains. I'm gonna try my hardest to get the clue out of him. Then ask Eddie it to see if he lied. I can probably get Adam to tell me it by telling him I'd give it to him. So let's see how this plays out.


Well after Adam got the idol clue from Exile Island, he decided he would share it with me once I swore not to tell anyone.

Anyways, I can't tell any of my fellow Heroes that I have the clue. Whether Adam was lying or not about it is out of my knowledge's reach. But swearing on one you love is something not to break. So I have to lie to my allies, great.

Also, I talked with Sam to make sure Eddie wouldn't idol me out if he used the idol. According to her, he said he wouldn't use it to take out me or her, so we should be good. I just want to win this Immunity to guarantee safety. I do not trust this upcoming Tribal one bit. Last Tribal proved not a single sole can be trusted. I trust Sam, because we made a promise to each other. I trust Jessy, because she's proven her loyalty. I trust Topher, because I hosted his season and know how loyal he is. Everyone else has something that turns me off.

Alejandro is shady as f*ck. After Tribal he said "So we're not working together this season?". One thing you NEVER say to anyone.

I heard Miguel was after me. I need no further info not to trust him.

Sole did a lot of sh*t against me pre-merge, so I don't think I can rely on him now.

Andrei turned on me last season, who's to say he won't again?

Eddie is really really vague. His alignments and moves are completely unpredictable.

Natalie is social and friendly with a lot of other people.

Knowing Adam, he's probably plotting to backstab me as we speak.

Anyways, let's hope to make it past this Tribal and to the final ten!


Ooh Touchy Subjects, ay ay ay!

My strategy going into this challenge is to basically answer with my gut. There’s no point in actually revealing my opinions, so I just won’t. I did feel good to say a few mean things about Topher and Eddie, I’m not going to lie. For the most part, that challenge is a crapshoot, so I’m not going to put any hopes out there.


Day 27

Well touchy subjects officially SUCK! I got some really bad ones! Thanks guys -_- The time I try to be nice, I get this, ugh this is not a fun time, but I must power through! Adam won Immunity! wooooooO! Now I hope Miguel can get the shoe. It would be nice to see him go, after all the negative answers I got and all...well at least I'm the hottest ;)


Question: "Who is the most Villainous Villain"

Answer: Eddie

What the damn hell? O_o o_O since when did I stop being one of the uber villains??? O_o Meh, at the very least, it takes a target off of my back. I was only mentioned once in "Who is the most dishonest", so I think I'm doing a decent job in staying under the radar...What I didn't expect was for our answers to be revealed! shiiiiiiiiiiiit, but meh, I don't think people are really minding me right now, so I'm back in my silent killer position. Hopefully, I get to keep it that way :/


Triballl! It sucks but I'm feeling okay. I have trust in my alliance that they know as well as I do that if a villain makes it to the end they win so it's in all of our best interests to cut them out. The only concern I have atm is Eddie's idol. He clearly has it out for me so I'm afraid that if the villains can play the idol on the right person I could be going home. I've planted some seeds with Alejandro and Miguel that I'm looking further down the line so I hope their influence will divert the target away from me and onto anyone else! It would obviously be smartest if they targeted Sam/Jessy because they're so tight but anything can happen. This vote, the Heroes should be voting for Alejandro which was my idea :) I can't trust him one bit and his destructive style of play is only trouble for the people in my alliance.

Personally, I'm looking further down the line. Touchy Subjects proved that Sam is a formidable threat and I think it helped people to understand that. It gave me an opportunity to start planting the seed to blindside her. If I have to use a villain or two to eliminate her then so be it. As far as I see it - as long as she's in the game, I'm not winning. Topher and Jessy are so ridiculously far up her butt it's going to be tough to get her out but I'm hoping once the Villains are at the point of no return that people can start to see her as a threat to their own games. All I have to do is survive this vote and then I can really begin to focus on Immunity. Once I have that I can use that power to my advantage to pull some people and shake things up. I can't sacrifice my last shot at this game because of a fear of pissing people off. At this stage, I don't think I'm even making to the FTC so that's my major goal!!


So one of the villains is going home.... I damn hope that it's Miguel who goes home, but I don't think that'll be the case. He's become an obvious target for the votes, so that makes him an obvious target for the idol. So it's probably me going home tonight :/ I'm gonna try to do some scrambling. I'm gonna need to pull myself closer to Sam. I'm telling her the villain's plan to vote her just to show that she's in-charge, this way, Sam will trust me just a little more and sub-consciously think that she can control me.

I've also been talking to Jessy...Not that much time to do anything, but if I stay strong tonight. Jessy and I will be closer, and maybe I can pull something...


I was kinda shocked to be the majority answer to a few positive questions! And more importantly, I’m floored that the majority did not answer me too often for negative questions. It doesn’t mean much, but that kind of indicates that the perception of me does not skew too badly for now, which gives me a decent shot with this jury, and it’s not too positive either, which makes it easier for me to fly under the radar.

I am getting very itchy about this tribal, because if I make it past this vote, I’ll have played for 100 days, and it would really suck to leave now. Not gonna lie I would find it extremely ironic to be the first person to reach that milestone after I denied that from

All I’m hoping for is that Eddie does not value Alejandro enough to use his Idol on him, and he’s been pretty vocal about how he would only use it for himself.