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99 Bricks
99 Bricks
Survivor ORG Challenge
Description A recurring arcade game challenge.
Appearance(s) Cuba

99 Bricks is a recurring challenge that originated in Survivor: Cuba.


Each contestant must play an arcade game named "99 Bricks". Using only 99 bricks (similar to the ones used in Tetris), players must build the highest tower possible. The contestant(s) with the highest tower by the time they've used up all 99 bricks, wins.


The challenge first appeared in Survivor: Cuba as an individual immunity challenge as both Cardenas and Havana had to go to Tribal Council. Blaine and Jastine won the challenge for Cardenas and Havana respectively.

It was later used in Survivor: Nepal as a reward challenge and was eventually won by Charlie. It reappeared at the Day 38 immunity challenge as one of three challenges in which the remaining contestants previously competed in and was also won by Charlie.


Episode Challenge Type Winner
Survivor: Cuba
Borrowed Time
Individual Immunity 150px-5098907
Survivor: Nepal
This is What Happens When You Lie to Me
Individual Reward CharlieMangaFace
Survivor: Turkey
Individual Immunity Bartley Turkey

Other Appearances

99 Bricks reappeared as part of a "Second Chances" challenge alongside two other throwback challenges, in the Day 37 immunity challenge in Survivor: Nepal.

Survivor: All-Stars featured 99 Bricks, with a series of other throwback challenges. Mpilo won this specific portion, but Zuma, Mpilo, and Rolih won the entire challenge, gaining immunity.


  • No female has ever won this challenge.


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