that's going to be the last time I say that phrase, it's only fitting because you said that so many times it just had to become your saying. Anyways it wasn't a shock that I saw my name come up in tribal. I know Eoin was gunning for me and I can say is if you try and target me, you will be voted out of this game. Simple as that. I feel confident in my group of guys and will continue to until some sort of swap or merge that can happen in the future. After tonight it's back to business as usual


I need a swap. Now.

After tribal I was understandably pissed. However Martynas (An illiterate member of my alliance) failed to see why and refused to apologise, I mean I know he can't speak fucking English but God, he was the worst social skills ever. So I talked to Josiah about getting the numbers and getting rid of him at the next tribal council, so we saw Will as the leader and I gave him a great pitch about how Martynas has proved that he was not loyal and how I had proved my loyalty but to the other alliance. Well Will was at least honest. He told me I should stay away from tribal council but Josiah was the next boot. He was incredibly condescending to me and flat out admitted that after Josiah I was next. I mean is he retarded? What happens if there is a swap? Does he expect me to be his dog and sit when I'm supposed to sit, umm no I won't. If there's a swap I will flip faster than it takes Martynas to string a sentence together. I do not care if I'm first out but hopefully the girls are kinder than these douches.


Coming back from tribal, you could clearly tell despite it being beyond obvious, that Josiah Eoin and even Ian himself were really blindsided about the way the vote went. They still think the reason behind it was because of the penalty vote? Lol people need to understand being stupid has consequences. But you know it's great for me, no one angerly yelled at me or is targeting me or even blaming me. I've gotten to a good spot in the game, no one thinks I have power and no one sees me as a target for as far as I know. If all goes accordingly to the plan, then it should be Josiah following Ian's footsteps as his torch gets snuffed next time, so the plan until that happens: get Eoin separated from him, I mean you never know he could be useful in the future.


I'm amazed with how this game is progressing. I came into this game knowing I wanting to focus on my social and strategic game. I never could have imagined it working this well! I've had two separate people telling me multiple times I am their closest ally in this game. MJ came to me after the vote and was legitimately upset that three people chose to write my name down so I know he's with me. Martynas is pulling the ol' double agent routine and is telling me everything going on in the other alliance haha. Now even Eoin is coming to me apologizing profusely for targeting me in the last tribal council and wants him and Josiah to be, and I quote, "my loyal servants." It's funny though because before that vote, he seemed pretty confident and determined to have me out. I trust my guys even more now after this vote and I can say with the utmost confidence that The Elders will be the top dogs at the end of this game. And I'm even more confident to say I'm the top dog of The Elders ;)


Day 8

If we win this immunity, we really need to put some effort into making Eoin truly feel comfortable. A "big happy alliance of seven" which he's clearly the bottom of, sounds much worse than being at the bottom of an alliance of four. If we win the NEXT immunity or not doesn't matter, we just need Eoin comfortable in case of a swap, which everyone has agreed will be at final 14 at this point. We can't afford a flipper in a game that's been close at this point. I'm just afraid that if a plan is put into action to make Eoin feel like he's number four in a fake alliance of me, him, Will, and Sora, that Martynas, MJ, and Renz will find out and feel ostracized. It's all up in the air at this point I guess. Maybe I need to stop thinking so far ahead and worry about what's in front of me.


Day 9

Okay so now that I'm on the bottom half of the tribe I have to make sure I don't fall to bottom of the tribe so I have to play with my head and not my emotions so I'm being quite the smart little bitch.

So it's quite obvious that Josiah and I are the bottom two. So instead of being a cunt to Will and Martynas like he is and ignoring them I'm sucking up to them and acting like a little loyal puppy dog just until I can sneak into a swap or the merge and flip. I decided to go undercover for Will and also make Josiah look even worse by getting him to admit he wants to flip at the first chance he gets, now my tribe will probably throw the next competition so he gets voted out then we'll swap at even numbers, I'll be able to flip and vote out the boys at the swap. However if there's not a swap I could be in a spot of bother, I have proved my loyalty to Will so hopefully he can get me to slaughter one of his sheep. But anyway I have to go undercover as a sheep to survive and hopefully that it'll buy be a little more time in the game to stir up a little trouble as at the minute I'm walking on the thinest of ice.