Day 27

so last night mj and i went digging for the idol while everyone else was sleeping. and it took like 3 hours, but we finally found it under a goddamn rock. so now we (or rather, mj) have the third idol! which is cool since all of my allies have an idol. mj did offer to give me the idol when he found it but i was like "nah, you had the clues and you did most of the work, you deserve it", which is true. i kinda like not having one because it makes me look less threatening and also is probably a lot less stress. however right now i'm kind of wishing i had taken it because that might have been my one shot at making a big move before final 4 (since now we're kinda assuming it's gonna be mj, jessica, hanne, and i). because i do sort of want to make a move, because i realize that sticking with those three is not necessarily the best thing for my game seeing as they're all very savvy and pose different threats and i don't want to just write off the other 4 people in the game, which is why i'm still working hard to maintain good relationships with them all. but, being the only one in the group without an idol, i am hesitant about being the one to initiate the destruction of ericas meme club. like if someone else comes to me, i'm all ears and i'm definitely willing to take one of them out before that final 4 because i actually do want to win this game. but i'm not really in a good position to make that kind of move right now and it doesn't seem like any of them are really considering it either, so. i guess we'll have to wait and see.

also i'm liking sora more and more by the day and i wanna keep him around for a while because i think we could work well together. just gonna keep that tucked in the back of my mind somewhere until further notice... also can the memes please end before they end me


Hehe...Eoin...I hope you and me are ready for the results. >:3


Day 28

)))))) i'm only worried about f4 tbqh so likeee at this point i rlly don't think i'm gonna win the game unless i get amelia out somehow but i also don't wanna vote them out because i do really like them. and same for mj but i hope ppl find like wouldn't vote for him in the end or smth?? amelia is probs the biggest threat rn so like if there's a blindside somehow in this season on one of the ppl in our cool alliance it probably ain't gonna be me. unless someone tells ppl i have an idol.... maybe i'll play it next time just to be safe tbqh. or i could win immunity again that would be fun!!! so i wanna be at the end with my alliance because someone /not/ in it could easily win over one of us but there are also certain members of that said alliance i would rather be at ftc with. i.e. f3 w/ jessica & mj is my best shot. but mj is keeping shit from me and it's hecking shady so like i gotta get closer w/ amelia and make sure they trust me. and jessica. jessica/amelia are tight probs and i feel like mj is close w/ both of them too idk..... anywayyyy this is fun i like winning :)))))


The results....;--;

I guess I am a very annoying person after all...

FML </3

I'm screwed


they are not supposed to think that i am most likely to win!!! so much for under the radar r.i.p.

sora's exasperation with renz and eoin is giving me life

we're voting out eoin bc he's way too chaotic and bc there's no reason not to keep erica around. i was gonna vote erica just to make renz think i was still with him but it's probably better not to make erica feel more unsafe and honestly renz has not been giving me anything to work with strategically so i guess i can just be like "sry dude i tried to talk to you but i see you seeing my messages and not replying to them so idk what you expect from me"

i just wish that we could have cookies?


Coming back from the immunity challenge, I'm feeling good once again. I didn't get any bad ones and I got some good ones too, but not so many really good ones where I look too threatening, however some people werent as thrilled with the results like I was. Eoin flipped the FUCK out, and now hes claiming he has the old Attica idol from Ian? Which, I mean I know well enough thats a blatant lie because Will had the old idol. So, his last ditch effort to save himself isn't working so well for him. However, him and Renz want to blindside MJ for fear of him having an idol. I do need to split up Hanne and MJ sooner then later, because they're loyal to one another and won't take me very far if im with them, plus there both massive threats. So maybe I do need to work with "the devil" and blindside MJ, or wait a few rounds.


Day 29

Pretty sure I am well and truly fucked since nobody bothered to talk to me about the vote and they all were shady as fuck about me in the immunity challenge, I'm trying to sway the vote to that annoying bitch Erica by saying I have a hidden immunity idol which I'm playing but I doubt that will work. And since they all voted that I would be a bitter juror I will be a bitter juror when it comes to the end as they all have been shady to me this whole game and I cannot wait to see them all fall after me.

I'm trying my heart out to stay but I'm afraid sometimes the heroes beat the villains *cries*


i just realized that me & erica's ship name is america so i'm going to have to take her to the final 2 sorry everyone else this is fate this is destiny


So I voted for MJ tonight because I think he has the idol and since Sora suggested that we blindside someone, I thought tha it might be a good idea to get rid of MJ. Although Eoin wanted me to vote Erica, I still pushed for MJ cuz I know he has more potential than the other choice to actually beat me in the future.

Less talk, less mistake. That's why I never talked to Hanne and Mj, cuz I feel their ego's so big, that they think they're in control

The underdogs.are usually well liked right? Let's just give em a good game and show em that nobody should ever have that superiority complex


Welp, both eoin and renz lack of strategic game have made it very easy for me to stick with the original plan and get rid of Eoin. He's playing pretty bad thus far and has only targeted erica for personal reasons. So Hanne and MJ's loved one couple pair survives another round, but things will be done about that sooner then later indeed. For now take out Eoin worry about them as the Laconia 4 dominate into final 7 or a boring final 4.