Day 31

Oh my god no. That hoe bag got voted out and its all my fault! If she didn't play her idol then she could of used it on herself tonight... Emma, my choice for the final 2 has been taken out. And Mikes pointless idol aside. Justin voted Zach, so if no idol got played the Emma would of went because of him. I must get revenge. But alas, I'm next in the pecking order I believe. The nerds only voted Emma because of her idol play on me last time, so now nothing is stopping me from getting booted. But I guess thats alright. I don't mind 7th place at all. Hopefully there might be all stars, but I doubt I will get into it, and Emma will be asked, thats for sure but she will decline... Its sad, I would've loved to see her in it!


Justin you are biggest ratchet slut ever, I seriously hope you get ran over by a bus, then by a taxi and finally by a fecking bike! How does that little scum act like a dizzy butterfly and vote alone? He seriosuly deserves to go next but I'll try to plan something to save his butt…


Day 32

So I tried to ask somebody who was one of the girls that appeared in the challenge but Sharky found out. To be honest I couldn't be arsed of what will ahppen to me but I decided to throw the challenge so people think i play fair and I can stay some more days! Sharky will be fucking stupid if he voted me off since that will kill his chances since I will make Justin and Sam help instead Tyson and Zach to get to the finale! Anyways I better prepare myself for the tribal to eb a fake bitch, again.


After tonight's double vote results I'm setting up my end game.

Before I send someone to the jury I need to talk lots with them, just for jury status. I make sure to talk with everyone but it's double when they're going home. Once Sam and Justin leave , plus Sam has already told me I'm getting his vote anyways once they leave I'm setting up my end game.

The F5 would be Zach, mike , Sharky and Joan and myself. Sharky and mike are close, Shakry has already made a deal with Joan to vote myself to zach at F5, then make his way to the final 2.... But I've got Joan. I'm pretty sure Joan is with me, he's literally gave me all the career secrets and codenames, apparently I'm Katniss :p. So at the F5 I plan to blindside sharky, then mike, win the final immunity, vote out Joan, win the game? Haha is that to much to plan ahead!!!! Well it's my goal anyways!


Tyson and I are in a tricky situation. We need to break up the Mike-Sharky and Joan-Justin pairs to get ourselves into the F2. Mike-Sharky has the idols, so we need to make a move on them first. But Tyson wants to wait until F5. I know I am right, I just have to convince Tyson that as well.


Ugh I'm so angry at myself

I could have gotten rid of mike today. But I didn't have time because of school, I didn't have time to talk to everyone. And I don't feel safe tonight ...., I'm sketchy of mike and sharky That they and justin will flip on me. I really did want to keep Justin, tho he was trying to act secretly about his vote that sounded douchey. I really hope Justin goes tonight, and mike plays his idol.... if he has one.