"A Complete and Utter Roller Coaster"
Season Survivor: Tikal
Episode Number 10/15
Episode Chronology
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A Complete and Utter Roller Coaster is the tenth episode of Survivor: Tikal.


Reward Challenge: For this challenge, the castaways participated in a Survivor Auction. The castaways were given 500 U.S Dollars and they had to use all of their money to bid on as many items out of 10 as they wanted. The person who bid the highest on each item won that item.

Winners: Anyone who received an item.

Immunity Challenge: The castaways competed in a challenge called Lie to Me. Each castaway submitted 3 statements about themselves, 2 truths and 1 lie. The castaways then had to guess for each of their fellow castaways which one of their 3 statements was the lie. The castaway who correctly guessed the most amount of lies won immunity.

Winner: Linus

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 10: Doabslavskq

Tribal Council 10:
Felix (4 votes)
Christine, Joanna, Marie & Michael
John (3 votes)
Anna, Claire & Linus
Marie (2 votes)
Felix & John

Voting Confessionals

bye ur a threat


Maybe this time my vote for you will actually count. Peace! :)


Well you sure are hard to kill but hopefully it all works out in the end *thumbs up*


If this works, Aguateca is even stupider than I thought.


I'm sad. He makes chaos but it's better for me to vote for him.


Marie, I like you a lot and I really do appreciate you wanting me to stay this week! But for Vatanchu to have any chance tonight, I have to do this. Really sorry. <3


I can't believe I'm doing this, but something in the game has got to change to put me in a better position, and voting Marie simply would not do that.


You know in Panama when Cirie blindsided Courtney because she was the biggest goat? Well I'm doing the same right now, bye Felixia!


I think I got Joanna on board with voting Felix, so I’m expecting the vote to be 5-4. There may be backlash, but I can’t risk Anna or Claire working with Felix until the end. I doubt it, but Felix might play an idol or something and this plan could blow up in my face. I guess we’ll see how this goes.


Final Words

I can't really blame them for making this move, though I do think it was a mistake for certain individuals. I hope that there's at least one person entertaining enough to vote for in the finals, voting for Marie for playing a good game would be disgusting.


Episode Summary


  • The episode was named after Christine's quote