Day 10

FINALLY. It's only taken us a week, but we've finally broken our curse. We won immunity, and someone from Chitwan is going. Unfortunately, we all know it's going to be George - and even worse, they'll probably flush our reward by throwing votes randomly. But that's their problem. All I care about is that we won.

I was worried for a moment when Dallas lost his score back in the reward challenge - I didn't want to have to deal with the fallout of an accident like that costing us the win. Particularly since he's a close ally and I wouldn't want to lose him. But that doesn't matter. We still won, and I managed the highest score! Who would have guessed I'd be the challenge beast? And then in the immunity challenge, we trounced Chitwan. Khaptad truly is the stronger tribe.

And more unified. All of these rumours of in-fighting and accusations of sockpuppetry... Part of me thinks it's a charade, but if not, they're so divided that they'll do the hard work for us in fracturing apart to allow us to just seize control at the merge!


Day 11

Here's where the head-games start. With a long immunity challenge and now a long wait before Chitwan goes to Tribal, there's a lot of opportunity for people to start messing with each others' heads. That's the hard thing about this game - challenges keep everyone focused, but on days without them, everything goes crazy.

And currently, it's all about gathering intelligence and planting dissension across the pond in Chitwan. Ash has been... anything but subtle. She's talking to everyone on our tribe, trying to act all friendly but also glean information from us. Brendan straight-up asked us to give him the individual immunity. The other tribe is a fractured mess, but Khaptad's sticking together and at the moment, that's allowing us to mess with them.

Unsurprisingly, Chitwan flushed our reward at their last Tribal. They thought they were being sneaky, but it was plain as daylight in the desert. So Khaptad decided, together, to break out the inner Hantz and screw with them. In truth, Brendan voted for Ash - we all thought that was a predictable thing to happen. But, none of us want to see Ash at the merge, and setting her off will either get rid of her or get her to oust some of the other big threats on Chitwan.

So... We played a little game. We decided to tell Ash that Brendan voted for the inactive George, and that the vote for Ash came from someone out of left field, and according to our intel, one of her closest allies: Jhet. She apparently bought the lie, and even better, now that they're going to Tribal, Ash is gunning for Jhet. I feel kind've bad throwing him under the bus, but Jhet IS a threat in challenges - he was the only Chitwan to top 100 stars in the last challenge, and he's consistently bringing their average up. So, if he goes home, great, and if it's because we pulled a fast one on Ash, that's even better.


I think our tribe is pretty worried about the idol right now. There's a lot of suspicion going on, everyone's pretty paranoid. It all started when Brendan mentioned it, and now the whole tribe was gone into chaos. I'm very worried. To add to that, our tribe sucks! All I know is that everyone in our tribe did pretty bad in the immunity challenge. Hopefully we didn't do that bad. But I've heard some rumors that Khatpad might have 600 stars, which really worries me. Anyways, if we lose, I'm pretty sure it's Brendan going home, and I'm pretty exited about that. Brendan is pretty week in challenges, because of his problems with his computer. If thats the case, we definitely do not need you. Plus, he's causing a lot of paranoia around the tribe. He needs to go. If we lose tonight, I'm pretty sure it's him going home.


Day 12

I feel very paranoid right now. Originally, our alliance had planned to split the vote between Trace and Brendan, so that we could flush out the idol, and then eventually vote Brendan out of the game. But now we've changed the plan. Our whole has suddenly decided to unanimously vote out Brendan without a care of the idol. I'm afraid, that Brendan has the idol. And I'm also afraid, that if he uses it, he would vote me out. i'm just being paranoid, because I heard from Trace that he asked him to vote for me. I don't understand why, because I'm the only one who fully contributes to this tribe during challenges, so there might still be a chance that Brendan uses a strategic decision not to vote for me. Again i'm just being paranoid, he might have not the idol. But i'm afraid, because i'm pretty sure that my tribe has already voted, so there's nothing else I could do. Hopefully, just hopefully, he doesn't have the idol, and I'm not blindsided. I also hope, that if he does have it, he's comfortable enough to not use it. Or else, I'm pretty much screwed. ^_^


So our tribe is kind of rolling right now, and we kind of needed it, because if we lost another immunity it would just be pure chaos, so you never know, I just want to get to the merge, then I think I can start making some moves, but for now, I'm just trying to do what I can to stay off the chopping block, so lets keep winning Khaptad.


So my tribe is a disgusting mess of alliances, I'm in basically every one. Plus my alliances on the other tribe that thinks I'm with them... I'm in control, no one knows it. I told Ash that Jhet voted for her, now she targets him. So... This is my game to lose.