Day 19

I love the twist, guys. It's awesome. I hate the girls from my previous tribe and right now I'm again with my boys and... Mary to vote out (when we lost the challenge). And NO Mel with us... <3 I can dance, I can sing, I can even... no, I won't run naked across the camp. But it's tempting.


So a lifeline was tossed to me today. It seems we had a traitor over on the other aguadhebsu tribe, and if I had to guess that traitors name would begin with the letter M and end with Ary. So, with that I should have a round where I don't have to be panicked as fuck because Claire hates the game I'm playing. On top of that, other than Christine being good in comps, I think we generally crush them and may have an advantage once we get to the merge!! The Why am I still awake alliance will hopefully revive Itself, and even if we do take out Mary I don't see many situations in which I end up in the minority. I think Felix and Joanna both trust me, so if either try to work with John/Scott after, an idea I'm not even against, they will tell me and I can stay in the majority! Yes yes yes, the survivor gods have thrown me a bone! Now our tribe just needs to crush the comps so that we can have a majority going to the merge!!


I don't know how I feel about this...Oh don't get me wrong I know I'm safe but now that I'm over here I'm not able to kick Felix and Linus in the fucking face :)


YAS! Mel is out of the game and I am slowly recovering from my huge mistake! I’m just laughing about it and using it to show my allies that I have their back. This tribe swap though SUCKS FOR ME! I’m going to lose a number for my side no matter which tribe wins immunity. The other tribe will probably vote out Mary if they lose and my tribe will have to vote out one of our own. I’ve got a few options because I’m reunited with my alliance of Christine, Claire and I, but I also had an alliance with Anna and Lexi before the swap. It would make the most sense for me to take out Marie if we lose, but I don’t want to overplay or throw her name out there before losing. We could end up winning everything until the merge. I’ve also been heavily considering giving my idol to Mary. From the confessional I accidentally posted, no one seems to have picked up on the word “second” and realized that I have an idol. If I’m asked, I’ll just say that I was referring to the vote stealer as an idol. If I give Mary the idol and she plays it, it guarantees that someone from the other alliance will be out voted out and I’ll have the numbers at the merge. However, my side could end up having the numbers regardless at the merge and giving Mary the idol could turn out to be a huge mistake. I’ve still got time to decide what to do thankfully.


Day 20

Praise be unto the Mayan gods, for they have blessed Scott and I on this most holy of days. What have they blessed us with, you ask? Well, it’s quite simple.


Ohhhh myyyy godddd this couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. Scott and I were going to get so shafted on Aguateca, with it now being 4v2 and the 4 wanting to throw the immunity challenges to get us out. But no! That’s not gonna happen! Even better? This tribe swap swaps us back to our old tribes! Aka I’m reunited with all my old Vatanchu baes! This is just incredible. I went from being the next to go to being in a rather great position! It’s so nice to get away from the stress of dealing with the Aguateca girls alliance. Our plan is to get rid of Mary if we lose the next immunity challenge, because she’s going to flip back to Aguateca in an instant if we keep her around any longer. This couldn’t have worked out any better. I think I’m going to make it to the merge and the jury, which I’m so ecstatic about. This is just fantastic.

This swap does bring up an interesting thing, because Joanna told us she had a Light Pearl. If we go to tribal, if I wanted to, I could totally throw a vote her way to flush it out, and pin it on Felix, and try to get us four to go against him at the tribal following that, but I don’t know how that’ll go down. Probably not well.

Our next reward challenge is a flash game that involves throwing a spear at really annoying targets. I would love to win this challenge, just to show off how awesome we are, but it doesn’t matter to me too much. Everyone who goes will probably take the individual advantage at this point, but we’ll have to see. Mary, who will likely go because Aguateca will pick her, will 100% take the individual advantage, so whoever of the rest of us five goes will probably have to too. I don’t know, it’s going to be interesting. We just have to win immunity, that’s all that matters.


Day 21

So we're back on Aguateca now and it's amazing <3 We won the challenge and I really hope the merge is next, because we're gonna stay Aguateca Strong <3 But don't worry there'll be some blindsides on the way, this won't be a boring pagonging <3


We actually won reward, lol! Given our handicap (6 against 5, *cough* Mary *cough*) I was fully expecting us to lose, but we didn’t! Woo! Anyway, as expected, Mary doesn’t submit, yet again. And of course she let the hosts know, so she didn’t get a strike. Soooo annoying. She’s doing nothing to try and save herself from the chopping block this week. Plus, because she didn’t submit, her former allies couldn’t take her to the Temple. That’s pretty sweet, if you ask me. She can’t get herself any individual advantage that would help her out come tribal.

Speaking of the Temple, for some reason I was picked? I don’t know, I was shocked as all hell when that happened. But I’m not gonna complain! The Temple people this cycle were myself, Linus, Claire, and Christine. I haven’t been on a tribe with either of those two girls before this, so it was good to get a chance to meet them. And they’re both pretty awesome! Claire is hilarious, and Linus and I both have a love-hate relationship with her where we just rag on each other, haha. I’m hoping that come the merge, they’ll both like me enough to keep me around, because I don’t know how likely us being full-on allies would be.

As for my Temple decision, I ended up choosing the tribal advantage, which was a 10% addition to our tribe’s score. Linus and I had talked beforehand about what he would do at the Temple while we were waiting for Claire’s decision on who to pick, and he was suggesting taking the individual advantage to see if it’s anything that would help out WAISA. So, to kind of balance that, I took the tribal advantage, so that we could have a hopeful little boost in our tribe’s score. In hindsight, I’m not sure if this was the best choice. Linus’s individual advantage was the power to sit out of any one tribal, which, while it isn’t very useful right now, can be very helpful later on down the road. Plus, since we have Mary on our tribe, we didn’t necessarily have to win this challenge, since Mary would just leave anyway, and that’s a good thing for WAISA’s numbers. If I could go back in time, I would take the individual advantage, but I’m not gonna bother myself too much over it. I hate artifacts anyways, lol.

Immunity challenge 7 was a Flash game! How unexpected, a flash game in an ORG. We played a game called Endless Lake, which was pretty fun! There was certainly a good learning curve for it, but after a while it wasn’t too bad, and if I just put some music on and zoned out, I could get a pretty good score. I ended up submitting 616, which I thought was good, until Linus starts going off about how he’s getting more than a thousand, and suddenly I feel super inadequate, lol. Not so much of a challenge threat anymore, am I? Yep, this is totally part of my UTR strategy...

But, in the end, we lost pretty badly. Felix had to abstain because his computer was having lots of difficulties, and Mary, of course, didn’t submit. Thankfully, Mary finally got a strike for not telling the hosts beforehand, which is great! My score didn’t end up being too terrible, I got second-most on our tribe and fourth-most overall, so I’d call that a win in my books. (But not really though, because 4th-most doesn’t win you immunity, lol.)

This tribal should be suuuuper smooth. Unless Mary whips out an idol (and if she does I’m literally going to have an aneurysm), she should be going home, pre-jury, 5-1, or maybe even 6-0 if she doesn’t vote, lol. Fingers crossed!


My tribe won immunity and now Mary is most likely going. I decided not to pass my idol to her because my alliance still appears to have the majority, for now at least. I assume that the merge will be really soon and I think at worst, both sides will be even when we merge. I need to save the idol in case someone flips on my side at the merge. And if everything goes well, maybe I can use it later on to blindside a threat ;)


I have the pears so even if Mary vote for me, her vote is going to be deleted. I'd really glad if she has an idol and use it against one of my boys. They all need to be voted out. But at least I prefer Mary to ve voted out.


If Mary has an idol... We're screwed. I mean, I could vote someone else and make it so if Mary does vote me and plays an idol I'm not automatically screwed, but at the same time I dont really want to risk moving to the bottom of this tribe based on idol paranoia, so I'll just be testing my luck.


Ok, so this week literally couldn't have gone any better!? A tribe swap that put the iconic original Aguateca back together? Amazing. Finally getting to go to the temple? Perfect. Avoiding tribal council and possibly going into a merge with numbers? HOW DID THIS HAPPEN!? I love it. It's beautiful. I have never been more thankful for a tribe swap in my entire life, whew.


I don't know why but I feel like someone is going to prepare a blindside without my knowledge. I wonder if it's against me or someone else. Maybe Felix? It seems pretty obvious that part of the guys are voting for someone else than Mary. It's too calm for me. Maybe again level of this season is lower than in Polish seasons and I shouldn't feel alarmed. But I have survived planty of different situations playing survivor and my instinct is telling me that the situation at the moment shouldn't be so easy. Something behind my back is having to happening right now. I hate that I have no time to investigate this. I'm travelling across France to hotel in Spain.