"A Long Time Coming"
Season Survivor: Tikal
Episode Number 13/15
Episode Chronology
Previous I Have No Confidence
Next I Play with My Heart on My Sleeve

A Long Time Coming is the thirteenth episode of Survivor: Tikal.


Immunity Challenge: The castaways competed in a flash game called Bugs. The castaway with the highest score won immunity. Bugs

Winner: Linus

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 13: Doabslavskq

Tribal Council 13:
Claire (4 votes)
(Used Light Pearls)
Joanna, Marie (X2) & Michael
Michael (3 votes)
Christine, Claire & Linus

  • Note #1: Marie in addition to voting for Claire, used her Dark Pearl on Claire as well giving her an automatic vote cast against her.
  • Note #2: Claire used two Light Pearls, negating Marie's vote and Marie's Black Pearl vote cast against her.
  • Note #3: Marie used the rehidden Doabslavskq Hidden Immunity Idol on herself, but she did not receive any votes cast against her.
  • Note #4: Christine used the Rock Hidden Immunity Idol that she purchased at the Auction on herself, but she did not receive any votes cast against her.

Voting Confessionals

I love you to death and getting to play with you again has been the best experience I could ask for. I know I lied to you and I hate myself for it, I just think this is the best move for me going forward.


You say I have the jury on lock? Well why don't you go see yourself when I send you to it


For the greater good.


I know you've pushed for me to go in the past, and for once I may actually come out on the right side of a vote, this has been a long time coming and I couldn't be happier that now that the time has finally come the vote will be against you. Gg man, I hope to play with you again in the future :) .


The dark pearl is gonna beat the light ones.


You saved me with an idol earlier in the game and I have gotten to really like you, but you're too big of a threat to let get to the end. :'(


Final Words

Playing this game was fun while it lasted! I was involved in a bit of drama, I found an idol, I made a few moves and despite some people's criticism, I'm proud of my game. I got to meet a lot of cool people and one person who I hope learns to become a decent human being and gets rid of their crazy delusions before it's too late for them in life. Plus, I have the season record for the most votes!! Thanks for having me!


Episode Summary


  • The episode was named after Linus' quote