Day 4

So we trounced our way through 99 bottles of beer, and no matter how much I hat the flavour of that stuff, victory sure is sweet. It sucks that we beat Chitwan on a technicality because it DOES take away from our success, and it does lessen the morale boost. But at least we're not on our way to becoming Ulong, Mark 2.

Back at camp, the conversation's been optimistic. We've been talking openly about the Idol - at least, the six of us have. Alex is still on the outs, but... Wait, did I just say the "six of us". Now you're probably thinking, what happened to the Khaptad Five?

Well, turns out that Wesley wanted to bring Charlie - Pikacharlie - into the alliance. We brought him in without objection, but I think the rest of us still see him as Number Six. Now, in talking with Wesley before, I knew that the two of them were close. I noticed that Dallas didn't pull Charlie into the original alliance, and I noticed that Charley didn't bring anything up there either. And heck, Charlie and I had barely even talked before today, so I wasn't going to rock the boat on his account. But Wesley was adamant that Charlie was our sixth, and that makes me a little nervous. Pairs can do a lot of damage in this game, and I'll be keeping two eyes on the two guys.

–Des, after the reward challenge.

Day 5

Day 6

Well, what can I say. Someone must have thrown a mirrorball off the Empire State before coming out here, because we seem to have the worst luck around. None of us who took a chance at the challenge today scored more than once. It was such a huge disappointment - particularly coming off our Reward win. I had a strategy - put all five shots on the first target for guaranteed points - but when I pitched it to the tribe, it got a pretty lukewarm reception. In hindsight, it makes me mad that no one listened to my voice of reason, but then again, if we'd played it safe, we could have still lost, and my neck might have ended up closer to the block than I would have liked.

Thankfully, tonight's vote should be easy. Only one of us didn't bother to turn up to the challenge. And Alex... As a fellow Oceanian, I don't want to crush him. But he hasn't said a word to me, and he hasn't made a showing at the last two challenges. Everyone else thinks he's a threat because of his relationship to Hickman. Everyone else wants to vote him out. So that's done and dusted. Alex should be going home tonight. Sorry, kid.

–Des, after the immunity challenge

Six days in, and we haven't lost immunity yet. A lot has changed already...

Coming into yesterday's immunity challenge, the original plan was for the "America Alliance" of me/Ash/RP/Nathan/Jhet to all vote for the inactive Gwaine. I proposed the idea that Ash cast a dump vote on Trace to avoid a unanimous boot, but the plan was put on hold when we won immunity and Trace joined the alliance.

I'm thinking the plan right now is a split vote between Gwaine and Hoenn, but nothing is final and we might just boot the only inactive on the tribe.

Right now, this game is America vs. the world. (That would make a good episode 3 title if we lose...) I intend on keeping it that way, I wouldn't backstab anyone at the merge.


I have an alliance that started before the game with 7 people which were Me, Ash, Brendan, Jhet, Eli, Charley, and Nathan. I wanted to get rid of Eros as soon as possible and that's why he got eliminated the second tribal and because he didn't participate in the challenge. Im tryin to be the dictator of the game and so far I have done just that.