Day 6

So, TJ's plan of being on Sulur failed, as I thought. Now, I remained on Askja with Trace.

I think our tribe has the advantage in physical strength, for sure. We have some pretty good physical players, which is good. The more we win, the better. Especially with a ten person tribe, and when it's mostly new people. So, it seems I've allied with about everyone in the group. I mean, at least talked. I have an alliance with TJ since we're in the To be Decided alliance, then I have an alliance with Szymon, and Julia, and Ian, and Isaac. 1. I talked with Trace, and we're staying together 100%. We decided we need to make an alliance, and we started talking about good allies. I came up with Szymon, Julia, and Matt, along with either Isaac and TJ or Ian and Liam. 2. I talked with TJ, and we agreed on Isaac and Ian. I like this alliance, I trust them way more. The problem is, the TJ alliance of me, TJ, Isaac and Ian I like a lot better. We're more honest players then aggressive. I'd rather play with an honest alliance then a backstabby one. However, that's only four people. And with a ten person tribe, that's a minority. And if me and another person are in both alliances, then I look like a liar, and I don't want that. So, if I have to vote someone out from the other alliance, I will. As much as I don't want to be a backstabber to one side, it seems that way. Hopefully new Askja will win a bunch of a challenges, that'd be sweet. I want to stay loyal to Ian, Isaac and TJ. Hell, I was with TJ first in this game. But at the same tribe, Trace was my tribe mate and his alliance would most likely be bigger. Maybe I can find cracks in the Trace alliance, but it's going to be an interesting time on this new tribe.


-Well it was pretty obvious that the tribe dissolve was coming. I'm honestly glad to see Ometepe gone because now I basically have full loyalty to the alliance of Tyler, Mitchell and Ian. The tribe dissolve honestly couldn't have gone better as Ian and Mitchell were the two captains and each have an ally on their side. It was great being the first overall draft pick, considering a while ago I was paranoid of how I fit in. I honestly feel the new Askja will dominate, we got some great people and to better that, I cam trust others. Right now, I feel I'm in a majority alliance of 6: Ian, Trace, Matt, Mikey, Szymon as well as myself. If it comes to a vote out, it might be hard for me because I now feel close to probably 7 tribemates, outliers being Jake and Isaac, but he seems to be close to others. Hopefully Askja doesn't lose, so I won't have to betray any of the promises I've made so far.


Perry Confessional - On the Tribe Dissolve

Perry Confessional - On the Tribe Dissolve


So I was the last person picked for tribes...well technicaly I wasn't picked at all -_- turns out people don't really like me as much as I thought they did. I better do something now or I'm probably going to on my way out,


So me, Ian & Szymon are officially in the top 20! Our plan worked and Ometepe is gone ^_^ of course when he left, Ian shaded the fuck outta him. I mean I did too but I did it in private lmao! Ian did it but in the big ass group chat we have.

So Bailey sends a tree mail and tells us a change is coming or something like that. So me and Mitchell are talking because we knew it was gonna be a tribe dissolve.

He said he didn't want it to be five tribes of four and I was like "Yo, what if we get two tribes of 10?" And Mitchell was like "yo son that would be poppin!" And I was like "rite doe!?"

Wouldn't ya know we get dissolved into Askja and Sulur? Two tribes of ten, BITCH I CALLED IT! Ayyyyy *hits my dougie* lmao so now we are in the process of choosing teams. The new Askja so far is Ian, Liam, Trace, Matthew & TJ and the new Sulur is Mitchell, me, George, Zane and Perry.

We are still waiting for TJ and Perry to choose their picks. I'm excited because I feel like I'm in a good spot BUT this is Survivor and you can never let your guard down tbh. So yeah that's it so far :P


Day 7

It's been awhile since I sent one in because I don't know I'm lazy.

A lot has happened. Esjan is no more, thank god, and now I'm on Askja. Pretty stoked, as we have a stacked tribe.

Alliance wise, I'm in the middle. Liam and Julia are back with me from the Old Schoolers + Girl Alliance, but that alliance wasn't good, being that those two were the ones to vote Ivan out over George, the outsider.

But now I am with my pal Syzmon, and the dynamic duo is back! Also, Liam messaged me, trying to salvage the Old School Alliance with me. I don't trust him at all, but if it gets me farther, then I'm fine with it.

Liam then makes an alliance with Me, Syzmon, Ian, and Trace. This puts me in a bad position, as I never wanted to align with Ian and Trace. Trace cause he's too dangerous to get far again. Ian because he's annoying but is majorly strategical. Hopefully a tribe switch or whatever comes back and I can break from them and take Syzmon and Liam.

I've also been talking to TJ a lot, and he seems like a cool dude. :D I just hope that he is a good ally for me later. I also will hopefully get back to Julia and try and make a bond with her so I have numbers.

Things are somewhat looking up. Until you throw another curveball at us.


-Well we got absolutely slaughtered. It wasn't even close... And to make things worse, #1 target Isaac is sent to exile. It sucks now as we have to vote out someone who has contributed to this tribe and now he could find the idol. So that happens and then all of a sudden I'm added to a chat with Jake at the lead. I've seen from Jake that he's been in the leader spot before in Korea. I have my alliance of 6, so that obviously can't work. If it was up to me, Jake would be going home tonight. All I have to do is take what he says and use it against him. He says he wants Mikey out. Well I'm in an alliance with Mikey, guess I can use that against him. Now all we need is to come to the consensus and I'll be voting out my 3rd straight Korean, and more importantly, have control of the tribe.


Perry Confessional - On the Alliance

Perry Confessional - On the Alliance


I am actually very nervous for this. I am happy with my position on old Askja, and I don't want to give it up. I have an ally in both tribe captains, though. I still think that I'm in a good position in this game.


You magnificent bastards! My entire strategy so far has been discretely being allied with multiple alliances without any of them having to see me declare an allegiance, and now you're forcing my hand! This isn't the most fun for me. Now I'm forced to make decisions out in the open that everyone will see, and the ramifications could be huge. I've got Guardians of Salvation. I've got To Be Decided. I've got a foursome with Trace, Matthew, and Szymon. I've got loyalties to Jino and Steve. And now my hand is forced. Bollocks.


Yay, Askja won! I am so happy, I survived.

But now, it's day 6. And the obvious tribe swap came. I was surprised to see two tribes of ten, I thought it'd be 4 tribes of 5, but whatever. Now, the To Be Decided alliance can start there ruling! Our strategy was to choose ourselves in an oblivious order, so Mitchell chose, then Tyler, then George. George is choosing Zane, because I guess Tyler can make Zane choose TJ, then TJ chooses me. That way, we cover our scents as an alliance. I really hate the idea of that, as I'm literally trusting my tribe future to one person who I've never even talked to, but I'll have to live with it. When I choose, I'll be picking Julia most likely.


This tribe swap went very far away from the way I would've liked it too. I probably fucked up big time here. I wanted to get myself, George, TJ, and Jake all together here - that's four, just one more would've been necessary to at least force a tie - but while I did get George, I've also got Tyler, Zane, Perry, Eden and Ted, which right there concerns me because it's a potential fivesome. Tyler, Perry, and Ted skype regularly, and Eden is with Ted, and I believe Tyler has Zane, so that leaves me, George, and whichever other members come over here. I'd love to have Szymon personally, but I feel that he would vote with that group; ideally, my options are limited. Someone is coming over from Sulur, and there are limited other options, but I'm hoping I'll be able to get Jake and Julia. I can work with whoever comes from Sulur, either Jino or Steve; I've already got Jake; and George might have Julia, but she's a huge toss-up, I can never tell which way she stands, and she's also someone who might Skype with the others occasionally.

Maybe I'm being paranoid about some sort of Skype friendship alliance, but I'm not about to stand by and let them vote me out after three or four Tribal Councils. I'm not afraid to force a rock draw if I have to, I'm not afraid to back these people into a corner, and I'm playing this game solely to win.


Turns out we didn't pick Ted yet. My bad. Disregard my prior blathering. Thanks.


These god-damn hosts are just an evil bunch. Baula finally wins an Immunity challenge and is safe from Tribal Council. We finally seem to be gelling well with each other (I have been playing good with Ted and Perry, kissing a bit of ass to get myself back in with them) and there’s a good energy around camp and then BOOOOOOOOOOM! Tribal Swap time. Now this is where my game fell apart in Peru and I’m a bit nervous. I’m was hoping to get put on a tribe with my alliances (either the Tea Men or To Be Determined would do) but with this School Yard Pick determining the new Askja and Sulur tribes, things could get tricky. I watched as most of TBD was selected to be on Sulur along with Tyler, who I get along great with, and much to my dismay I was selected to the Askja tribe. This puts a wrench in my plans. I have to choose either between selecting Mikey or Nathan and I go with Mikey. No real rhythm or reason to my pick.

I’m hoping my tribe picks Szymon and maybe Isaac to join us. That would be great news for me since I’m aligned with Szymon and I’m pretty sure I have Isaac’s trust since I voted with him and not against him. Now I just need to get to know my new tribe mates and work myself in with this crew. I have to make the merge. I just have to. If I can get to the merge, I know I can make a strong run in this game because I have been working to build some good relationships here and there which will be beneficial to me later on. I just have to play it cool and make sure I put myself into a solid position with this new Askja tribe. IT’S GAME ON!!!


So like I should send more confessionals XD but anyways, a tribe swap occurred :3 I have Jake whos a friend outside the game, Liam who was on my original tribe, Szymon whos very interested in working with me. So at this point I don't feel in any immediate danger but you never know what they might be thinking D:


Salvation is supposed to be about improving mistakes that you made in the past. The reason why I was such a big target in Turkey was because I had a cross tribal alliance with Ian and he told Idir, I was running things.

This time, Ian will know limited info. When it comes to my tribe, I have an alliance with Mitchell, Zane and Perry and we wanna pull in Ted & Eden. If I had told Ian that he would've told Liam and I don't want them all in my business. I need to play smarter than I did last time. If I'm not careful, I will get a target on my back early again.

I think the new Askja is strong for sure. But I foresee the moment they lose is the moment they will fall completely to pieces, which is why I wanted a team based off of loyalty rather than super strength. I think everything should work out and we should be fine ^_^ *prays* lol


New day, new tribe, new game. It's been interesting this game. I'm no longer part of Sulur. Yet, my old buddies from that tribe got to stay. We went from 6 tribes to 2. 10 people on each. I'm pretty happy with a few of the people on this tribe. Szymon and Trace are good to have as far as my game goes. As far as I know. I will have to make some time to get to know some of my new teammates. Trace says hes trying to get me worked into some 6-7 person alliance that's in the works lol!

I do have to say I am very glad not to be on the new Sulur. I see some of those people over there. Yeah, we gotta beat them, that's all I have to say. Plus it would be fun to see them go mad and watch them from the outside. I do hope my guys, Jino and Mitchell will be OK. The one thing that worries me from the outside is that they look like great challenge players. I cannot be on a tribe that loses all the time. I gotta motivate this team I'm to is win win win no matter what!


A lot of things are happening to me. First I receive my first vote of the season from Ometepe, then I become a captain for Askja in the tribe dissolve. As Mitchell was the other captain, the Guardians of Salvation were able to hide the alliance as we were separated. Liam and I are on Askja and Mitchell and Tyler are on Sulur. But we both have enough allies on each tribe to make the merge.

Liam appears to be the Fox this season, making me the Bear. Which is great because one of those two are usually the winners. He comes to me the most when we talk strategy, so this partnership is a thing. A good thing. He is no Bartley, he is Liam! Liam also set up the alliance on Askja as a fox would, bringing me in. It is me, Liam, Trace, Matthew, Szymon, and Michael. We are HELLA GR8. Though the true cool kids are Liam and I, as we will team up with the fellow cool kids of Sulur, Tyler and Mitchell, and take the game at the merge.

I am very glad to be on a tribe with Szymon. He proved his loyalty by going against his original alliance and voting Ometepe. I really like the guy and am glad Liam took my suggestion to have him in HELLA GR8.

Trace is interesting. With his surfer dude Mangatars, challenge dominance, sore loser attitude, and two previous good placements, I have deducted he is Ozzy. He will make a great figurehead.


OH. MY. F**KING. WERD. YES! I'm finally off of that godforsaken Hekla tribe, I'm no longer fighting for my life and forcing myself to get along with people I'm sort of awkward with, and all the rest xDDD I feel like I'm genuinely friends with the vast majority of the new Sulur tribe, and not the best of friends with the Askja tribe (besides TJ and Jake, basically), it's like everyone seems to be surrounded by their friends/allies besides a couple, just because of the schoolyard pick twist. And on the other tribe, that is also true, with them seeming to get along well (especially centering around Liam's group of friends, including Ian and Julia). I feel like at this stage, the 6 tribe lines don't really matter; the Esjan yellow buff is about as meaningful as the Manhiki yellow buff was, as it was replaced by the two real tribes: Sulur & Askja, or Aitu & Raro to complete the metaphor, respectively. So, now that I'm off that f**king tribe where I had to fight for my life the entire way through, there seems to be an alliance of 6: me, Perry, Tyler, Zane, Eden, Ted, called the "Da Bae Alliance." Basically, the 6 most bitchy castaways recognizing their chemistry deciding to get all the tribe outcasts like Nathan and Steve out, as they don't really contribute and it's a few easy votes. But, there are sharp divisions within this group, and we'll probably find it easy to pick up like Jino or Mitchell for a strategic move in the future. But, all that matters atm is that I'm in a good spot and so are my friends, and that's SOO much more than I had before. THE GAME IS ON! :D


Such a relief that I landed in tribe of Askja. I think i would sweat a lot in current Sulur, and Askja is good opportunity for me to make alliances and safe position, since i go along with most of people in our tribe. So far, since tribe swap i can't say im really soddisfacted of my social game, cuz i have been a bit busy with life, but i need to put my foot right in the game. We lost our first challenge, cuz we weren't that well organised for it, oi think part of it was bad lucky, which isn't a good sign for future.

Isaac being exiled really screwed our plans, because Isaac was supposed to go home, which brought a bit of fear around our tribe, but luckly for me there was Jake to take the target away from my back, trying to push the vote in direction of Mikey. >:/ He does little know that Mikey is one of my main people i trust most in game, together with Matthew, Trace, TJ and Julia. There is no way he leaves, until I'm here. Jake needs to go.


This new tribe couldn't be better, but at the same time, it couldn't be worse. This is BY FAR the cliquiest tribe that I have ever been a part of. I'll explain.

We have two major alliances. Luckily for me, they were both started with me as one of the main members. The first is Jake, Me, Matt, Liam, Julia and Szymon. This alliances would be my ideal situation because it has all the people that I trust the most all in it. At this point, my loyalty lies with Matt and Szymon, and Julia is with Szymon. So this alliance works well.

The second is Liam, Ian, Mikey, Me, Matt and Szymon. Well would you look at that! Szymon, Matt and I are in the middle of two alliances. The reason I don't consider Liam to be in the middle is because he's clearly with the second alliance. "Hella GR8" is it's name. But here is where shit hits the fan.

Ian and Jake got in this huge fight. As much as I like Ian, I think that he was in the wrong. Jake did nothing, but sadly, the majority has spoken, and I have to stay in that majority. So I think it's Jake's time to go.

None of this would have been an issue had Isaac been here. He was the easy scapegoat. However, Matt and I had an idea.

We've realized that Ian is not really a trustworthy person. He made a fake idol, and he also has been really mean to Jake for no apparent reason. Liam cannot be trusted because he is part of two alliances and quickly targeted one from an alliance that he knew I helped start. And sadly, Mikey is guilty by association with Hella GR8. So, now we have to make a decision.

Matt and I are going to create a six person alliance with him, me, Szymon, Julia, TJ, and the wonderfully available Isaac. This alliance will work to blindside either Ian or Liam. Not really sure who yet, but either one would work. I really do think it could come together. The only issue is TJ. He has proven to have a big mouth. But we'll see what happens.

I really think this is a good way to get rid of the people who have proven to be untrustworthy, as well as insuring that we will have control of this tribe. So, I'm sorry Jake, but we'll try to avenge you.

Just doin' what I do best :)


YAY! I love my new tribe! I found Perry and we immediately constructed an alliance.

Me, Perry, Ted, Tyler, Zane and George.

I feel bad for Mitchell, but he is a snake.

It was us that were mainly doing the challenge, and we bonded through it. So I don't think anyone's going to betray each other any time soon.

And now that Mitchell's been to exile, he's an even bigger threat.


Good side: I get sent to Exile for the first time in my ORG career. Bad news: People might think I'm allied with Isaac, Good side: Now Isaac and I are formally allied. Bad news: I could become a target for being sent to Exile. Good side: No clue, which means there's nothing so share with anyone, which still leaves us everyone on an even playing field. Bad side: I didn't find it. It's a real give-and-take.


Day 8

Jake! Man! We're tight dude, but sometimes you need to let sleeping dogs lie. I told you that Tyler will get Zane on board to get TJ. Tyler already doesn't want you on our tribe because he doesn't trust you, and I didn't tell this to you because I thought you'd flip out - but then you flip out already and go to Zane about a plan you shouldn't even be aware of! And if this gets back to Tyler, it'll paint me in a pretty bad light. Jake, dude, calm down! If this blows up my game, you won't have a game much longer.


Looks like we got ourselves a live challenge. And of all days I am free to help. We had six hours to get this team prepared. I did my best to come up with a plan. But I could only do so much. Plus I don't want to come across as some bossy leader. And I could have a hard time holding that part back. It's something I do at my job and whenever I'm out doing stuff with my friends. It's what I do for a living! Plus I'm the oldest on my tribe! I think I'm the only one in my 20's perhaps! LOL maybe I'm too old to be playing an online survivor game! What can I say I love the show and it's concept.

So the challenge starts and we got our plan ready to go. But we only have 4 people online. Finally we have Julia that shows up! Then we get going. But of course we get halted again by people making mistakes. At one point there apparently was a lag on one post. It gets so frustrating sometimes. Communication is a KEY thing when it comes to doing challenges. Especially a live one. I'm trying to make things clear but some people don't see it or look past it. I don't think it's intentional. There just needs to be a bigger focus. We don't need to be losing players this early. The good thing is that everyone has contributed. Except for one player Isaac. He keeps saying he'll be online to post soon. And I can see that he is or was at some points when we come to a pause. But he does not show up. I think he try's to throw it out there that he is here. But actions speak louder than words buddy! You gotta act or you may be the one going out next!

In the down time, I decided I was gonna get my social game going. Just this time being slightly low key about it. One person who stood out to me was Liam. We had the best talk out of the people I had never spoken to before. He thanked me for working hard to get our tribe to win. He sees where I'm coming from. Now that could be something he is saying so I can warm up to him. But whether that's what it is or not, I do appreciate the appreciation. I don't get it very much when I help out other people outside this game. I'm always there for people, but I'm not sure if people outside this game have my back. Well at least not very many. So this is nice to hear. He invited me to his alliance with, Trace, Szymon, Mikey and Ian. Now Trace was telling me about that this was forming. But what Liam just did was invite me to an already existing tribe chat of 5. I make it six now. SMH that is a big NO! You do not bring ANYONE into an already existing alliance chat lol! I appreciate it, but I'll remember that. I'm not gonna let anyone know that I even noticed that, and just play dumb. I want these people to want to keep me around. So when it gets to the end I can be a decider. There's so much time. But I can tell you more about these people from when I learn more about them later. I got a challenge I should be doing now. But I'm the only one online! Oh wait, here's Isaac reminding me he'll be online later to help in the challenge. LOL smh!


What even is Tribal Council? Once again, Sulur wins Immunity. I honestly feel like Askja didn't even try. I'm ecstatic to not go now because I still need to get things solidified. I was worried about Tyler but he's proven I don't have to - he informed me of an alliance he was roped into. George, meanwhile, part of the same alliance and who we've expressed to each other as close allies, has told me nothing, which is unfortunate to know that we're actually not as tight as I'd hoped. I've got Jino and Steve, and Tyler is a fourth, but we just need two more - realistically, one, and I'm thinking I could easily swoop up Nathan if need be. Tyler might have Zane, which I've suspected for a while but have no confirmation; either way, Ted/Eden/Perry need to be broken up.

Now onto Askja and Exile. Jake tells me there's a six person alliance over there with Mikey, Ian, Isaac, and TJ on the outs - bad for me because it's bad for Ian and TJ, so I'm trying to sell Jake on selling Mikey, because he's worthless to me. And then Trace tells me he's in the middle of two alliance, so that kerfuffles things. Exile really came out of left field, and Isaac is the likely choice to send, but who knows who he'll take with him. I have no idea if he's even really alive. We've spoken a few times so I'm hoping that we're not close enough that he'd take me - because that'd blow up my game - but that we're close enough he'd share the clue with me. I've been telling Liam that he needs to get Isaac to at least believe that they're together, get the clue, give it to me, we get both Idols, va va boom, cakewalk. Frick, this got a wee more intense.


Alright, Askja lost. I kinda of expected it, we aren't the best in strategy. And now, this Tribal will be crazy. Me and Trace talked about a majority alliance, but when we made it, TJ was left on the outs. Man... TJ is part of the To Be Decided alliance, and now he just got excluded from a majority alliance. And the sad thing is, Ian and Isaac both did as well, and they are the people I would love to work with. Sigh.

So, the post majority alliance actually does scare me in a way. I feel like this alliance won't last, and it's probably just me being paranoid. This alliance will last until merge, and I will be loyal to it. I've been honest to pretty much everyone, I haven't told a lie yet. But I may have to soon. Right now, it's Mikey first. Ian, Isaac and TJ are my one way allies, and thus, useful votes. I haven't talked to Mikey this entire game pretty much, so I'm not gonna trust him being here. I need to save my allies. Like I said, I've been loyal all game, and never told a lie. But now, I have choices to make on alliances, and it's going to be a shocker for one side.


"We won our first challenge as the new Súlur, which is good for me since I was not feeling very secure going into it. But now things are starting too look up as I'm in an alliance with my fellow original Súlur members Jino and Mitchell. Thou for some reason I have a feeling a secret alliance may have been formed during the tribe's "Skype party" that I'm not suppose to be aware of...or I'm just being paranoid.


So Sulur won the immunity challenge. YAY :) it's crazy because Askja was poppin MAD shit before the challenge ,saying "oh have fun at tribal" and all that goofy ass shit and then we whupped that ass. I MEAN WE STRAIGHT DEMOLISHED THEY SHIT. LIKE WE HAD 756 to like their 183 letters or some shit like that. SO ASKJA.....YOU MAD OR NAW?! NEVER UNDERESTIMATE YOUR OPPONENT, ESPECIALLY WHEN THEY FEEL LIKE THEY HAVE SOMETHING TO PROVE.

Anyway, a majority alliance is solidly formed between me, Eden, Mitchell, Ted, Perry, Zane & George. I'm gonna slowly work to get a majority within the majority and I think I can get Mitchell, Zane and George on my side just in case I need them.

I talked to Ian and apparently Jake is targeting him. I think Jake will be the next one gone. Ian already has a majority on Askja, so he'll be safe which is good.

Also apparently some of the Askja members aren't on the best terms with some of my fellow Sulur members, which I will be using to my full advantage. As I said a couple of confessionals ago, social game is where I thrive and I just happen to be good at manipulating emotions ^_^ (that makes me sound like an asshole, but it's true lol) but anyway I plan on putting them against each other and coming out unscathed. *waves goodbye* :D


It's just that, sometimes I wish I can just throw myself off a cliff.

Isaac's just being rewarded for being a pile of white crayons: useless. He's done jack shit for his game, our tribe, and it's just so pathetic that he gets a chance for an idol.

I haven't done anything wrong, I've contributed, tried to be social and be nice, but guess where that gets me, the fucking chopping block.

Like whatever I fucking do, people want me to leave. It's depressing.

Perry's dead to me. Nathan's dead to me. Zane can go rot as well.

I'm fighting for my life in this game because they wanted to make the Askja tribe dysfunctional.

They've made a line in the sand, but I'll be the first to go for the jugular.


Luckily, I have an alliance with Liam, Trace, Matt, Syzmon, and Ian, the "HELLA GR8" alliance. I can't trust Trace but I have to put my faith in him for this vote.

I've worked TJ enough that he's got my back and I'm gonna try and go after Julia as well to keep my vote.

I think we might have turned it on Jake. It might be 6-3 at most, unless Matt or Liam are lying to me.

I'm just scared. I've wanted this so much and for it just to be taken away by Isaac for doing ABSOLUTELY FUCKING NOTHING just drives me insane.

Jake needs to be sent home, I knew he was a shady person, and he's just proved it to me.


That immunity challenge... that was fucking ridiculous. That was either teamwork or anti-socialness that got them the win. Do these people have lives?!!!

So I am just amazed. At a lot. Jake, the very nice guy, is a liar and a phony. He is targeting either Mikey or I! What did I fucking do to you? Well luckily for him, Isaac is on Exile, so it is Jake's lucky day! And Mitchell being on Exile is great for GoS,

We are voting Jake. The fake bitch is going. GONE! GET OUT! LEAVE! WEREN'T YOU SUPPOSED TO LEARN FROM YOUR MISTAKES?!!! Gosh


Really? So, TJ told me I was being targeted for playing to hard? What the hell? Playing to hard? I've made one majority alliance, with the help of 7th placer Trace. I haven't told a lie in this game yet, I've been 100% honest. But now, I've got to go out and scramble.

Honestly, I don't know what they mean about playing to hard. Okay, I made the majority alliance WITH Trace, and that's playing to hard? What the hell? Well now, I am going to have to lie, and I've started with Liam. Liam says he'd be okay with Ian getting voted off, and I really hope he is telling the truth. Ian, I love you bro, but it's either you or me tonight. I'm sorry I have to deceive you like this, but there's no other option; desperate times call for desperate measures. Now, I'm currently talking to Szymon. I'm not sure where he lies, but I don't think it's me. Man, this sucks. I come in here with a positive heroic attitude, and I'm viewed as the villainous threat. Well, if they want a Villainous threat, they've got one, because I'm not going home.


And that is how you remove a target on your back.

This was my wounded gazelle gambit as I just pretended to be sad, anxious, and upset that I would go because Jake is a paranoid person and Isaac got lucky. I pretty much knew I had the votes, but I just wanted the target removed.

I get TJ's and Liam's vote and bonds because of how upset I was, and added with the destructive duo that is myself and Syzmon, the target went to Ian.

Then Jake went off the deep end. He threw Ian so hard under the bus, and Ian fought back. He ended him and any chance of Jake surviving the vote.

I was never going to even vote out Ian, as if he left, the target would remain on me.

But now Jake is going, and my brush with death has been averted.


k so, a bunch of drama between Jake and Ian happened when I was at a brunch with family members and that sucks :(


We're going to Tribal Council and Isaac is safe because Sùlur sent him to Exile Island. Another twist revealed at the last second. I think Isaac would have been the guy voted out, since he contributed very little for the team in the challenge. He only posted once. Isaac got an unearned break that he does not at all deserve.

But now for the vote tonight. Jake's name is being brought up the most. He started this alliance without consulting anyone he put in it. Jake said he wanted Ian or Mikey out. Now those are guys that I have in my alliance. And Liam wants Jake out. He's got Mikey, Ian and Szymon on it. Trace is going through a dilemma because he's close to everyone. Jake is said the not to be trusted because of his past game play. I don't know Ian all too well, or even Mikey. But I am aware of what Jake has done. Trace and I really don't want to vote Jake out, but he seems to have the votes already set. We also don't need to be upsetting anyone this Tribal Council. Jake seems as if he accepted the fact that he is going now. But he's not leaving without a fight. Jake exposed a fake hidden immunity idol that that Ian made for him. This really tells me a lot about Ian that he is indeed a sneaky one. Although it's suppose to be Jake next, I told Trace that it would not be a bad idea to have an alternate alliance with Szymon also in it. Before I even suggested names, Trace already said the names I was gonna tell him. Like Julia and TJ. But he brought up one person I wasn't going to say, Isaac. Isaac will need someone and he's probably gonna keep getting sent to Exile Island and he'll probably find that damn idol. So we'll need him on our side, ugh. Thanks Súlur.

If I could have it my way, I wouldn't be voting off Jake and I would vote for someone who could slow us down in challenges. But I gotta be patient and just not have control this early in the game. Or at least not look like I do.


-This was supposed to be an easy vote. We blindside Jake and all would be right. Now Jake is going on a crazy Brandon Hantz like freak out. While it is good for me as now it guarantees that Jake's torch is snuffed tonight, he still was able to get rid of an important fact: the fake idol I gave to Ian. He went off the deep end and revealed it. It sucks for me since I created it and put trust in Ian. I still trust him and he's still probably my #1 on Askja, but it might create some ripples in the alliance we made.


"A sea full of sharks and they all smell blood."-Nicki Minaj

I've never quoted Nicki before but I feel like this describes this season perfectly. So to catch you up, Ian told Jake about the fake idol that Liam made. Idk if that was strategic or not. If it was, that was a brilliant move on Ian's part. If it wasn't it puts half of the GoS in danger and me & Mitchell can't save them.

Jake called Ian out in front of everyone but as results showed it didn't make a difference cuz Jake went home :/ it sucks cuz me and Jake are friends.

But I already know that Jake's words are in somebody's head and Ian may be in trouble if Askja loses again. They aren't as precise as Sulur. We've already planned for this lol actually we've planned for our first three tribals just in case.

Askja on the other hand, got cocky because they thought they were good. It's Survivor. Anything and I mean ANYTHING can happen.

You figure after the first crazy 8 days we've had, they would know that lol but hopefully Sulur can keep this winning streak alive because it's nice not to go to tribal lol