Day 16

Ok so Gavin just left and omg it was stressful. It was really sad seeing Gavin go because well he was such a nice person. But I felt I had to do what was best for my game. I knew a lot of people wanted him out and I didn’t want to leave this game because people knew we were close. Now I’m just hoping we don’t lose another challenge.

On the bright side of things, I think Pedro respects me a lot more now that I kept him in this game and he might be loyal to me which is what I need right now. As long as I can solidify myself with people that trust me I should be good. Uhh Emma’s the only one that knows about my idol and I intend to keep it that way. I don’t wanna tell Heather or anyone else because that could give people an excuse to vote me out, which isn’t what I want.

Also Nathaniels being so fucking rude to me. I kinda think it’s funny cause hes like “everyone’s gonna want you out now” even though like half the cast so far has personally asked me to vote Gavin out. Like ok buddy. And Josh, who tells me I should vote Gavin out tried getting me to keep him. Like I already started my move, I’m not gonna stop and then wait as he come after me with guns blazing. So he needed to go when he did.

So anyways with this challenge, we win it! Like thank god Laure got 9.3 while everyone else got 100 (laure u know ily) so now it can be f12 and maybe just maybe we’ll merge. And if I can make it to merge I should be good. But who knows, a twist can always screw me over.

And then Nathan PC gets voted out (rip Jtiathericequeen) and now I’m the last member of the triad. Nice name but still it sucks being the last member of your alliance. Even though I have other allies I just need to reunite with other people and hope we can make some magic happen.


We are now down to 12 and I think there is gonna be a merge and I made a 6 person alliance with Heather Tyler Scott brayden and Emma. I think we have a good chance trust them all.


Confessional me and Heather are the most dynamic doduo ever <33333333333333333


Not LOL at all :( Nathan pc nooooo u will be avenged fuck nathaniel for being confident that like his tribe is going to slip though i hope for a tribe swap i dont want to be fucked by a tribe swap and i dont wanna merge yet even though i want to break the curse! i just want nathaniel outta here!!!


Confessional: Well I was completely wrong about the merge let's hope this tribe swap doesn't destroy my game...


Now it's my turn to picm it's either Tyler or Heather the only reason not to pick Heather is the people are going think we are either a pre made or an unbreakable alliance which we don't want this is so stressful


This could not have gotten any worse

I have so many questions running in my head right now.

Like why did Heather pick Tyler over me?

I am the ONLY CORVO on this tribe and I know we have the biggest targets on our back. Like, I am SCREWED

The only person I even feel like is approachable is Emma. The rest seem like they've already put a soundproof brick wall between me and them. I honestly have no idea what to do. I just need to win these challenges.


24 confessionals. If each confessional I've written would be equivalent to an hour of the day, I would've written a full day by now. Hopefully I'll be here long enough to make another day of confessionals! I must stop writing these so late at evenings, especially when they're long ones! I'll try to shorten down everything as much as possible though.

TC: Laure thought I voted her, she voted NPC to force a tie, I played my Idol. NPC was voted out and became mad at me and wishes Laure bet of luck. (NPC and I have now talked about it, and he seems to have accepted it somewhat at least. I feel for the guy though - had I been voted out right then I also would've been mad at him). Laure thanked me, and said she owes me one if we make the merge (something I unfortunately think won't happen). Twist: Zaranha's gone. Laure an I are on different tribes (she's Corvo, I'm Alto - just as I wished, I'm on Alto, and I'm so glad about it!), and guess what? There's another schoolyard pick. Laure got to pick first, and the whole thing became old Alto to new Corvo and old Corvo to new Alto. Blake's still on Corvo though. Violet got picked last though, and she's in a twist - she can choose Alto, and be done with it, but she can also choose Corvo, and send one person from there over to us in Alto. I really hope she sends an old Alto over to us. It'd be best for me - if we lose I'm safe for one voting, and old Alto won't have complete control over Corvo. Probably she'll just choose us though - something that might even send her home... Zaranha: Zaranha's dissolved, gone. I saw that we hadn't made a flag yet though, something the hosts requested the same day the tribe formed, so I made a quick one and reminded everyone of Emma's Zaranha buff in the main chat. Hopefully we'll just be done with it now! R.I.P Zaranha - a great tribe that only wanted to do good, but instead ended up losing. Main chat: the main chat's active again! It's now named "12 Days of Christmas". Nope, changed. Lindsay requested something like "Cape" after the title, so that she could recognise it easy, so Mitch put "(OKAY LINDSAY)" after the name. Liam then entered the chat and changed the name to a (slightly altered version of) his signature catchphrase - "There Are 12 of You and What is This. (OKAY LINDSAY)". Hilarious, people thought he was, and I have to agree - it was a clever way to interprent his catchphrase into the chat! NPC: NPC's out. It's sad, and I want everyone who reads this to remeber Nathan Prowell Cooper - a nice guy who went out only because of his niceness. Thank you. The future: I see my future as pretty bright. I just realised I'm now the only player to never be a part of Corvo, kinda like Ivan (Kamchatka references once again, I know, I probably should stop with these), and it feels good somehow. I expect the new Alto to win, even though it means the last Zaranhan other than me going home. I think an alliance between Josh, Heather, Tyler and myself could dominate the game completely - even though I'd get a fourth place. I'm also not sure Pedro's the one in Alto we can't trust - Emma did choose Brayden after all. Maybe Pedro's not as evil as Gavin made him look? It could of course be an act too, just to confuse us who want them out. I also can see an Outcasts twist coming - even though it's highly unlikely. The twists the hosts bring are all nice and good though - even if the schoolyard pick was slightly boring and predictable. That's all I can write today - I really, really, REALLY have to sleep now. So good nigth everyone, and sleep tight. This is close at being the best season ever!


idk if you want random confessionals like this but oops here goes!

Okay so the tribe swap everyone has been talking about for like the past week FINALLY happened today, and even though it looks like very little changed, a whole lot has begun to develop

Firstly there's now a six-person alliance that includes myself, Josh, and Heather from the original Corvo and Emma, Scott, and Brayden from the original Alto Mira. This alliance was apparently put together by Josh, and Heather and I both agree that the alliance formed super quick. I do think forming this alliance is important for myself moving forward, as the Corvo 6 will probably have a huge target for the rest of the game and we'll need to have some options to ensure that we make it as far as possible in the game. In terms of Violet, Blake and Lindsay, I'm not too sure how much I can rely on them further on. Firstly, I've done some research into other ORGs and I have noticed that Lindsay and Emma have played in a survivor ORG on the 703 ORG network. It appears that it was brief that they were on the same tribe but it still raises some caution. Josh has told me repeatedly that he doesn't think Lindsay likes him, and I'm hoping that doesn't hurt our relationships with her moving forward. I think that if Lindsay doesn't feel like she's a part of the group, she could easily flop. As for Blake and Violet, everyone has this idea that they are closer to each other than they are to anyone else in the tribe. That's secretly part of why I chose Lindsay to join our tribe instead of Blake, I knew we weren't going to get all of the original Corvo tribe with us so I took it as an opportunity to possibly separate Violet and Blake. I would've rather had Blake on the tribe then Violet because a) Violet can be kinda shady and Josh has already voiced that he wouldn't mind seeing her go before Nathaniel, and b) Blake has stronger bonds with the others from Corvo, and is more reliable when it comes to competitions. Either way, separating Blake and Violet pre-merge would probably be beneficial to everyone in the game, but if one of them goes then the other is likely to come back to our original group.

And then there's this plaza, which is actually probably more important than any plaza we've had before. Now that Josh has us in a bunch of little alliances, whoever we send the idol clue to will carry a lot of meaning open for interpretation. For our Corvo group, it makes sense that we should give the idol clue to Blake. Since he's the only Corvo remaining on the Corvo tribe, the 5 of us are probably expected to send him a lifeline in this situation where he's otherwise screwed (unless Violet found and gave him the idol or something in which it has no real use other than to show him trust). However, there's also the possibility that the people in our OTHER alliance are expecting us to give them the clue, but if we just "casually" start campaigning for giving them the clue, that's a big red flag for Nathaniel, Lindsay and Violet that something could be up.

I've suggested to Josh that a way around this is to have us campaign to give it to Blake but then have Nathaniel complain about how that leaves Laure basically screwed. We're gonna want our tribe to work well together, so we'd probably work towards a "compromise" of giving it to an alliance member under the guise of being fair. If that doesn't work, we could wait and see who the other tribe gives the clue to. If it's an alliance member, we try to repay the favour. If not, we can overpower Nathaniel and give it to Blake.

In terms of where I stand with people right now, I'd say Heather is my closest ally. I feel close with Josh and I'm glad he wants me in his alliances but i'm starting to be a little concerned with how he's envisioning the game. I think he's got himself in a lot of alliances with his trust being placed in some weird places. I mean, talking to Heather, she and I both feel like sticking with our Corvo Crew would be a smarter decision, but from the sounds of it Josh trusts Emma, Scott and Brayden more than Blake, Violet and Lindsay. I might be a little wary of our other Corvo peeps but I still trust them more than this new alliance. I haven't even spoken to Scott or Brayden one on one!! The original Alto members can backstab us with no remorse and little game damage, but if we turn our back on our Corvo Crew, we will get a traitor label that'll follow us for the rest of the game. I'm not about that life, that's not playing smart in the possible case of making it to the end. I think Josh is starting to feel very comfortable in the game, which is the worst feeling you can have because once you get that comfortable feeling, you should immediately assume something isn't going well or your game could blow up in your face.

Heather has been playing very smartly and she and I both have big targets on our backs from the competition scores, so I think we both understand how we need to keep on edge and not get comfy in the game. Josh doesn't quite have the same target so he doesn't really see the danger of getting comfortable in the game.

I want to get closer to Lindsay in this game as well. If it were up to me, Lindsay would be in our cross-tribe alliance too (which i guess means that Pedro would be too if everything was gonna be even). I think she's definitely been putting her best effort in with our tribe since we've started, and she's doing this despite having all of her health issues. She's the kind of person that I would look to vote for if I were a jury member because she's a fighter. I want to see her make it far in this game, and that's the other part of why I chose her to be on our tribe before Blake or Violet. Josh doesn't really want that but I'm not playing this game for Josh, I'm playing this game for myself. Even if I can't win, I want to do my best to make sure the people I want are there in the end.

Nathaniel being in the tribe is a wild card like no other. I think he and I are on good terms since we've spoken before, but I've heard that he is another one of Josh's allies, while also hearing he and Laure have a f2 deal, while also hearing he was Gavin's puppet back when Gavin was playing puppetmaster (so many Nathaniel rumours like wtf). If Blake goes before our tribe loses a challenge, I would campaign really hard to send Nathaniel home, because if we lose Blake and Violet and Josh keeps Nathaniel, Josh has all of the power.

Violet is also kind of a wild card, I thought she'd go be with Blake for sure. The fact that she didn't makes me trust her a tiny bit more, but then again it could be a self-preservation tactic (if the other tribe were to lose twice in a row, it's really easy for Blake and Violet to go one after the other). I'm thinking that if Blake leaves before her, she'll become a better ally to us.

I just realized how long this is lol

Looks like the real survivor game is about to begin.

Bring it on!


Day 16

Day 15

"Well, we are down to twelve and as usual I continue to stay under the radar. That was my goal for this game. Emma brought me and Scott into a six person alliance with Corvo. It consists of myself, Josh, Heather, Scott, Emma, and Tyler. We have already discussed that if it is a school yard tribe swap then the Alto Mira would stay together and the Corvo will stay together. But TBH, I think we will merge."

Day 16 "Of COURSE we are not merging"

"This tribe switch actually worked out for me because I have all the Alto Mira members on my tribe. It is perfect! Right now we are going to split the votes between Blake and Laure just in case. We would then vote Blake out because it eliminates the possibility of him flipping at merge. If he does have and idol and him and Laure vote together, we will revote to eliminate Laure."


The first Quarter Quell is here - the 25:th Annual Hunger Confessionals! Just kidding, everyone. But do you know the history of how I found this ORG? Let's start from the beginning...

I joined Wikia in May 2013, and instantly fell in love with it. I was only active in "my" Wiki though, the Blood Brothers Wiki, and barely even knew other Wikis existed. Jump forward to March 2014. I find the HUnger Games Wiki, and its little sibling, the HUnger Games RP Wiki. I become an active member there too, and even participate in Charlie (The Boy With The Pikachu Tatoo)'s Survivor/Hunger Games mashup (still not finished :P)! In late November I overhear a conversation on the chat, between Justin (TheFireJay) and Erlend (PumPumPumpkin :3). Erlend's asking Justin questions about something, and when he asks when merge usually happens I realise he's talking about survivor. After a while I managed to find the ORG (and realised I totally ignored a blog post Emma made about it back in the summer), and I saw my friend on Similan Islands, together with another person from the HGW - Summer. I began following the season, and barely 10 days after I found the Wiki, applications for CV opened. My app was sent in the next day, and in January I realised I had gotten in. It was like a whole new world opened to me, to be honest, and it was a world I liked and wanted to be part of. And that, my friends, enemies and other people I probably don't know, is the story of how I found this Wiki, and how I was cast in the 24:th season: Cape Verde. That's enough backstory for today. More backstory might come in the second Quarter Quell, if I ever make it so far that is...

The rest of the day has been pretty good though. I got a Plaza clue (not recieved yet though), spoke and bonded a lot more with Josh, told him the clues Gavin shared with me earlier in the competition, and I gave my tribe the idea of who to choose for the Plaza - the old Zaranha way I've also talked a lot to Heather today. Heather's a really nice girl, and I can definitely see a F4 alliance of Josh, her, myself and Tyler (may or may not happen, really hope it happens though). We started off with ordinary talks, like how the days' had been, and then we more and more started talking game. She thought it was cool I'm learning Kung Fu btw. Just wanted to mention that :P Heather also mentioned how we're 8 hours apart, and she understood how hard it is for me in this game compared to everyone else. Talking about understanding, Josh said he would've done the same had he found an Idol, and it made me so glad someone else's thinking like me for once! I also like it how Gavin, Konrad and Reid have all talked to me about the Idol. Konrad said it was a good play, while Gavin just wondered how long I'd had it and understood me when I explained how it's so easy to slip a word and reveal a secret. Reid was somewhat mad at me instead though, and wondered how I could've been lying to him about that Idol. I said the same thing to him as to Gavin, but he hasn't answered me yet. Typical Reid :P Also, Rome started today. Time for CV to be outshined, sigh... We who still are in the game will try to make it shine even more than before though! Oh, and in Rome's VL I managed to sneak a spot in the draft, by reading through the comments and picking one of the two spots that weren't picked already - Cameron. So Cam, this Confessional is partly dedicated to you. Here's hoping for good luck in Rome! Rome in all honour though, but they haven't beat us in CV. At least not yet. Why? Because: this is close at being the best season ever!


So not here for this!!!!!

So not here for this!!!!!

at tribe swap


Number 26! We're starting to have plenty of confessionals! Luckily not much's happened today. Reward Challenge posted - basically noobody understand this wierd game. Someone asked in the tribe chat how much a "good" score is, and I said that 1k was great, even though 500 each should be sufficient. I'm just under that myself, so I feel quite content. I've also started getting along with the tribe a lot more. I mean, I was the one who brought up the idea of deciding Plaza member with, and we ended up using. They also listened to me today, when I was talking about scores and stuff. Unfortunately they seem a bit less active and social than my beloved Zaranha. It may be because they're without Blake and I'm with them instead, but I certainly don't hope so. I also hope they didn't talk much over at old Corvo too, since that'd mean they're probably not as tight as Josh said when we talked long ago. Talking about Josh, I am starting to doubt him slightly. He's just not like he used to be, and his starting to become ignorant. On one side the whole old Corvo is pretty ignorant overall, but Josh didn't use to be. At least not this much. He barely listened at all when I talked to him about my Idol. Yes. I found a new Idol. At first guess. It was really easy though. The seven clues I got revealed the player to be pre-PI (repleacing the old pre-Micro clue), female, one time player, from an odd numbered season, that made the merge and got an odd numbered placement. Only 4 people matched that description, and I apparantly was lucky with my 25% - Penny Ramsey. The Idol I have is unfortunately a fake one though. How can I know, you wonder? Well, it's easy. I have the advantage of having got a REAL Idol before - the Zaranha one. This new pic is a lot different from the first one - in both shape, size and form. Right now only Josh and I know about it, and that's how I want it to stay (though Josh'll tell Heather, and they might tell Tyler, who might tell Lindsay, who might tell Violet, so I don't really know). I also hid a fake Idol there too, one from Survivor: Cape Verde! Yep, you heard right. It's one used in Jokers Cove though, and not one from this Wiki. I'll play the Idol at first best TC, since it's fake anyway, and if I'm wrong and the Idol's truly the right one I'll see who's with me and who's against me. Perfect! I'm mostly thinking about the mege now though. I really want it to happen now! I'm so much safer if CorvoAlto has another goal than me - the AltoCorvos. If I play my cards right, I might even make it to the FTC! I really think it's sad Laure'll probably go home soon though. Most likely Corvo'll lose the next two Immunity Challenges, and even if Blake goes home first, Laure's second boot. She's truly the smartest person in this entire game, in seeing strategic movements and predicting events. All my moves have been predicted by her, except me voting NPC instead of her, and I really think she deserves merge at least. But who knows? Maybe she'll survive in Corvo? Maybe I'll be the only Zaranhan to make the merge? Maybe all Zaranhans will be gone before then? Oh well, can't think like that now! I'm confident we'll win Reward - an advantage in the Immunity Challenge - and with the help of that we'll win Immunity. I'm not sure I'll get to stay in the game if we do lose, so I really need to work for the tribe. The game's much harder and more strategic now, but if I can't just give up. I'll never give up. Never. And why will I never give up? Because, well, you see: this is close at being the best season ever!


Well, we lost the challenge. I haven't felt this since like the first challenge. So, it's quite a change of pace. I kinda felt way too comfortable in my original Corvo tribe.

Now, it's a new tribe, the tribes are more even. The challenges will be SO stressful cause I'd constantly be nervous. And now we have a freakin' disadvantage in the challenge which just SUCKS. Like, thanks a lot hosts!

I'm just really stressed out and so nervous right now. I'm freaking out about the immunity challenge. We NEED to win. Like I'm just...and we came SO CLOSE. If I just tried the game maybe a few more times and got 250 more points, we would have won. I'm so pissed at myself. I KNEW it was possible to get 500+ points, so I don't know why I stopped at 360. Are you kidding me?


Not little miss emma
When u got the answer right for the idol but u get nothing because some basic ass bitch found an idol already!


Day 18

Day 17

"Today we have an award challenge. Knowing that I have all the clues is great. We need this to get a leg up on the other tribe. If we lost, I think we can sill pull out a win."

"Well, we lost today but finding out that it is a one point advantage, I think we can handle this pretty well."

"So, I have been searching for this idol and telling Scott and Emma the clues. Knowing that the idol may have already been found. I still have to look just to be sure that the idol isn't there because if it is still there, I need it."

"So, the idol has been found. It is nerve racking. However, it is good to know that we only have one original Corvo on the new Corvo. That is good so next tribal, we have to split the votes between him and Laure to ensure that if he has the idol, it gets flushed."

Day 18 "So the first live challenge of the season. Exciting, it must be a Survivor trivia challenge. Better study up!

"Really. A Cape Verde trivia challenge. Are you serious? I have to pull up Wikipedia to try to get information. I mean, I find an answer and BAM. An Alto Mira wins it. I mean. My cousin's computer lags enough."

"I thought this would be an easy vote and the split vote to ensure one of them goes home. BUT Emma decides to try to make it look like the AM-Team has cracks. I HATE the idea. They want 3 votes on someone then one person 'flips' and votes the other. But, what if Laure and Blake team up, use the idol correctly, then one of the AM-Team is going home in a 2-1-0. It is a long shot but this is Survivor and you can't just say 'Oh, it's a long shot, we are fine.' That's when you get voted out."


I had one more because I just had to tell you.

"Pedro, shut up. Quit your crying and play the game with the pieces you were given. This isn't Soccer, this is Survivor. Ok, take off your short shorts and put on the big boy pants and play the game. Not everything can be fair to you."

Day 18


27 confessionals! So, not much's happened today. Feels like I'm saying that more and more often lately. We won the Reward Challenge! And I got the best score out of anyone! It felt great, having saved my tribe like that to be honest. It was a team work though, and everyone did well. I just hope this'll make it easier for me to be seen as one of them. Furthermore, we won the live Immunity Challenge too! Our reward was to start with one point, and luckily it turned out we didn't need it. The trivia challenge was hard, and the others were really fast. We had smething they didn't have though - Lindsay. She was like a ray of light, and got like 6 of our scores. The challenge ended up at 10-3, to us. If we lose next time I think I know who's going home though - Violet, since she's the "weakest" link as of currently. I think I just screwed up though. I was talking to Mitch about how I think I've solved the Idol algorithm, but I needed the clues of Corvo to confirm it all. And who's the holder of those, if not Lindsay? So I talked to her, but she was scared I'd reveal them to someone over at Corvo. So I revealed Cliff and Penny to her, and she just left, claiming to having to attend a "live challenge". Anyway, I'll describe my theory really quick: if the Idols are opposites (like Cliff being a male, booted pre-merge, a recent season, even placement, etc vs Penny being female, post-merge boot, odd placement, early seaon, etc) I can get the merged tribe Idol even without any clues! I really need those Corvo clues to confirm my theory though...

Also talked more to Josh and the other Corvos, err, Altos today. Feels like I'm becoming more and more one of them, even though my timezone's horrible for this season... That's it for today! Also, loved hearing some stuff about CV on the podcast. And even though Luke and Tyler may not think so; this is close at being the best season ever!


I meant to send in one of these with my challenge last night but I was running short on time to submit. Sorry!

So becoming friends with Lindsay has turned out to have its advantages! She revealed to me that she is holding the Corvo idol, which she got not long before the tribe swap! I'm really glad that it's in her hands, she seems very honest and I think she plays this game with a lot of integrity. A lot of the other players can come across a little shifty and I'm sure they've got plans up to their ears.

After she revealed that she had the idol, we decided to form an alliance, and we brought Heather in with us to make three. Having Heather in the alliance with me is good because she's also involved with the cross-tribal alliance with ourselves, Josh, Emma, Brayden and Scott, so if things go south for any reason neither of us get singled out. At the same time Heather is my closest ally, so I want to do what I can to make sure if I get taken out, she'll have a chance to go farther.

So now that Nathaniel has used his Zaranha idol and Lindsay has the Corvo idol, the question is where the Alto Mira idol is. Nathaniel was talking to Lindsay about it: apparently he guessed correctly (the kid's a genius holy hell) but the idol has already been claimed. We're assuming this means that it's in the hands of one of the original Alto members since Nathaniel's the only one from our tribe to have formally received an Alto clue from our new tribe. Heather, Lindsay and I started to speculate on this. We don't think Pedro has it, he's very active on the group chat so we think he's trying his best to have a social game save him. If he had the idol he'd be more relaxed. Lindsay doesn't think Emma has it because Emma plays a very social game that works well for her. That leaves Scott and Brayden. Personally I think Brayden has it because when our 6 person alliance was first made, he wasn't in the alliance. However, he now replaces Gavin, so I think he could've used the idol to give him a better position in the game.

Now for the challenges. That reward challenge was one of the toughest for me out here, but we managed to win anyways (yay). The real win comes tonight though when we won again and don't have to vote someone out! (It's an Alto Miracle!) Nathaniel did so well in the reward and Lindsay definitely carried us in the immunity challenge, I'm glad they were able to step up when obstacles were holding them back before (Lindsay being sick and Nathaniel being on Zaranha). As well, having them start showing their skills is better for me because a lot of people were mentioning to me that I'm a comp beast and I don't want to have any unnecessary targets on my back moving forward. I think every win is important for our tribe because it helps to boost our morale and better unify us, so we can keep aiming to do better in future competitions.

My prediction is that Laure will be sent home tonight. She didn't really help out in either challenge and since we don't actually know how long it'll be before a merge, they'll need Blake's challenge skills to help them out. If they vote out Blake it'll show that they're playing on a long-term strategy, and we can try to plan accordingly.

–Tyler butt is on the line AND I didn't go to the live challenge. It said Feb. 21 but I realize just now that that meant Feb. 21 UTC. Not EST...

I'm hoping my challenge performance in the Reward Challenge was enough to prove myself but I don't know. I'm trying to talk to Emma and Scott but they haven't even responded to me yet.

And that screams bad news. I already know they're planning to get me out. NO ONE is talking to me (yet) and I don't know who else to approach.

I don't know what to do...


Sorry for sending another one right away but..

Pedro, Emma, and Scott all just talked to me.

Pedro said he wanted to keep me and get out either Laure or Emma. He's going to try to talk to Scott about keeping me which would be great.

I'm glad Alto Mira isn't one big happy family after all. Pedro wants to keep me cause he said I'm good at the challenges over Laura and Emma who got the lowest scores.

I'm glad I was able to prove myself to be a worthy tribe member to him but...he's not the only person on the tribe. So I'm still super nervous.


So basically im in a couple of alliances tbh!!!

the everyone hates juan alliance idk what its called with me brayden scott josh heather and tyler i mean i trust my alto mira people and heather i need to lowkey talk to tyler more. Josh is trying to call all the shots which is annoying but i like him because he is chill and he knows jace. I talked to Tyler a couple times and he is chill too. I trust Heather but i wouldnt want to go to the end with her!!! Shes to good tbh.

I am in an alliance with my alto mira palls with scott pedro and brayden! those three are the people im willing to go to the end with but scott is my main bae tbh but then again scott is threating too...

i cant always play with my heart! like gopgodgdmgdg i am so scared i feel like its do or die for this vote i dont want a 7-4 and me in being in the 4!!!! frick me!!! i am kidding begging for a double elimation at this point or they are gonna have a ride to the merge which pisses me off more then anything, the people who dont do shit get to go far and do goat stuff, eat oats and shit on your hard work i wanna eat oats too!!!!!!! and basically everyone on alto miras plan is to like split the vote.


Okay, like I said before, Pedro wants to take out either Laure or Emma.

He's leaning towards Laure which is great because I actually like Emma and I think I've bonded with her the most (and Scott I guess)

We're talking more about the plan tomorrow but hopefully I do survive this vote. Heather has been giving me advice and oh how I love her for that.

So yeah, all I can do right now is hope Pedro is telling me the truth and that I've developed good enough relationships with Emma and Scott that they're willing to keep me. All I need is 4 votes and I would absolutely love it if those were my four.


28 confessionals, 4 weeks! This thing goes so fast, yet so slow! It's almost been a month, and it's been so fun to play! It's not having the same insane speed as Rome, but I'm glad for that. The season becomes a tiny bit boring when you don't have TC to attend tbh, but I am absolutely not complaining! I really can't wait to see who's going home though. Something tells me it's Laure, albeit sad it'll be good to have the smartest player gone. I really want her to saty though, since I believe she deserves better than 12:th place.

On a different note, Lindsay gave me the Corvo clues! "Clue #1: I am a male Survivor player. Clue #2: I have only played the game once. Clue #3: I played the game post-Micronesia. Clue #4: I placed post-merge. Clue #5: I played on an odd-numbered season. Clue #6: I had an even-numbered placement." The Alto clues: "Clue #1: I am a female Survivor player. Clue #2: I have only played the game once. Clue #3: I played the game pre-Micronesia. Clue #4: I placed post-merge. Clue #5: I played on an odd-numbered season. Clue #6: I had an odd-numbered placement. Clue #7: I played the game pre-Pearl Islands." My theory is at least somewhat right! Or well, so I hope. According to my calculations, the fourth Idol would be a female, played once, pre-Micronesia, placed pre-merge, even-numbered season, odd-numbered placement and the last one I need to know Corvo's 7:th clue to figure out. Oh well, I'm so glad Lindsay gave them to me! She's really nice actually, but she's still a huge threat, and I would definitely not want to be with her in the F5. That's it for me tonight everyone! Had really hoped to have TC results up by now, since it's been 2 hours, but I guess the aftermath of them'll have to come in the next confessional! For the last time: this is close at being the best seaosn ever!


I'm here...waiting furiously and impatiently for the votes to be read. I am like super NERVOUS RIGHT NOW so I just want it to be freaking over with cause I can't stand being so panick-stricken. I don't know if I spelled that right but whatever.

Heather told me that Scott told her everyone wanted me out. But then, Scott/Emma/Pedro all told me they're voting Laure.


If I do get voted out Heather and I made sure Caryn will get her revenge. It won't only be a freakin' stick she'll be throwing in the fire. Best believe that!