Day 19

Adam and I always alter our plans and make new ones as we go and after each one we always say "were set" only to arrive at a new problem the next morning, i fear one of these times we wont be set.


Well it turns out that I'm not the challenge beast I'd like to be. Hopefully this is still a boastable score; I know that it wasn't simple for me to get and it wasn't replicated by me. The fact, though, that Kevin beat my score means that Tuamotu could too. Can all of Tuamotu best us? Are our scores actually unbeatable? Things always go wrong when you feel too comfortable, but right now I don't feel comfortable in the slightest, and things will still probably go wrong. May the odds be ever in our favor.


Day 20

Here's what it shakes down to. Jay has the Idol and we all need it in the merge, so it's the same conversation with both Eden and Kevin: there's only one choice, vote the other one out. Which means that they're probably having the exact same conversation about me, and it sucks not knowing. It just sucks.


It has to be Kevin because he's too good at challenges. It has to be Eden because he sucks at challenges. Maybe they're saying it should be me because I'm too medium at challenges. I was thinking Eden because I feel more loyalty to Kevin, but he is a huge challenge threat. There's a huge decision to make here, and I feel like it's my decision to make. Maybe I'm not in the driver's seat and there's a tribe against me, but I have to play the game like I'm in charge. I can't afford a mistake.


Day 21

It sucks that we lost the challenge, and that we have to vote off one of our own. I want to keep Jay because we need his idol at the merge. So it's between Kevin and Mitch, I want kevin out because he's amazing in challenges, but Jay wants mitch out for being less trustworthy. So We Don't know what to do.


I was hoping we could win this immunity to get a little closer to even numbers but now the best we can have is 4 at merge.

Despite the fact we will be going to tribal, I haven't been happier to tell everyone I have an idol then right now. I think I would still have the numbers to stay safe here, but everyone left knows that they need my idol come merge so getting rid of me gets rid of the idol.

I am going to push the vote towards Mitch. The main reason is because the other two already suggested each other which means they aren't that close. The best thing that can happen for me is to keep around people who don't trust each other as much as they trust me. I need to be the bridge that connects the islands of our alliance together.


So, this fucking sucks. I really hate that we lost. I got 1803 on that challenge... That is almost a third of our points. This pisses me off, we should have won this one. That being said, this vote is the toughest one yet. I hate having to vote a friend off, and it sucks, because he is a good competitor. I'm afraid that I might be the one that he is voting for, but if nobody else lies, then I should be fine.

I hate being vulnerable. I hate that we threw that challenge. We had such good momentum, that nothing could have derailed us. But now, instead of being close to having even numbers, we are down in numbers 4v6. I have to make some moves for me to stay in this game further. I've been talking with Adam, and with Maya a bit. They both seem to really like me. Maya says that I have been respectable, and don't deserve to leave yet, and Adam and I seem to have a similar mindset. I don't know what is going to happen after this vote, I just hope it isn't me who has to leave. I'm trying to play a respectable game, and so far, I feel as if I have done a decent job at it. Now to the hard part. For this tribal, I have to vote... Mitch. I feel that he might not be as loyal as Eden is, and I know that voting for Jay would be a waste. And, Jay and I are closer than I am with the other two. So, yes, that is my final answer. Mitch