"Add Insult To Injury"
Season Survivor: Retribution
Episode Number 2/15
Episode Chronology
Previous New Game, New Slate
Next Start To Roughen The Waves

Add Insult To Injury is the second episode of Survivor: Retribution.


Immunity Challenge: Word Scramble. The castaways were given 11 letters of the alphabet. The goal was to make as many words out of it as possible. 2-letters words will give you 2 points, 3-letters words - 3 points, as so it goes. The letters they were allowed to use are R-E-T-R-I-B-U-T-I-O-N. The tribe that scored the most points would be safe from the third tribal council.

Winners: Lucena

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 3: Palmira

Tribal Council 3:
Kaeden (5 votes)
Evan, Scott, Bryce, Nick & Yannick
Nick (4 votes)
Taylor, Jordan, Sam & Austin
Yannick (1 vote)

Voting Confessionals

I vote to evict, YES, EVICT, Kaeden


Sorry. You aren't trying hard enough. Time for you to go. No idols please.


So here's to hoping that you don't have an idol somehow like you managed to pull off twice in Azerbaijan, and hopefully everyone is voting how they're saying they're gonna vote, it seems like you're a cockroach who I've tried dropping nukes on and none of it has worked (this is just a comparison, I don't actually think you're a roach) and hopefully this tribal will be the boot that stomps you, hoping this is the final chapter of Austin Vs Nick City and it comes to an end tonight.


You aren't going anywhere, I just need to keep paranoid people happy.


It's safe to say I'm glad I altered the first vote from you to Will because I knew you would eventually get yourself into a mess like this. LO AND BEHOLD.


Oops. I meant to vote Kaeden. My manager who just happened to be named Nick was sitting right behind me as I voted, and I got a message from Austin saying "did you vote Nick yet," and so the name Nick was imprinted on my mind. This shouldn't affect who goes home, but I hope Kaeden you still go. Nothing personal, but you and Austin got caught in a web of lies, and he's better in challenges. Sorry.



Final Words

Well guys, apparently challenge performance means nothing anymore. I have no idea what I did to any of you. I was active in the challenges, I wasn't going to betray those I was with (most of the tribe), and I just don't understand the strategic value of this move. I was dedicated to you guys, loyal to you guys and just don't get it. 2 years waiting just for some dishonest people to take me out in an embarrassing way. I wish you guys would've given me a fucking chance. I just don't get it. Have fun, to those who were decent people, and I wish you the best of luck. Bye :/




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