Day 13

So I received 2 votes, Not surprised. I'm pretty sure Liam was the second vote due to the info I was given. I can't really blame him, I mean god damn I really need to be more activee :/ I'll have to clear my schedule for next week at this point....


It was a bold but bad choice to stay on Facebook for the tribal aftermath.

I feel like I'm the only one who has to do damage control right now, as Liam immediately hounded me into a corner to ask why I voted Ian out.

And I threw TJ so far under the bus that Terry Chaney looks like she got a small tap and a scratch (Final Destination reference for anyone not getting it). Do I feel bad? No. Not at all. Which is weird, but I want Liam to trust me.

Liam is a bad liar though. He says he still trusts the alliance. I'm sorry I'm allergic to bullshit. If I was left in the dark about it and my ally was blindsided, I would be very wary on my allegiances. I think he still trusts me cause of the old school pact we have, but he's a good player. I don't want him with me.


-Well that tribal was terrible for me. Everyone but me decided to put down Ian's name, except yours truly. Now I'm getting some Luke flashbacks. I thought I was close with others but now that's gone down the drain. The only thing I can do now is to have a smile on my face and hopefully can win trust of people I thought trusted me. There's still Isaac who is easy gone whenever he goes to Tribal and not exile, but now it's a long road ahead, this game is only a third of the way done, and my game isn't done yet.


OH. MAH. F**KIN'. WERD. IAN JUST GOT VOTED OUT <3 I can't believe they actually did that, I mean I've known about the Askjas' majority grouping but I didn't know it was this loose and so easily breakable XDDDD You all got rid of one of the strongest members of your team to keep someone who didn't even submit for the next challenge, good job :P but seriously, I'm super excited that they just removed a loyal Askja and dismantled some loyalty on that tribe XD Anyways, here's what I know, or what I think I know at least: those that claim to be on the outs are: Isaac, Julia, TJ, although TJ admits to have voted with the rest of the group in voting out a fellow TBD, Jake, though I don't blame him because Jake told him to do so and then Jake told me he was going and that TJ voted for him, telling me this before TC results were posted. Aaanyways, the rest of the tribe (Ian from Days 6-12, Liam, Matthew, Mikey, Szymon, Trace) seems to have created a sixsome, now five. However, Perry came up with a plan, and I think it'll fail but work to our advantage. It seems to be quite apparent that Liam is the one who voted with Ian, as those two have been close since Day 1, literally (no, and not literally as to exaggerate, you who destroys the english language as it stands xD). Anyways, where was I? Oh yes, Liam seems to be the outsider of the last vote, so Perry decided that we would exile Mikey as a majority member, convince Liam to flip and vote Trace, and split them into groups of 4 (Isaac, Julia, Liam, TJ) and 3 (Mikey, Matthew, Szymon) and cause a war between the factions against the 9 in Súlur. However, as Perry said, talking to Liam is like talking to a brick wall – and one that thinks it's funny but isn't – so it's quite hard to get him to flip on the five, and quite frankly I would stay in the five too. So with no shocks, barring the fact that Askja has PLENTY of shocks, Isaac, Julia or TJ will be leaving the game tonight. But I think that's actually quite a good thing for my tribe, after all. It shows the two survivors that they are completely on the outs and have no chance of surviving, unless Julia and Isaac kiss up to us and move as an affiliate of Perry and I, respecively. I think Liam's going to not move away from what is good for him, he's an independent mind and it takes a lot to break through to him, it took me about 4-5 hours every night of talking to him, changing my personality completely to match his and calculating every statement, every emoticon to match the mood I was working for, to pull on his heartstrings. He may not have many of them, but pulling those few a bit harder can have the same effect ^_^ Anyways, this vote will probably get rid of someone from the outs, drawing a line in the sand between 5 people and 2 people on that tribe. This makes it very easy to fight against them, as Súlur's largest enemy is an alliance which has less than 1/3 of the contestants, thus having very little power when a swap or something of that nature is created. Perry has fought desperately to get the outsiders to stay, and although it probably hasn't worked, it will not be in vain. But, who knows, maybe Liam moved over to the outsiders, in which case it'll be very interesting as we can basically propogate a civil war between the two factions, creating deadlocked tie after deadlocked tie until the tribe is so filled with hate for each other that they can't unite, much less win challenges. This will be a very interesting tribal council, I've never been this excited for a tribal in which I'm safe regardless but here I am, worrying and anxious about it and what it means for the future of this game xDDDD


-This day could be my make or break. I already feel less confident with my alliance and it seems everyone can see it. This challenge in particular is tough as #1 target Isaac finally shows up and puts together a really good score. Now the stress has started to kick in and now I feel it's either do or die right now.


So Ian goes as planned. One less threat to worry about down the road. Unfortunately we lost a contributor in challenges too.

It's time for the challenge and we're all excited about this one. The concept of the color immunity challenge is simple. So many of us are getting close to max scores. Isaac even said he got a 9.2! I'm very happy he's pulling his weight now! He's still got a ways to make up for it though. But progress has been made. I told everyone if we can all get scores of 9 or higher we should be set to win. Some people have been having some trouble getting to 9 but they are at least close to it. I think this is one we will win!


So, over the last few days, I've noticed a very interesting, and very beneficial trend as far as my game. So far, Tyler and Perry have expressed their concerns about Ted thinking he's the boss of everything; thinking he's controlling everything that's going on at Súlur. That's a sense I've had for a VERY long time here, the feeling that Ted thinks he can get away with being hella r00d to people and he'll take control and make it to FTC by controlling everything with his Poly buddies just like last time. You know what, not going to f**king happen. We've been making an effort to basically accomodate him and make him feel warm and fuzzy about his position w/Eden and Mitch along with him, but I don't think it'll last. I've been thinking a lot, and the thing is, Steve seems to be quite close to Mitch, so the inner group of friends I have here, I mean they're all my friends but still the inner ones are myself, Jino, Perry, Tyler, and by extention Zane. I believe that I've got good relationships with basically everyone besides Eden and Zane, but I'll be working to improve things with those two. But, we may not have a majority if Askja wins and sends one of that 5 to Exile Island, thus making it 4-4 at tribal. But, that assumes that Ted wants to keep Steve, and I don't think that's the case if Perry & I can talk him up a lot to not vote out one of the Perry and the Platypussies alliance (Eden, myself, Perry, Ted, Tyler, Zane), holding on to both of his alliances since we sort of know a Poly alliance has at least been offered, and there's suspicion because on the inner baes skype call Ted created, he added Mitch to try to include him in our group, so maybe we'll be fine with voting off Jino for the purpose of keeping Mitch alive, thus giving Ted all the options he could ever want. So, basically, Perry & I came up with a plan that's pretty easy to pull off: get the Da Baes to vote off Steve next, then create an alliance of Jino, myself, Perry, Tyler and Zane to fight against Eden, Mitch, and Ted, as a Súlur 5, if you will. I'll be working quite hard socially for that within the 5, particularly continuing to talk to Jino, Perry and Tyler, patching things up with Zane and talking to Mitch & Ted enough to console them, as it takes less talking to console than to convince. Of course, a very small portion of that talk will be game related, the vast majority being small talk, with the intent of making them comfy with me going forward. Whenever I make a move, I'm always sure to plan ahead. The move is planned from up to a week in advance, and from the moment the plan is created, I'm making subtle changes in my social gameplay to match the tide, nothing negative such as less talking to some, just business as usual for some and much more talk for others. I'm never the swing vote, never making the decision at tribal council. If something changes then I'll consider moving around, but besides any major movement at the last second, what I do in the game is slow, calculated, quite and most of all efficient. To paraphrase even though it's 110 degrees outside, I'm staying cool, staying calm. No rash decisions can be made and no option can ever be left without consideration ;D


Day 14

The color green is going to give me some serious PTSD for the rest of my life. Besides that, things feel weird. I feel better with Perry, but if we were to go to Tribal, my plan is to take Jino and Steve, and get Tyler, who could get Zane, and pick off one of Ted/Perry/Eden. They're threats to my long-term game because who they want going deep in this game is not who I want.

In other news, Askja continues to vote out people whose loyalties I own, first Jake and now Ian. If they lose, one of either Isaac/Liam is going next, so it looks like all of my eggs are in Sulur's basket. I need to start making tighter game bonds with the people over there - I'm sure I can still work with Trace/Matthew, and I've got Szymon and TJ, but why stop there?


Remember a wee ago when I felt insecure about my position? I revoke that. I'm trusted by each side - I may not have strong bonds with each side, but I've got the trust of them. Trace's Askja majority? Yep. The Askja minority? Yep. Perry's trio of merry gentlemen? Yep. My own Súlur forces? Of course. If there's a tribe swap, I'm well set up to machinate moves of my own devices and force the game to take a turn for my own benefit, and if there's no swap, I can sway Askja into Exiling one of Perry's trio and then sending one of the others packing. It's not going to be an easy road, it's not going to be a short road, it's going to be a road paved with the toil of blood, sweat, and tears, and it's time to get this show on the road.


This vote will be incredibly important and determine the immediate future of this game. If Julia goes? I lose nothing, I have allies in the minority, and those in the majority trust me. If Trace goes? I lose an ally, I have allies in the minority, and those in the majority trust me. Whoever goes and whoever stays will force me to adjust my strategy. If Trace stays, I can use him and his sway against Eden/Perry/Ted, and if he goes, I'll end up staying linked to them for a bit longer. The game changes every second, and the wind is going to blow something important on this eve.


What a crazy couple of days it’s been! We win the next Immunity Challenge, which was great news, and then we ship Tyler off to Exile Island, and gain this is great news because it keeps him safe from Tribal Council. He then picks me to join him on Exile Island and I look high and low but couldn’t find any Hidden Immunity Idol. I return back to my tribe and we get ready for the next Immunity Challenge. Unfortunately we end up losing it, which means we go to Tribal Council once again. The Sulur tribe ends up sending Isaac back to Exile, saving him from eliminating which allows me to start playing a bit of hardball. Szymon and I came up with the plan to get rid of either Liam or Ian, because they seem a little too comfortable being in charge of this tribe. I’m not one to allow others to control my game anymore, so we went around and got everyone but them two to vote Ian, which is exactly what happened. Worked out perfectly. Matthew and Trace were already game to get Ian out so it wasn’t much to convince them, but it took a little work to get Mikey on board, but he went along with the plan.

I talked to Liam and smoothed things over with him but he’s obviously on watch now. He seems okay with everything but that’s just a front. We head to the next Immunity Challenge, which we put up a strong showing but come up short. Doesn’t help that Julia didn’t submit a score which was the kiss of death for her because as we head to Tribal Council tonight, looks like she’s on the outs and is going home. She’s the easy vote for this vote but I’m working on getting Liam to be the next one out because he knows where he stands with this tribe and he’ll easily flip as soon as he gets the chance. For now, things as looking good, but I got to stay level-headed. IT’S GAME ON!!!


So we lost again and its nothing good.. other tribe already feels in control so they are trying to influence our voting. Feck you bitches, you have your tribe to be worried for. So back off.

Anyway, they want us to vote out Trace. Which not gonna happen until some crucial blindside might have place. Perry last night randomly asked me to protect Julia... i love Julia to death, but she would so flip on us and she didnt even try to work on challenge... so our options are limited. However, i talked with Julia and warned her about her being on block... She knows she wasnt really active lately, so shes kinda giving up. Damn meh.


So we lost again, and I would be all upset but what the hell, here I am on Exile Island. Yay, no tribal! I wish I could hopefully find the idol, but I don't think it's where I looked. :/

Hopefully this is Isaac's final night in Iceland and Liam manages to survive. I know TJ is move crazy but this needs to be a simple vote for Isaac. It's so obvious he's gonna flip the first chance he gets.


-So we lost... Again... And this time I'm pretty sure my name will finally come up when it is time to vote. The one thing I'm hoping for is that the people who I've trusted since the beginning of my days on Askja vote with me this time. The thing that surprises me the most is that Julia's name is now coming up instead of Isaac's. It's no surprise since she failed to submit and Isaac kicked ass. I've talked to nearly everyone else and hopefully they side with me tonight, otherwise my game ends tonight.


Look like I'm back at tribal. I can't say I'm necessarily surprised. The truth is that the other tribe is just much stronger than ours. I'm hoping that next week we can pull out a win and finally have a chance of having numbers again.

So, as soon as we lose, I go to my core alliance which is Szymon and Matt. Matt was the only one online at this point, so he told me that he was thinking Julia because she didn't submit in the last challenge. I'm fine with that because the truth of the matter is, even though Liam is on the outs, I still trust him more than I do Julia, mostly because Julia is pretty much inactive. So, as soon as I saw this I went to Liam and told him I'm working hard to save him. I told him his best bet is to go for Julia. And he's good with it. I hope that by doing that I locked him down as a loyal ally to myself if we do swap after this tribal.

Then, the fun happened. TJ approaches me and says that Perry, Ted and Eden wanted him to try to vote me out. Excuse me? Perry, Ted and Eden? As far as I'm concerned, that's target number 1, target number 2 and target number 3. I just find it kind of ridiculous that they're so desperate to get me out that they had to go cross tribal. Like, get a fucking life. I don't know what Perry has against me, but he's obviously quite butt hurt that I'm still here. So he can start counting his days here because I'm going to make sure that there aren't many more.

Luckily for me, TJ told me he isn't listening to them. He trusts me more than anyone in this game and he wants to work with me until the end. As far as he knows, that's my plan too. And I'd like to keep it that way.

I'm pretty sure that if we win this next challenge we're going to exile either Eden or Ted and hope that Mitchell can work some magic to try and get rid of Perry. By taking away one of Perry's votes, that'll make him so vulnerable that he'll be easy to pick off. Hopefully it'll work out, but I'm not putting all my eggs in one basket.

Anyways, the fact I'm still here is crazy. I mean damn, final 17. Hopefully 16. Hopefully 1st. Idk. It's crazy to me.

Til next time.


We lost immunity. AGAIN! And there is only person one person I look at. It's not Isaac. It's Julia. She disappeared on us and did not submit. I knew she was too quiet the last 24 hours. So I want her gone next. I can't imagine anyone wanting to keep her after this round.

Before I know it I'm getting messages from Trace. I told him it should be Julia. Trace agrees. I go to TJ. He agrees. Now Isaac comes to me! I know he doesn't feel comfortable. I tell him that I want Julia. I'm sure he was relieved its not him. Clearly Súlur thinks we want him out. So when they fin out he stays they could be surprised and a little confused. But at the same time they know Julia didn't submit for us. Isaac asks me for a two person alliance. I'm hesitant but of course I say yes. Do I trust him? Absolutely not. Finally, Liam comes to me. He was left out of the loop the last TC. I figured he'd be upset, but he took it fine. Unless he's acting which could be possible. I told him no one has any interest in getting him out. I told him people want Julia out and that's who I want too. I do worry a little. A lot of people are coming to me now. Which is also a good thing because they probably want me on their side. But if word gets around and people start saying, "Matthew said this... Matthew said that..." Blah blah blah. People will know I am talking to a lot of people. That is one thing that people feared of me in Anarchy. So if I ever talk about conversations I had with others I'll say, "so and so told me he wanted this to happen." "So and so messaged me." It's all about the wording you use. I don't want it to look like I'm running the show right now. But overall at this time I'm probably in a good spot with people.