Anti-Johan Alliance
Season Survivor: Egypt
Founder Joshie
Members Remained Loyal:

Joshie (Day 10-17)
Chicken (Day 10-15)
Jack (Day 10-15)

Day Formed Day 10
Enemies Johan-Amir
Isis 4
Lowest Placing Member Chicken (15/20)
Highest Placing Member Jack (8/20)

The Anti-Johan Alliance was a short lived antagonist alliance to the Isis 4.


The Anti-Johan alliance was formed on day 10 by Joshie, with the intent of taking out Johan-Amir, who was rumored to be making deals with the rival tribe, and was planning to turn on Isis at the merge. Joshie, fed up with Johan's failure to lead the tribe recruited Chicken and Jack to the alliance, and they planned to take out Johan-Amir at the fourth tribal council after he lost the tribe the immunity challenge, even with the advantage they had won. Bagging on the fact that Pedro had voted for Johan at the past two tribals, they thought he would once again, helping blindside Johan in the process. However, Pedro self voted, and was sent home 4-3. At the next challenge Mutiny was offered, and Johan, scared after his near elimination and the previous tribal council, took the offer and left Isis, much to the displeasure of Joshie. Since nobody from Anubis took the mutiny, the remaining members of Isis competed for individual immunity, and Joshie came out on top.


  • The Anti-Johan Alliance, is the shortest lasting alliance in ORG history, lasting a mere 7 days.