SW8 Rings of DualityRings of Duality
Survivor Gameplay
Description A series of items with their own individual powers
Appearance(s) Korea
Kamchatka (Mask of Restrict)
Artifacts are a collection of twists, making their debut in Survivor: Korea.

Hidden Immunity Idol

Main Article: Hidden Immunity Idol
Despite already being a twist, the Hidden Immunity Idol can also be considered an Artifact. It can be played at Tribal Council, during the Voting Phase of the event. It could be transferred to castaways of the same tribe anytime, but in Survivor: Korea it could be transferred to castaways of other tribes during challenges (before the challenge deadline). The idol has the power to negate all votes against the user in a Tribal Council. This makes the immune during the vote, a revote, as well as the rock drawing tiebreaker.

Mask of Restrict

The Mask of Restrict is an Artifact that gives power to the holder to have one castaway (even including self) to abstain from voting in a single Tribal Council. It is played at Tribal Council, during the Discussion Phase. Could be transferred to others to the rules of the Hidden Immunity Idol, but it cannot be passed to anyone during the Voting Phase at Tribal Council. The effect makes one castaway abstain a vote during Tribal Council, and is carried through a revote.

In Survivor: Kamchatka, the Mask of Restrict was played similarly to a Hidden Immunity Idol due to the lack of a Discussion Phase. It reappeared in the same function during Survivor: Cape Verde.

Rings of Duality

The Rings of Duality is an Artifact that grants the user power to make one castaway (including itself) cast two votes at Tribal Council, as opposed to the standard one vote. It is played at Tribal Council during the Discussion Phase. It could be passed in the same way as the Mask of Restrict. This Artifact is carried through a revote; however, if the target of the Artifact is part of the tie, they may vote in the revote but only once. Also, the Rings aren't stackable; the effects of multiple pairs of Rings are equal to the effects of one pair.

Dark Pearl

The Dark Pearl is an Artifact that penalizes the holder 1 vote the next time he/she is not immune from the vote. This artifact is activated at the first tribal counil that the holder isn't immune, but can also be cancelled by the use of a Hidden Immunity Idol. Also, it is not passable, and is carried through a revote.

Light Pearl

The Light Pearl is an Artifact that negates 1 vote from the user, if the user is to recieve at least one vote at Tribal Council. It is activated the first time the user receives a vote at Tribal Council, and is not passable. If the idol is used while holding the Light Pearl and the castaway received vote(s), the Light Pearl's effect would be wasted as the idol is used, negating all votes.

List of People who have owned an Artifact

Survivor: Korea

Hidden Immunity Idol

Mask of Restrict

Rings of Duality

Survivor: Kamchatka

Mask of Restrict

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