Day 35

Well, i havnt posted any confessionals lately, thats cause idk even know what to say ahah XD. but im safe tonight i think, and next tribal will be 4 people left. If justin is smart he will vote with me and vote zach out, and if zach will probably vote me or sharky, and try to get the tie. I am both their best hope at winning as I might not take sharky to the end if i win final immunity. Him and I have the best shots at winning, I am the stratetic one of the season, and he is the challenge god. But with a non-bitter jury, i should win. I have saved my alliance so many times, gotten power and overall been tearing it up, i know it sounds cocky, but I littereally murked (means did very good) this season, I have been unstoppable and will probably make it to the end. Or ill lose to a challenge, which will suck.

This is a very cocky confessional but i really think Im the best player of the season, and I should win against any of the other players aha…


Day 36

No confessionals were made on this day

Day 37

No confessionals were made on this day

Day 38

No confessionals were made on this day

Day 39

No confessionals were made on this day

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