Baekje Four
Baekje Four
Season Korea
Founder Cassels
Members Stayed Loyal:
Cassels (Day 1-17)

Aston (Day 1-39)
Amir (Day 1-17)
Alejandro (Day 1-37)

Day Formed Day 1
Enemies Crtha
Lowest Placing Member Cassels (16/21)
Highest Placing Member Amir (Winner)

Baekje Four was a pre-Merge alliance during Survivor: Korea that acted as an sub-alliance inside the Korea Alliance, with numbers and challenge prowess on it's side the alliance controlled the original Baekje tribe, but soon after the tribe swap, it fell victim to the The Secret Society.


One World

During the One World twist at the beginning of the game. Jake and Aston decided that they needed a big alliance in order to truly dominate the game, this alliance would soon be known as Kings of Korea.

Tribe Sorting

The Kings of Korea members in Baekje were ecstatic to discover that they had 5 allies on their tribe. Aston, Cassels, Alejandro and Amir (who already formed a close bond with each other during the One World twist) decided that they only needed 4 people to really be aligned and chose to leave out Ivan as their +1 who they would only vote out if ever the numbers came down to 5.

Cracks Unfolding

When the Mask of Restrict and Rings of Duality were handed out to the Baekje tribe as a prize from the Reward Challenge, the Artifacts would be given based on who the tribe want to be given for the Mask of Restrict, while based on the who the tribe doesn't want to be given for the Rings of Duality, through an individual and private vote. Amir and Alejandro who were part of The Secret Society chose to guarantee that Aston and Cassels would have as little power as possible, in order to keep the power in their hands. So they decided to sabotage the alliance's plan by putting Cassels and Aston last on both of their votes to make sure that they did not get the Artifacts. The result being that Aston and Alejandro received a Mask of Restrict. However, due to Matt voting against Alejandro and Amir to not receive the Rings of Duality, their plan slightly backfired and Ivan received the Rings of Duality instead.

Distrust became more evident in this alliance after nobody revealed who had the Baekje Idol (It would soon be revealed that it was with Amir). They began to secretly talk about who had it. Suspicions were going to everyone except Matt (due to his inactivity).

Baekje Tribe Dominates

What annoys me is the fact Silla never lose. Actually it's not Silla, it's whatever-tribe-that-has-Alejandro-and-Aston-in-it never loses. these two guys have been immune the ENTIRE F******* GAME, and it irritates me so much. Grab a torch already and dip it in the fire, b*****s!

–Amir, while on Goguryeo on Day 16

Due to the challenge dominance of Aston and Alejandro, the original Baekje tribe never went to Tribal Council. Even with Matt, an inactive player and Cassels who was traveling during a large amount of time on the original Baekje Tribe, they still managed to not place last during Tribal Councils. Because of this, the Baekje Four was never really put to the test and they never achieved their goal of voting out Crtha

Baekje Four Outside Baekje

During the Tribe Swap, Amir and Cassels went to Goguryeo, while Alejandro and Aston went to Silla. They agreed to continue their alliance as the Baekje Four and reconnect together at the Merge.

First Blood

The Baekje Four (and the Kings of Korea) received their first casualty on Day 17 when Amir secretly shifted the target from Monkey, who was his ally in The Secret Society to Cassels in order to keep the numbers from his true alliance strong.

Entering the Merge

Though only 3 of the members from this alliance remained in the game. They still referred to themselves as the Baekje Four and went far with each other in the game.

From the Baekje Four to the A-Team

When Aston found out that Miggy was targeting Alejandro, he immediately told Alejandro about the plan, which made Alejandro create "The A-Team" which was a mix of the remaining loyal members of The Secret Society and the 3 members of the Baekje Four (they coincidentally all had names that began with the letter A) - only Aaron was the only member not part of the Baekje Four originally. This new secret alliance would soon gain control of the entire game.

Control over Taegeuk

The Baekje Four was able to systematically eliminate all players who were not affiliated with the A-Team starting with Ben, Explosion, Ivan and Hunter


Alejandro's paranoia of Miggy (who was targeting him) began to grow more and more each day he was in the game. He decided to make a drastic move, where he told Aston about Aaron's Hidden Immunity Idol and that Miggy was gonna vote against him, then told Aaron that Aston had a Hidden Immunity Idol and that he and Miggy were gonna vote against him. They both believed that the other person was gonna play an idol that night, so they both decided to vote out (who they thought) was the other person's biggest ally; Miggy.

Alejandro shifted his focus to The Secret Society and brought up that the only chance any of them (Aaron, Amir and Alejandro) winning was if the 3 of them were the Final Three. So they targeted Aston, who was a recognized challenge threat and plotted to vote him out next.

But Amir saw a different opportunity at the Final 5. He plotted to blindside one of the season's biggest threat and the biggest villain of the game; Alejandro. He knew about Aaron's Hidden Immunity idol, while nobody knew that he had idols of his own. When Ryan won immunity, Amir made one of the most controversial and legendary moves that the game has ever seen, which was to give one of his idols to Aston and play one for himself, knowing that Aaron would play his idol (since they would be invalidated after Fhe final 5) and that Ryan couldn't be voted out because he had immunity, putting Alejandro as the only castaway in the Final 5 to not be immune. 

At the F 4, tensions began to rise. Aaron distrusted Amir that blindside and plotted to vote out Amir with Ryan and Aston. Aston was also contemplating to vote out Amir due to also his move. Amir feels that the risk of doing that move means he needs to win immunity. When Aaron won immunity, the two remaining members of the Baekje Four decided to stick together and vote for Ryan in order to tie the votes.

At the tiebreaker challenge, Amir won by a landslide which granted him a seat at the Final Tribal Council.

Final Tribal Council

After so much heat from an angry panel of jury members, Amir was praised the most due to his undetected strategic gameplay and was crowned as the Sole Survivor with 8 out of 9 votes.