Day 1

Being cast on Survivor is so surreal, it's great to be out here and playing the game, especially with people that are easy to get along with.

Right now I am supposedly in a majority alliance of 5, including myself, Will, Marty, Renz and MJ and I wanna talk to possibly Jace to form an alliance of 6. It was just so weird, like one minute i had 1 alliance with Will, then the next it had me will and marty, and now its a straight majority alliance, so hopefully for at least the first few rounds we can stick together and not be any of the first few boots. But I mean, I do not want a boring season. Like if a little chaos is needed and it won't look completely dumb I mean, Chaos Sora may need to make an appearance because lets be honest, if you wanna play survivor, you can't be afraid to get some blood on your hands, you gotta be ready to bathe in blood.


wow, it's finally started! we are (sort of) in greece! i'm definitely excited and hoping that this will be a lot of fun.

i think i have a pretty good tribe, everyone has been nice so far and it seems like most of them are ready to play, which is reassuring. although - maybe this is just me, and maybe this is partly my fault since i wasn't able to be on that much during the first day, which is arguably the most important day - nobody has been particularly loquacious so far. like, i've maybe gotten three responses that didn't include the word "lol" or "yep", and haven't really been able to figure out much about the majority of my tribemates. which isn't exactly reassuring, since my strategy is majorly based on who these people are and how they work and they're pretty much giving me nothing. it's probably just the awkwardness of the first few days, though, and i'm hoping that the communication thing will be more natural soon. fortunately, there are two exceptions - jessica and hanne. the three of us pretty much decided right away that we had better stick together, since we all sort of know each other from the tumblr community and we were all a little annoyed by the lack of responses from other people. and i think we clicked pretty well, and i trust them about 90% right now, and we're unofficially called "the dragonz" which of course i love. so i'm feeling pretty good about that. as far as i can tell, there are three alliances going on right now: the dragonz, which is by far the best alliance; an unnamed alliance of tata, missy, shannon, and alessandra, who asked hanne to join them so she's been informing us of what they're up to; and....wait for it...."the godhead". yes, that is the actual alliance name suggested by alexis that is comprised of her, me, and erica. the godhead. okay. also, apparently i am zeus, alexis is poseidon, and erica is hades. which, i mean, ideally you would want to be hades in that situation, but if they want to call me zeus i'm not going to complain. so the three of us are allegedly working together, and i got them to bring jessica in as well, so basically it's up to hanne as to what will happen next. hopefully she'll stick with us and we'll be able to get the numbers from one of our other alliances, and we'll be okay for a while.


So it's finally started. It's day 1 of Survivor: Greece and I'm excited to play the game. The first few moments are interesting. It's like the first ice cream social at college. Everyone is in good spirits and being sweet to each other but everyone is trying to just make a good impression. Like they say, there are no second chances at a first impression. I feel like some of the guys on the Attica tribe moved fast, including me. We all wanted to get our majority alliance cemented as soon as possible and I think I've accomplished that. I reached out to Sora and Martynas and got good feelings from both of them. Martynas brought along Renz and once we got our new tribemate after some logistics, I made sure I was the first to talk to MJ. This little group of 5 seems like we could easily be in control for the game. Funny thing is, it's the 5 oldest guys on the tribe which we didn't realize till later. I haven't talked to many of the young guys because frankly they don't seem to put in the effort, mainly Ian. I tried striking up a conversation with him let led absolutely no where. So I don't feel comfortable working with him. All in all, I feel very confident with our group of 5 and feel we can make it very far into the game


I feel as though Sora and I are like unspoken allies. I mean, I hope that's what's happening.


So I was picked to be the first Titan for the reward challenge. The reason why is because it seemed I was the only one showing confidence in doing it. I was happy to step up to the plate for a number of reasons. First, I'm here to make a name for myself and what better way than to step up for the first challenge and win a nice reward for the tribe. When the casts were announced, it seemed everyone BUT me was getting some kind of support. I want the audience to know that I'm here to play and will be a big player in this game. Another reason for coming forth is because I really want to win this and who better to trust as the Titan than myself. Winning will not only make my own tribe have good spirits, but hopefully put doubt into the girls' tribe in some fashion. Having them have some internal problems is way sweeter than any reward the challenge can give.


already had an alliance, an now other side of the tribe suggested to

join them... i joined, but my plan is to stick with original group. i informed them.


Well the people I'm playing with are well... not the brightest in the bunch, but I mean for most of them it's there first time playing something like this so there still learning. Apparently theres another alliance happening on the tribe between Josiah Ian and Eion, the three targets of ours conveniently. They approached Renz and Marty from my alliance and asked them to be in theirs, Marty told us about it however I'm not quite sure where Renz stands, which could be bad for me. I don't want to be in minority or even a target of the other alliance, so what do i need to do? Cover my bases. Jace right now is the only one not in an alliance, so they could be going after him or trying to recruit him so I need to get there first. Even if I don't include him in an alliance if hes the swing vote and they target me, my options gotta be better I mean, I know how this game works, you play up to the swing vote, make them feel like there in control, let them make the decision and give them the "power".

My biggest concern aside from the numbers, is my own alliance and other tribe members perception of me. I feel like I might be playing a bit too fast and probably have to tone it down a bit, after suggesting first boot options, and of course none of them wanting to hear it because their afraid, but when it gets here, they'll know cause theres gonna be a storm


Shannon chose me to join her. I'm so nervous about what we're going to do there.


Okay, so; being in this game is very interesting. I've made 9 new friends, and I'm in an alliance with 5 of them. With Ian being chosen by Shannon to go to the Ancient Temple wasn't expected. #FourHorsemenToTheEnd


is my English so Bad, or is Ian stupid? nobody has any problems with

my English, just Ian asks to explain ewerything...


Yay! We won our very first challenge! It is all thanks to Shannon! She did a really great job at this. Good luck to her at the Ancient Temple! ^_^

Anyways, I feel like my tribe is very nice and outgoing. And its really great to be with. Only problem is, it is hard to choose who to get out. Honestly, I want our tribe to win the immunity challenge so I don't have to worry about it. We have the advantage so we will do alright.

Anyways again lol, I can relate our tribe mates to the Greek Gods and Goddesses, including myself. But I am not going to be a snob about it though.

Alexis - Hades Amelia - Zeus Ara - Demeter Hanne - Aphrodite Jessica - Apollo Missy - Hera Shannon - Athena Tata - Artemis

I consider myself to be Poseidon. I love ze nature, tee hee. So really, this is what I can think of, lel.


Day 2

Some things have happened since my last confessional. I lost the immunity challenge which was rough and Ian has been giving me and some of my close allies weird vibes in this game. But now is my time to vent haha.

First of all, Shannon beat me in the one on one reward challenge which did not make me feel very good. I don't want to start labeling people as anything but her score of over 1 million seems veryyyy sketchy to me. Like the game STARTS at a score of just over 1 million. I couldn't even finish the first row of the puzzle and manage to still maintain a score of over 1 million. Either she is really just INSANE at puzzles or had INSANE luck with a rescramble that had half the puzzle already completed for her. Idunno something seems off but it's too late to do anything about it now.

Next is the situation with Ian. As I said before he seems to be somewhat well known already in the wiki community and that scares me. Some of us think that because of this, he already knows and is working with some of the girls on the other tribe. Some strange things lead me and some of my allies to believe this. First, he doesn't seem to put much effort into talking with the guys on the tribe aside from "Hey I guess we should work together." The other thing is how quickly Shannon picked him for the reward. It could just be a huge coincidence but it doesn't hurt to question things in this game. Anyways, if my allies hold true, there shouldn't be a problem and Ian will be the first to go should we come to a tribal. I never knew this game would get so serious so fast but I am loving it so far


I will be belligerent if we lose our first immunity challenge because MJ can't take ten minutes to do a challenge.


I'm very concerned about the well-being of my tribe. Do they have brains? The world may never know. I had to get off Facebook because the tribe chat was so unbearable to watch. First of all! Missy! The heck? Do you have no strategy? There are 9 people on your tribe and that is /hecking confusing if you just pick all your favorite people to put on a list for a challenge!!! ALSO there is a helpful website called that has every survivor on it! It's called common sense. Amelia and I are currently cringing at the ridiculousness of this situation. WE HAVE A FRICKIN 15 POINT ADVANTAGE AND Y'ALL CAN'T EVEN DO THE HECKING CHALLENGE. I will put on my disappointed Hanne face if we lose.

For alliances and stuff, Missy asked me to be in an alliance with her and Tata and Shannon and whatever that other girl's name is. I had to say yes cause like what the hell else am I gonna say? But just because I'm in their chat doesn't mean I'm gonna vote with them. (Plus I got the idol clue from them mwahahahha) Amelia and Jessica and I have our own chat and we're gonna stick together but they have a different alliance w/ Erica and one of the girls whose name starts with A. So we have alliances with everyone on this island! I don't know how we're gonna decide who goes out from which alliance but I'm not gonna vote Amelia or Jessica out before the merge. No way. I need them - they have brains! And I wish MJ was on my tribe because it's really hard to talk to these people (except amelia/jessica) when all they respond with is "haha lol :3" I can't hold a conversation with you!!! That could get me voted out but on the other hand they could have just as much strategy as they are showing on the surface. I'm also trying to play dumb in the alliance chat w/ the Tata and Missy and ppl. Shannon said the idol clue and I'm like "No way! That doesn't make any sense!" But bruh... I'm really good at playing dumb. I actually use that strategy all the time. But none of these people know that cause I've never played with them before.

Ok here's to hoping Laconia grows some brains during the night!! Or watch some Survivor? That is the game we're playing... But then again the people on San Juan del Sur haven't watched it either... We're doomed.


Good, he showed up. Now the thing to worry about is that advantage the girls have.


Seriously though!! So far Tata is my favourite person on the tribe that isn't myself, Hanne, or Amelia because she can actually hold a conversation, everyone else just replies with "lol" or "haha yeah" and like how am I supposed to respond to that!! My ex-boyfriend would always send texts like that and lemme tell ya he is an ex for a reason!!

We lost immunity which also sucks. We could've got it if our tribe was better organized but honestly half the people like didn't even read what was going on. I feel like Alexis will be voted out because she didn't submit which sucks but at the same time if you aren't going to participate I can only feel so bad about voting for you.

I've been trying to talk to people like I'm ESL which is a weird strategy?? The reason I'm doing it is because when I played with people that were ESL in the past, I always tended to trust them more because if they're putting in that much effort to talk to me, they must really care. And it sort of creates a sense of vulnerability in a way?? So ya I'm trying that.

Let's see what happens I guess!


Day 3

oh my goodness. this is such a mess. i know it's only day 3 and we have the whole game ahead of us, but oh man the laconia tribe is not looking good right now at all. firstly, the immunity challenge was disastrous - and it started out so well, too, with tata's spreadsheet and actual communication, but then it got very confusing and just went completely downhill. i realized about six hours before the deadline (when i was doing shannon's list, incidentally, because she "couldn't load the wiki" - okay sure) that we should have just had one person make the lists for everyone in order to minimize the confusion, but really, this wasn't even a hard challenge and that makes it even more frustrating to have lost. speaking of frustration, it's definitely not me, the people on this tribe are really not good at carrying out conversations. i'm starting to feel like i'm being annoying anytime i say something longer than 3 words, so i've been trying not to talk too much so it balances out with their non-participation and i don't seem threatening or like i'm thinking too much or anything. but honestly, it's ridiculous. and the one person outside of the dragonz who seems to be sort of near my enthusiasm level is alexis, who is probably getting voted out unless she comes up with a brilliant plan that's worth trying. that's what you get when you don't submit for the first challenge, alexis. rest in peace, godhead alliance. *sighs*

idk i'm just hoping that things will get more interesting and engaging soon, that people will actually start to pretend to care about carrying out proper conversations, that a tribe swap is going to happen somewhere down the road, and also that we can find the idol. i'm not feeling super secure right now but i at least feel like i'm doing more than most of these people and that has to count for something, right?


Today is a very good day. We beat the girls in the immunity challenge, albeit with a lucky break, and I feel very comfortable with my allies. If the girls did not have an inactive during that challenge, there was no way we could have won. Frankly there is one downside to not going to tribal early. The lines have not been drawn yet on our tribe and the waters are still murky. Saying that however I feel very confident with my alliance and my position on the tribe. I guess I have stepped into a leadership role of sorts mainly because no one else wants to. From things like being our tribes first Titan and coming up with the plan for the immunity challenge. In my alliance its more of a group effort. But i guess if I would have to say who's on top, it would be myself, Sora, and Martynas mainly because we are the most active. I hope we keep winning these immunity challenges but at the same time, I can't wait till we get to our first tribal council


We won the challenge yaaayyy, im guaranteed not to be first boot so theres a plus from that. Although a downside is that i got Jace and my alliance and I know you should never feel safe or too confident in Survivor, but I truly think we would of had the numbers this round. It hopefully should still stay in my favor for the upcoming tribals, my one fear is if were too strong a tribe and we win challenges all the way to a merge or swap of what some players on this team would do. I have no doubt two in particular would flip immediately to the girls, so they need to be dealt with sooner then later. I may not be able to strategize to my alliance but it kinda calms my worries being able to strategize alone and take a step back to see what I need to do, like what I have to improve on in my game or who is detrimental to it and needs to go. It's gonna be a long season, but we all signed up for it.



I dunno who to vote for, I dunno who ;-;

I feel really close to all of these gals, but especially to my closest, Alexis. I don't want to vote out for her cause she is awesome, but I dunno.



if erica replies to a question with " ;-; " one more time i am deleting the entire internet


My suspicion of Ian having an inter-tribe girl alliance grows more by the day. He is not to be trusted and needs to get out ASAP.

I don't want to lose an immunity, but I can't have him hanging around for a potential tribe swap. He WILL flip.


omfg shannon lied about the idol clue and only gave us half of it but she just told amelia the whole thing i'm laughing so hard rn well rip my guesses for the past 2 days but ok


Wow, gotta give props to Ian with him saying, "Yeah, Shannon told me." His grave was already dug, and now he just jumped in. I can't wait to write his name down at our first tribal.