Day 7

Sorry this is my first confessional, but here it goes...

So this game is turning into a roller coaster. but I like it. From day 1, i had an alliance with Emma, Sharky, Isaac, and Riley. Isaac sort of took the leadership position for the alliance, and right away i didnt like that, and wanted him gone, except there wasnt much I could do at this point.

Then, John from the other tribe, told me he was in trouble, and who is leading the other alliance, Tyson and Conner. He asked if we could send him to the idol cave. I only told Emma about this, but, his tribe ended up winning and sent nukti to the idol cave Skarky to form a new alliance. Unfortunately, Nukti quit, so we wont have his idol, but it doesnt matter anymore that me uch, because we have majority and can easily vote out isaac next time we lose immunity.

We chose who got to go to idol cave also, since we won immunity, we chose john (thanks to me). I dont know whether i can trust him or not, but I know he wants me to trust him, so even if we win or lose the next reward challenge, i will probably get sent, as he will lobby for me, or chose me, depending on whether we win or not.

The reason i want to get rid of isaac is because of as of now, on my tribe, he was the only one that seemed too power hungry, and I should be the only one like that. I need control over my alliance and with Isaac, i didnt have that, but now i think i do. I'm not quite sure about cass though, she seems strategic, and even though i made a final 2 alliance with her, she might betray me.

I also have final 2 alliances with emma, and john from the other tribe. Which is funny. cant wait to see how it plays out!

pce, Mike


So things are looking sunny on my end.

Not only did we not have to vote anyone out because someone on Savanes clearly pissed on a haunted burial ground, I also got to spend a bit of time at the Idol Cave and found myself a lovely little souvenir. Granted, I can only use the idol on someone else, but I as long as I have some form of advantage against the other alliance. Its all good. I'm actually excited about how things are turning out. If we vote out Joan the tribal council, I will be set for the next little bit. I'll be in the majority alliance here and with another posse at Savanes with Michael and his buddies, which is always good to have friends. If I get voted out next, at least I got the other tribe to hate Panda that alliance will probably get picked off at the merge. So worst case scenario, I get to have fun and spite my enemies. Best case scenario, I get to have fun and win Survivor... ORG. So life is good right about now.


Single handily won a challenge for my team. You're welcome guys.


The boys on this tribe are making it so easy for me and Emma... Everything is going as planned. Jimmy might flip flop, but that's nothing, he can be crushed quick. Isaac? Pssh, once I see his torch go out at next tribal, we will full control over this tribe. This only question is, who should be our next victim? Being black widows is pretty rewarding.


Day 8

I got super nervous today when I learned that Sam found out about the Savanes tribe targeting specific members... mostly because I told them to.

I though oh no, my cover is blown and I'm going to get booted. What happened instead was that Sam, the guy who was initially wanted me out by the way, is now proposing a final 3 alliance with Panda being the 3rd. So I am in that spot from if I can make the merge, I know I will be safe for a while and than just find the group who is most disagreeable to take to the end. Its a dangerous game I am playing, but at least its a step up from the first to get booted from my tribe.


I feel a little guilty about my previous assessment of Savanes' members. I don't think I was wrong about Nukti, but I feel I definitely was wrong about Cassandra and Isaac. And the tribe as a whole had 6/7 people submit scores, compared to our pathetic 4/7. I'd be rooting for Savenes if I wasn't on Lagunes, or if I could spell their tribe name right.


Everything is going great in this game. I turned 16 a few minutes ago, I'm on a winning tribe, and everyone trusts me with info. And information is key in this game. I have this game in the bag


So, apparently Sam approached John and asked for an alliance with them plus Panda. Luckily, John trusts me and told me, so I'm gonna have to watch my back a little more.


Turns out that Joan is a lot more untrustworthy than I thought he was, because I caught wind that he and Cass were operating together and want Panda out. This, plus my low ranking for the challenge, might mean that my head is close to the guillotine. Or at least a lot closer than I thought.


Is Savanes trying? My majority alliance will dominate if we go into the merge with Savanes doing this.....Ulongy thingy. Joan, Sam, Justin, Zach and I all agree that Cass and Emma will join us once the merge or possible tribe switch comes, so Savanes is going to be screwed if they don't get their act together. oink


Day 9

I want John and Connor gone like very badly they are annoying and stuff. Then I have people thinking Im allied with Cass since we went to the cave together. They are in the good direction but I can easily make them think they are wrong. Then the Sharky guy tried to talk to me and I was like "Woah too many targets" But I have a good shields called Ulong Savanes, Majority Alliance and Sebastian.


So things are going well on Lagunes... for some better than others.

We won another challenge which is great. I wouldn't want to get too cut throat too soon. However, since everyone knows now about Joan and Cassandra pack, even if we lose. I don't have to do much. Just sit back, look shocked by the actions of traitor Joan and not let people know about traitor John is right under their noses. As long as Joan doesn't catch on to what our plan is, things should be looking up.


We won that challenge with flying colors, and now another Savane has unfortunately left us, that pretty amazing how 3 active people have left while on Lagunes, little old Sebastian hasn't been active since day one, but we will keep him too, he is merely a place holder, we will keep him until we need to loose someone, but that will only happen when we throw one due to equality, personally, I think Equality is a awful twist which compels people to throw challenges, and thats a real shame because I really want to try all of them with great effort, but if I do someone from Lagunes will be kidnapped…


Sometimes a winning streak isn't the best option in this game.

We have a lot of people coming up with elaborate strategies to make it to the end and quite frankly, we are missing out on the obvious. Right now I see Sam trying to come up with these elaborate plans to solidify himself to end, where really we are all screwed if Joan gets far. Granted, I have deals with the other tribe, but no one knows about them and I just want to get rid of the people know I can't trust. We have a strong, smart group of people in this tribe and that is one of the reasons we've been doing so well. However, the possibility of us taking each other out and one of the Savanes underdogs winning is a realistic possibility that I am being careful about. What I am doing now that I have a couple of options is sitting back, seeing where people's heads are and really don't make any strikes until absolutely necessary. You give these people enough rope, they will get tangled up in their own mess and hang themselves.