Day 28

So Alejandro got voted out, and due to idol paranoia once again. Sam stupidly told Eddie and luckily he went with the plan. BUT that kept him from playing the idol. She claimed it gave us the "power" over the idol because Eddie trusts us. He said he's gonna use it to idol out someone like Sole or Andrei, which would be beneficial for us.

Also Adam tried to flip me. Joy. But he made a good point that the Heroes would try and downgrade my game at FTC. AND we got teams for this challenge. I'm with Andrei, Natalie, Sam and Topher. Either way this challenge goes, a Hero will be going.


So Alejandro went out as planned which is awesome!! Now for the immunity challenge... We've been split into teams of 5 and only 5 people will win immunity. My team is made up of the three remaining Villains - Eddie, Adam and Miguel plus Jessy and I! Now I've been wanting to break up the Hero girls on our tribe - Sam, Jessy and Natalie for ages and this might be the perfect time!

I have been talking to Miguel and Adam quite a bit recently about changing up the game and this could be where I follow through. If I throw this challenge, Adam, Miguel and I can vote for Jessy and she'll be out of the game... This could be exactly what I need!! If Jessy goes home, I'll become more valuable to the Heroes and the core group of Heroes that I'm excluded from will be weakened... It's a win-win! Plus next vote the Heroes can still split the vote 3-3-3 and send home a Villain! This is so great! Now I just need to decide whether or not to follow through...


The plan to blindside Jessy is coming on really well! I have Adam and Miguel on board so that means I have the votes which is nice. Thankfully Andrei is on board and thinking along the same lines as me so I won't be betraying him either which is nice. The girls just have to be broken up as far as I'm concerned. The chances of me making it to the end with those three in the game together are so slim so the only other option is to break it up. This twist is the ultimate chance to do that whilst at the same time minimising the blood on my hands!

In a perfect world, Eddie would play his idol and Jessy would go home, so making him feel like he's in a position to do so will be really hard. I'd have to somehow convince Miguel to pressure Eddie into playing his idol. This could easily backfire though and I'm hoping it'll work out well!


We lost!! I'm so happy!! I don't think it looks like I threw it that much and I hope I'm safe! Tonight, Adam, Miguel and I will be voting for Jessy and Jessy will probably vote for me. Eddie is the wild card here. He's seems pretty close with Jessy and Sam so he could easily decide to try and shift the vote from Jessy to me if he thinks Jessy would take him further.

From this point on I'm on my own. I'll be playing both sides in order to keep myself safe. Ideally I'd like the Final Five to be me, Andrei, Luke, Natalie and Topher where Luke would side with Andrei and I. Obviously that's a huge question mark and I don't know exactly how that would play out. It may turn out that the Final Five includes a villain instead of Natalie or Topher which wouldn't bother me as long as there's no idol there haha. I want Jessy, Sam, Eddie and Adam out at the next four tribals so how I do that is up in the air.

However it plays out, I'm in this for myself.


YES My first ever post-merge Immunity win in two seasons! I made single digits, Hell yes! Also, Jessy got the idol clue after Natalie worked her ass off to get her sent to Exile Island. So Jessy told me the clue, which was the exact freaking same as Adam's. So no extra help given.

I just hope Jessy makes it. I heard Sole's going, which I really hope he does. That way Adam can proceed on and the single most shadiest person here can exit. Then once reunited, we need to do something about that damned idol. Or both of them.


I do feel bad that Alejandro is not on the jury, but at least I won’t have to worry about the fact that my social game with him was somewhat lacklustre.

Apparently though, one of the Villains, probably Eddie, voted against Alejandro, but this does not really surprise me; the villains have to buy some insurance with us.


This twist was kind of fucked up. Thankfully, I got the superior team for this challenge, and Dan said he was willing to throw it to get rid of Jessy… Which is a great opportunity for us to take rid of one of the threats on our side. It sucks that it has to be Jessy, but I mean… better her than Dan. We seem to be on the same page about a lot of things, and it’s a pleasure to scheme with him.

My long-term plan right now is to go to the final 4 with him, Luke and Natalie, and see how things pan out at the FIC. I will have to get blood on my hands at that point, but I’m a big boy, I’ll get over it.


Day 29

So Sam told me that Sole had flipped and Jessy would be going as a result. Which is exactly what happened. Can't say it wasn't karma, but I really wanted Sole out. Now I'm sticking super close to Sam, she's all I got left. Sole is a nutcase, I've had it past the limit with him. He has no true loyalty and spreads rumors like wildfires. It truly sucks to see a loyal ally go in his place. Damnit I wish we had lost that challenge, then Andrei would have left and all the loyal people would still be in. Well we'll have to do our best without Jessy, which is super hard because everyone else is completely unpredictable.


Jessy is gone!! I'm super happy and don't regret my decision at all! I have the Villains on my side and the Heroes having to trust me as well! It's great! I'm not so delusional as to think there's no target on my back but I think if I play my cards right I could make it to the end with a shot of winning.

Natalie and Sam were pissed off at me for apparently 'flipping'. They conveniently forgot that Jessy attempted to do to me what I did to her. She lied to my face and I got her first. All's fair in love, war and Survivor! Twice I've come exceptionally close to elimination, and twice I've escaped! I have to stay smart or I'll be next on the jury. Honestly, the Villains would be stupid eliminating me whether I'm deciding to flip or not because I'm their best bet. Having them cover my back is a great fall-back because if I catch wind of a Hero-driven blindside I'll jump ship no problem.

In a perfect world the next three people to go would be Eddie, Sam and either Topher or Adam - in that order. If I can get to the Final Seven with two villains and five heroes, that'd be great but if Adam has to go sooner because of his challenge strength then so be it. My perfect final four would be myself, Andrei, Luke and Natalie. These next few votes are my last opportunities to lock down the game in my favour so I'll have to work super hard to get there. For now - win immunity at all costs!


The plan worked beautifully! My team won immunity, which makes me undefeated, Jessy went home, and we can just sweep this whole thing under the rug. Dan and Sam had contradicting versions about Sam’s reaction to it, but I guess it doesn’t matter too much if Sam does not fully trust Dan, because it’s not like she has another choice.

The only thing that would’ve made it better is if they had flushed Eddie’s Idol, but I can’t get too greedy.

Jessy gave us the clue to the Idol on her way out, and according to Sam, it said that the sequence starts with a girl and ends with a guy. That helps a little, but it’s no jackpot.

This Filipino quizz challenge is right up my alley, so I had better turn it up and get to snatching.


Day 30

So Andrei won Immunity which probably means either Sam or I is the Villains' target. Either way, we've been working our asses off with Andrei to come up with a decent strategy. Andrei wants to split the votes between Adam and Eddie, but Sam thinks that's stupid.

Big news as well. Adam told me he has the idol, and even showed me a screenshot to prove it. He made me promise not to tell anyone he told me about finding the idol. But luckily, I found a Lukehole (loophole). I never promised him I wouldn't show Sam the screenshot. So I did just that and we began looking at it's flaws. Remembering that Adam made fake idols in Polynesia, it's very possible he did here too. I don't want to make assumptions, though.


So I talked with Andrei and Sam for a good duration of the night. I spoke with Eddie and he confirmed that Adam's idol was fake. He also swore not to play his idol this Tribal and vote Adam. Andrei, Sam and I ultimately agreed on Adam as well. Andrei is still super bent on splitting the votes, though. Like getting Topher and Natalie to vote someone like Miguel or Eddie.

Eddie and Sam also told me that they had a final three deal with Natalie, but Sam told me privately that both her and Natalie were against it. I'd hope so. It also appears Sam is the target once again, so this Tribal should be rather interesting. :l


I've made it to 100 days which is an awesome feeling but I can't stop now. I actually think my game is unravelling... The former Heroes - Sam, Luke, Natalie and Topher - don't trust me at all anymore to the extent that they're making decisions without me. When before we were a well-oiled machine, now we're a divided mess. I had to save myself by voting Jessy out of the competition and now I'm being labelled as a flipper?? Give me a break! Adam, Sam and Eddie have concrete proof that Jessy was lying straight to my face and campaigning against me! Not only that, but Jessy also was one of the people who almost voted me out at the Final 13. They expected me to vote for Miguel and risk my own game but no way was I going to add any potential risk.

This round, my goal is to have the idol leave the game and either Eddie, Adam or Sam go out. The original plan was to split the vote 3-3-3 and then send Adam home but now paranoia has Sam changing the plan. Of course all of her little minions have followed her and are now voting entirely for Adam. It should be going down 6-3. The Villains expect me to 'flip' to make it 4-3-2 to send Sam home but there is no way that's happening! In a perfect world, Eddie plays the idol on Adam and Sam goes home 0-3. I need that to happen in order for me to succeed. If Sam makes the Final Eight with Topher, Natalie and Luke she has won. I don't believe, though, that this vote will be going 6-3 for Adam. i think it would be another villain or even me. I can't believe, they're playing like this...

To be honest, there is no other way of describing the gameplay of Luke, Topher and Natalie other than being total sheep. They never speak, are terrible at challenges and vote the way they are told. I don't understand how they expect to win... I'm surprised mostly at Luke. I thought he was a strong player! I now know why he wasn't chosen for All Stars!! If he makes it to the end, he could only win against Natalie or Topher.

I want the boot list to go: Sam/Adam, Sam/Adam, Topher, Miguel, Eddie, Natalie, Luke. That way I'm in the Final Two with my number one ally Andrei. I need to get things going my way or I'm toast for sure.


So last night, Adam was certain to be voting Sam. Now he tells me it's between Sam and me. He threatened me saying he's gonna play his "idol" at Tribal. If that's the case, I want them voting Sam in case it does end up being real.


WHAT THE FUCK JESSY WAS JUST VOTED OUT! I don't know what I'm gonna do anymore. She was literally the only person I felt comfortable with. I'm gonna cry. Dammit Dan! Ugh I can't be mad at Dan cause I would have done the exact same thing in his position but like ugh Jessy! So Andrei won immunity which is good. Andrei and Luke want to split the votes but that's a bad idea because if we split 3-3-3, then Dan is going to flip over to the villains and take me out. Im 99% confident that Eddie is on my side but yesterday he said he wouldn't vote Adam out and now today he's willing to do it?????

Luke just told Adam that Eddie is voting for him. Come on Luke! You've won this before how are you making such amature mistakes I don't get it! Definitely possibility So there's 4 different courses of action we can take. 1)(The most evil of them all.) Convince the villains we're doing Adam but actually vote Eddie. Eddie won't play the idol on himself so either he doesn't play it and gets voted out with the idol or he plays it on Adam and we flush the idol and get out a villain. 2)We all vote Adam and I trust my bond with Eddie. 3)We vote Miguel just to be safe. 4)We split the votes and run the risk of Dan flipping which would result in me being voted out. I want Adam gone but he's voting for me… I'm the only one here who actually trusts Eddie and for him to vote me out would be dumb because I'm the only one here who trusts Eddie so I think we're gonna stick with the plan to vote out Adam.


These last few days have been intense. I started off by realizing we were down, and we were down quick. No one besides Luke really talked to me a lot, and I knew I had to win. So, at first I worked my ass off to win the first competition which took all night, securing a spot in the Final 10. We sent Topher votes, because Luke had asked us to and I thought that would help me in the future if I needed Topher to flip. So, Jerby goes and that is that.

I need to win, so desperately. Eddie tells me. Luke tells me. So I win the reward, then I win immunity again. I'm trying to start cracks, get in with some members on the opposing tribe. I talked to everyone, knew I was safe but knew my alliance wasn't. So, I let the votes go how they went and had to move on. Alejandro was a good ally but he wasn't as invested in the game as us. I also talked to Sole, and he left me in kind of a question as whether he'd ever flip or not, since he was 100% on the outs.

So, now we get BLESSED with this beautiful, beautiful twist by the hosts. Me, Miguel, and Eddie get put onto the same tribe with who else, but SOLE. And Jessy, who was gone well before the challenge started. She had the raw end of the deal, but we've had that ALL GAME. So, Sole, wants to throw the competition to take out Jessy. Which works out great for me. Eddie doesn't want to throw it, but that Heroes tribe worked their ass off on that story according to our tribe, so I was extremely happy to lose for once. Jessy goes home, and this does two things - makes the Heroes tribe alienate Sole, and gives us a slight edge to the Heroes while taking out such a big player in their alliance.

We move on, I lose immunity. Which is HUGE and it sucks major donkey dick. But, my game is far from over. Sole is threatening to be with us, which means we might have 4 votes. If they split, we take out Sam who's the leader of this game thus far. So, I know I have to plant seeds so they think I have the idol, making sure they wouldn't want to just pile 5 votes on me, or Sole, and leave us screwed next vote. So I showed the idol to Luke, and it kind of freaked him out. Then, I accidentally mentioned it to Sam and told her it was a typo. I love these people, but I'm psychologically sending so much paranoia their way that they HAVE to split the vote. It's either I go home with 5 votes, Sole goes home with 5 votes, Miguel goes home with 5 votes, or Sam goes. If Sole votes Eddie, Eddie might go as well. They think Eddie might be flipping, but I reallllly trust him. If I go home by an Ally flipping, it'd be worse than my All-Stars getting idoled out. Let's hope I have more chances to make some moves and stir up some paranoia. If I stay and Sam goes, 4-4 new ballgame. Also, Luke admitted to Topher going home if they lost, giving me some wiggle room if I stay. Let's hope!!


OH MY GOD WEEERK. I haven’t had individual immunity since my first season, so this one definitely felt amazing. We all had the biggest wtf-reaction to Topher being revealed as the winner at first,

This will be the first time Adam is vulnerable, so my vote will be going on him, but now Sam has a dilemma: he can either make a vote split happen, or risk getting betrayed by Eddie. It’s really her neck on the line and she’s ultimately a threat to my game, because I’m not sure Luke and Natalie will be willing to vote her out later on, and she can win immunities if she has to. I did insist on the very real danger of not splitting the vote, but her history with split votes is way too shaky, and Dan has done a great job trying to convince the Villains that he would be okay with jumping ship.


I think Eddie and Sam had a talk, because I had a surprise visit from Eddie to let me know he was trustworthy and he was okay to use his Idol to get rid of a threat later on. I smell fish. I’m not sure why he’s trying to hard to get me to trust him, because it’s obvious that I don’t have any desire to associate with him.