Day 4

Well, After today, I am just glad this entire mess is over. It's been quite the Day... Except, Whats odd is, I'm not Angry, Not at Alfons, Not at anything... I feel almost happy even, I guess i'm just glad It's over, And i'm safe for tonight. I am sorry Stephane, but i Voted with the Group, I hope we can still be friends.


I am happy that Stephane went, cause he was in the majority alliance, and that opens the door for me.


So im pissed. I know Stephane was playing all sides and everyone but at least they were playing, Val never gets on never talks to anyone didnt do the challenge and yet half the tribe still wanted to keep her. So yes i voted off Stephane for the tribe but i cant believe our tribe did that, we deserve to lose the next challenge. My cross tribe alliance (Rapamotu) however is in full effect now. Im not sure how the other tribe members im in it with feel about it but it can certainly come in handy when we need it to, hopefully nobody else in my tribe has one. Kacey has struck my last nerve, once she fought so hard to save Val for some reason unknown to me and this this "sockgate" bs going on honestly i was kind of hoping she would have got DQd forreal. If we lose another immunity and Val participates im leading the bandwagon to get Kacey out, were supposedly in an alliance but i see Val and Kacey are extremely close and i also think Kacey and Mitch are really close, i cant have that so once i get a chance i need to cut off the man in the middle there, Kacey.


I can't tell what's funnier, Stephane's blindside or how drawn out it was. It's pretty damn funny. Some people on the tribe didn't want the vote to go this way, but I don't care. Stephane needed to go, and when a rope needs to be cut, hand me the hatchet.


So everything went as I planned it to. Thank god kacey didn't go instead bc it could have all backfired had Stephane stayed. Phil is worried we made the wrong move and should have voted Val. In his case, he is probably right, I think Val will help me in the future then him, but Stephane would definitely have helped him more then me.

After the whole sock fiasco a lot of people are annoyed with kacey and she may be next on people's hit list, but I need to figure out if she would be better for me to drag to the end at this point. For me next vote is between 3 people: Val, kacey and Paul. The first two for obvious reasons but the problem with Paul is I just can't get a kid enough read on him, and to me I'd rather get him out sooner if there is a chance he can bring me down.

So Phil came to me with a cross tribe alliance with Thaddeus and Adam, obviously I said yes. It's perfect because it means 1. Phil is definitely with me and 2. We have an in with the other tribe which should help when the swap comes around. It also helps a lot with the island twist: the plan is we talk the four of us if we want to steal the person the losing tribe sends. It's pretty clear the best thing to do is take someone pre switch to give you better numbers, but we told them to leave Val. Hopefully we can get the next immunity win and then take whoever they send to AI: it will set us up for the next two tribals to make sure we get two of theirs out for sure.


So the first TC just finished, and I am so glad I will not have the embarrassment of being the first person voted out. I actually thought of starting some sort of pact with Stephane, coz the information that I got from him have been very useful for me to figure out this next step that I will make in this game. But suddenly everyone wants him out. It’s the safest thing to go with everyone else at this point. Poor him though.

It is quite clear now that Jay is playing a very devious game, telling people the same thing in different versions. I have talked to Phil and Kevin about it and tell them my game plan. I am the oldest person here besides Val, I tried to reach her to create some sort of a Malcolm/Denise alliance but she is just fucking inactive. So I just have to work on what’s present and I’ve got Phil and Kevin (Well I am still escalating my bond with them) and JAY, yes, the ever sneaky Jay, Why, because who else is there Kacey, Eden, no offence but I don’t want to work to these volatile, naïve, and unstable teenagers who aren’t even qualified to play the real thing. Mitchel I am still evaluating his rationale, we’ll see. But for now here is what I will try to work on, a solid 4 consisting of Phil, Kevin, Jay, and Me, at least I can secure my spot till the merge.


Day 5

We decided not to abduct VAL because she and Bob could join or something crazy would go wrong. Were.going to save our abduction some other time. Everyone here is panicking on whose going home. I mean they're all saying names and I'm glad I'm not one of them because I kinda gave them a big lead in the immunity after scoring a high point . think I'm of the radar and I'm just keep m tribe calm and ready for the challenges.


So we just finished the reward challenge and won which is a good sign. At this point I think I am playing the extremes: either I am in a great, if not the best, position on my tribe... Or they are all playing me and plan to boot me next.

The good news is Paul wants a new 4 sum with me him Kevin and Phil. At the same time I have the 4 way going with me Phil Mitch and kacey. And then there is Eden who I am keeping by my side. I'm hoping no one else is really thinking to include him so he is all mine. That only leaves Val that fits no where for me, so I think I'm going to make her the next to go on our tribe at this point. The bad news is Stephane really tried to screw my game: he is like a cockroach that you stepped on and killed but as you walk through your house it just makes a mess and still ruins your day. Hopefully I can clean up the mess he tried to make for me, I've had to cover up worse already.


Looking at our recent challenge performances, it's almost as if you've got a tribe consisting of Aras, Colby, James, Ozzy, Terry, Tom, and Tyson going against a tribe of seven Lisa Whelchel clones. I'm not getting cocky though, because several of these situations can be attributed to luck. I guess it's all about the draw of the cards; this dynamic should prove interesting.


Oh my god, I am so proud of myself, out of these uncertainties and commotion, thanks to Jay, I have orchestrated a more logical, mature, stable, and I hope loyal till the end of an alliance of 4 that includes Me, Phil, Kevin and Jay. I hope this validates of how I am capable of playing this.

Kacey is such a naïve, reckless child, In the last TC, she was like “I want you out Val coz you’re inactive and you cost us the challenge” for all people to hear, and then after a minute she told me in PM, “you know what I like Val more than Stephane let’ vote him out – so impulsive right, now, she publicly tells everyone she knows the other tribe well…(jaw drop), Damn she’s really making me nervous, If Val delivers a decent performance in the coming challenge, I would probably rally on voting her out first.


ill make this one short, not much going on lately. Alliances popping up left and right so many i dont even remember how many im supposedly in and who i am aligned with. All i know is Jay is the one i trust the most, Paul is working his way up my trusting ladder, Mitch i sort of 50-50 on. I still want Kacey out first and foremost. I see me going really far in this game. I think me and Jay need to bring one more person in to be 100% with


Day 6

Do you know what's better than leading sheep to the slaughter? Sheep unknowingly leading themselves to the slaughter. Everyone trusts me and keeps swearing their loyalties to me, giving me a plethora of avenues from which I can single-handedly direct the future of my tribe down. I'm aware that this crazy good situation could disappear in a moment, but I'll revel in being an egotist while I can.

The way people point me out as someone they're rooting for or as someone they think could win is, I think, much more harmful than helpful. If you openly acknowledge that you think I could win this game, surely the other idiots playing will be like "gee whiz maybe he can!" and that's a target I'd obviously prefer not to have on my back. I'm flattered, but cautious.


I Woke up in the morning and check online i found out theres a immnutiy challenge so i decided to do it after class buy when i knew there were only 7 hours left and i saw i would never make it after class i immediately rush into a internet shop and do the challeneges. I manage to do a decent time but atleast i did my best for my tribe. I know theyre going to respect more for that. I mean this challenge is more harder for me but I did it anyway. I mean we had a lot of disadvantages because of our time interval with other countries and we lost Reward again so if we win this one. That just means were the best.


Well after a lot of stress we finally don't have to go to tribal. Kacey almost screwed the whole tribe bc of a "belly ache". Grow up! If she would have just done the challenge when she first was online, instead of trying to get people to feel bad for her bc she was "sick" and posting stupid cats, she could have gotten it done and we would have all been relaxed. Instead she just keeps handing us all more stones to throw at her.

I hope our next reward is a shovel. That way kacey will have an easier time digging that grave she already started.


Oh boy... Where do I begin.

It has been a hectic past few days. I'll start by saying that I am extremely glad that our team won immunity. We are shaping up to be a pretty dominant team. Our one loss comes because someone didn't play, and we still barely lost. That being said, I'm glad that Val has stepped up and has been participating, but I don't like that she is never online to talk to. Her social game is non-existent. But, with recent actions, I feel that she might stay in this game a little longer. I've had an alliance with Jay since the beginning, and have agreed to create a power 4 alliance with Jay, Phil, and Carby. The Knights Who Say Ni are going to dominate. I've brought up to both my alliance and to the tribe, that whoever Tuamotu sends to Abduction Island, we should take. This is purely strategy. If we take them, we will have 9 people to their 7. If the person on AI gets the clue and finds the idol, then they better use it at the first tribal. We would need to split the votes a certain way. 3-3-3. We would do this, so we can determine who goes home, and who goes to AI. And at this point, if the other person doesn't play an idol, they will go home, and Kacey will go to AI. If they do play the idol, Kacey would go home, and Val would go to AI. We would want to get rid of the other guy first, to diminish their numbers for the swap/merge. My reasoning for having Val go to AI, would be because we don't really know her. She is hardly ever on, and she missed a challenge. That is unacceptable. As for Kacey.... Holy crap, that girl/guy has had a weird situation. I am still not completely convinced that she isn't a sock. Everyone on the forum who is sticking up for her, keeps saying him/he. Meaning its a guy. When Kacey was making her case that she isn't a sock, she kept saying her name was Kacey Alexandria Anderson. So, is it a dude or a chick? Idk, all I know is, it wouldn't have been that hard to send a picture, but she kept jumping around, and refused to do it. Totally sketch to me. Another thing she has been doing lately, is that she keeps bringing up how she has never even seen Survivor, yet on her page, she talks about how she would totally take her clothes off for chocolate and peanut butter. Clearly a homage to Season 6: Amazon. Also, I think she wants to go to AI. She has some friends on the other tribe. She clearly saw in the last challenge, when I posted saying that people on the East Coast needed to have their stuff turned in by 1am. She had been making comments on the ORG facebook page, during the challenge, and in less than 5 minutes after the challenge was closed, she was online talking. I feel like she wanted to lose, thinking we would vote out Val, and send her to AI. And, everytime there is a chance she could be voted out, or in trouble, she starts talking about her personal life and looks and whatnot. She freaks out about everything, and keeps trying to obtain the sympathy vote. It has really started pissing me off, and its gotten to the point where I can't say anything nice to her at all. Its idiotic. I think pretty much everyone on our tribe wants her out. I have no idea where everything is going. She could end up staying in this game for awhile, because I don't plan on losing. If she is on my tribe when we swap, then she should be sticking around till both tribes go to tribal. She can't keep her emotions in check. I feel really comfortable in my alliance right now, and I hope that everything works out, and I hope that when the swap happens that I get at least one person from my alliance on my tribe. That way it could be 2-2 on our alliance, and hope that we all make the merge. Now, while I have all this strategy going on in my head, I'm trying to not show everyone in the tribe all my insights. I am a very good strategist when it comes to Survivor. I feel like while I am good at strategy, I'm playing a fairly good social game as well. I'm not trying to always be talking strategy to the tribe, and I have been trying to keep everyone in good spirits. I feel that in this game, that is the best thing. I'm playing my part, and as a Theatre Major, I play my parts well.


Val proved to us that she can stay...for now, however Kacey is getting on my nerves. She's like a reluctant Sloth.


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