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These are the confessionals made within this episode.

Day 31

Well, guess I didn't need to play the idol. Whatever, I'd only be able to use it 3 more times. I think I am safe anyway. I have a good alliance or so I think.


What a day! Wojtek went home and Chris wasted his idol. Now the only idol left is in Luke's hands, which means it's in my hands too. More than that I got Max and Luke for the plan to boot Chris at final 6. Things are going pretty well.


When woj got voted out, i knew instantly that it's either me or courtney going home next so i really need to step up my game and do my best to turn the tables without scrambling cause i know that it's a move that is just for desperate people.. I just need to win the immunity challenges from here on out.. I will still keep my promise to chris that i will not write his name down but that doesn't mean i still want him to sit next to me at the finals... I just hope that my score will be enough to beat the other 6 whether it's courtney or the challenge beast chris.. I really need to bring my A-game... even though chris promised to do his best for me not to be voted out, still i feel like he stab me in the back when he said we are going to vote for courtney. At the end of the day, I was the only person who voted against courtney so i was pissed. but then, they thought they were running this whole show... I just hope they all mess up with their schemes... cause right now "I WANNA SEE THEM MURDER EACH OTHER" .. till i'm the last person left standing... better to stay out of the fire so that i won't get burn.. "IT'S NOT OVER TILL IT'S OVER" . . . .


I feel good about my position here. I got Lloyd, I got Gerard and Chris, I got Luke and Duy. The only people I have no connections to are going home next, this is going really swell for me.


Hmm, this game is so tricky! Grr, it's a shame I am no good at this.


Day 32

I won Immunity and it feels great now were heading tribal council and it feels great cause i'll get to watch how this goes cause i have a strong feeling that this might be an interesting tribal council " I'LL WATCH THEM STAB EACH OTHER" LOL ...

after this, i might be on the chopping block again so i have to really keep on winning till i reach the finals... i never played again just to get cut short..


I'm feeling amazing at this point. Myself and Gerard, my #1 ally left, are sitting in easily the best position. Luke and Duy want us in the final 4, Chris wants us in the final three, Lloyd is willing to work with us, and Courtney is going home next, this is perfect.


Lloyd wins immunity. Good for him! He was on the chopping block and I would rather keep him around over Courtney, she is so sly. Everyone thinks that she is out of the loop now, but I think she voted for me last time and will vote for me again. She needs to go pronto.

Luke has told me that he wants to eliminate Duy. I can't be sure if he is telling me the truth or not because Gerard and Lloyd have said that Luke told them to take me out. Luke is my next target. I wouldn't mind bringing Lloyd to the top 5 or even 4.

This would be the perfect night to blindside me. If Luke can get Max on his side then I am history, so I am a little nervous, I have put a lot of faith in Max. I think Max will pull through for me.


I was right about Luke, he's getting more dangerous. We told each other to act like we're not close but what he said Iabout me could affect my game. He sees me as a threat, I understand, but he isn't suppose to make people think I'm a threat. Now I feel like he's secretly throwing me under the bus and I can't trust him anymore.


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