DAY 16

MGM is out and completely flipped when he got the boot. I had to block him on fb it was scary. Lol this is why I stay loyal I know what he’s going through oh too well but I really don’t care enough to talk I came here to have fun not make friends…

Also I decided to pretend like I’m really really dumb. Mainly to amuse my friends over at tumblr but it seems to be working in my favor I started talking with Tom and Miguel and told them that I was on the outs with my tribe and lost alex ryan and matt who were my allies. I feel like this is going to screw me over but I don’t want to seem like any type of a threat since I think we are merging soon… also its fun to type like a ditz pretending to forget names and such haha


So Nick has an idol and he didn't tell me about it? Ok, then that makes things a lot more easy. Here I was thinking of going to the end with him. He's not getting there now, I'll make sure of that. And Payang better work that immunity challenge cause now I wanna see them go to TC and play the idol


Something interesting happened. I was talking to Bryce, and he said that we need to take out Solar, since he’s planning to meet up with Payang at the merge and that could be a big threat. Nothing out of the ordinary, right? Then, Bryce adds me to a chat with Summer and SOLAR attempting to get Nick out. Bryce needs to get his targets straight. I get that he might be playing both sides, but the jury is fast approaching and he needs to be careful.


We walk up to the reward challenge and inside I am praying somebody other than the Silent Assassins. They walk in and MGM is gone. I was really upset because he really was my best friend out here and I know he wanted to do good, but he didn't make it. I'll have to let it go and continue with my game with or without him. It's sad, but I have to preserve onward to merge.....hopefully.


We decided not to throw challenges anymore, now that we know Nick has an idol and has offered it to Diego we might as well let them go to tribal so the idol gets flushed. I'd rather have him play it before the merge than post-merge where he can use it against me

In case we lose today, the options to go are Katie, for being a Miyang; Rick, for targeting multiple people before the inactives were even gone, and now Erlend, who we suspect might be working with Solar and the other Miyangs

Before MGM's boot, I would've never allowed Tom to get anywhere near the end of the game, thinking he would have it easy to beat anyone, but now that I saw how devastated and angry MGM was, specifically with Tom, I think I can just let him do the dirty work for me and if we both make it to the FTC everyone will be pissed at him and vote for me instead


DAY 17

I don't really trust anyone to be honest. I heard going in that many of the wikia community likes to lie and start drama just for the heck of it.

We successfully blindsided MGM last tribal, but I'm not sure that was a good thing. We'll see. He was pretty mad afterwards and yelled at me for a full day after he was voted out. I knew Red, Bryce and Alex had an alliance going into the game and Rick recently informed me that he knew Red, Erlend and Diego had friends coming in. I think that's pretty lame to create a pre-game alliance. That's not realistic in the face of survivor. Most of the time, players don't know each other going into the game or even who's playing until they arrive at the island.

Rick was originally coming after me, but it sounds like he's trying to form an alliance with me, which feels fishy. I'll work with him for now and try to see what's really going on with everyone.

Diego did approach me really fast when picking teams, so it definitely was trying to take control early and suggested a couple of my early picks.

I am just going to have to have guns blazing and stay strong in immunity challenges.


Original I wanted to vote Rick out. Me, Miguel and Katie were going to force a tie at the next tribal. Maybe convince Erlend to vote Rick. I was going to lie and tell Erlend that Rick was going after him, but not Rick actually is going after Erlend and it has turned into a truth.


Wowo after this crazy swap Tom is now one of my closest alliance. Craaaaaaazy. I try to made alliance with Tom, Miguel and Katie and vote out Erlend or Red because i really don't trust this two guys. But i prefer Erlend first because he is one of my old alliance..and possible is one of three guys who flipp so it's my revange.


DAY 18

The most important results of the game so far are about to come out, this will determine if myself and the KOs have to go to tribal and use our idol or if Katie goes home and hopefully we merge giving me a clear path towards FTC, there would be nothing in my way. (meant to send this before results came out)


Wooo immunity!! Finally! I think this means I make merge? Idk we will have to see… I hope Bryce stays in I need him for when we merge, then again he might blow my cover. I guess we will just have to wait and see.


Well, I am getting the vide that this tribal might be my last one for this season. Seems like people like to talk more than I thought. If anything, I am not going to be shocked considering that I got the highest score, and have had my hands in the cookie jar way to many times. I am going to be really sad if I don't make the merge, but to be fair sometimes lying to much can come back to haunt you. The best I can do is to get someone to use the idol on me, though that might be easier said than done considering I don't want Diego or Nick to go down if it is me just being paranoid. Well, if anyone is listening out there, if this is my last tribal, I would love to come back for all stars! Or blood versus water, that would be a fun one. ha.


Well, I think Hugo screwed this all up for us... I don't know what crack he was smoking, but he's an idiot and naive, case closed. Unless we lose the next challenge, looks like Bryce is merging and that is not a good thing. He needs to go as soon as possible or I will flip out.


​OK, so Solar is telling us to vote Bryce, Bryce is telling us to vote Solar but I dont trust either of these bitches. I mean come on, you dont talk to us for days and now we suddenly trust you, how about no. I have a strong feeling one of us is going home and i dont want it to be me. Right now I want Nick's idol and I don't care if he goes home as long as I dont at this point, I can still merge with numbers sand take Miguel to the F3 with me. I doubt he's playing his idol on me, the bitch, even though it may be justified I WANT IT!​ Let's hope this all goes well and Bryce goes home…


Well fuck… I love my KO Alliance but I have a feeling that I'll be leaving them soon. It might just be paranoia but I have a feeling that the Miyang's aren't as dysfunctional as they're making themselves seem and that they're targeting us. I mean Solar messages me out of the blue telling me to vote Bryce. Bitch you haven't talked to me since we swapped so dont think you can just pop up and tell me what to do. And Nick isn't playing his idol on me. Mad? You bet I am, but I mean what lee could I expect him to do, it's only rational as we have no idea who they're voting for (which i guess is the point) and it's his idol, so…

Also, Tom is being a complete jackfruit on the other tribe. I hear from Miguel that Tom is paranoid about Red, Rick, and Miguel teaming up. R u stupid? Rick is public enemy number 1, nobody is teaming up with that bastard unless they have a death wish, and if Tom is this much of a nut job we may have to cut him at F8 (assuming i make it that far of course) All of this to say, I'm very distraught and right now I just want Bryce to get hit in the head with a coconut and get medevaced the hell out of here.





I think I'm being voted out.

my hips told me.

and my hips dont lie.



​TAYLOR KNOWS MY FEELS the stress of waiting is real


*cries into pillow*
  • jumps off chasm*
  • buys AHM Murder House*




Things are starting to get crazy. People are already scrambling. Rick informed me of a pre-game alliance that existed between Diego, Erlend, Red and Bryce. I'm not sure I trust that information as Rick lies a lot. But I got nervous and worked super hard to make sure my tribe got immunity just in case. I'll play along with him for now and see what happens.

Then later, Katie reported to me and Miguel that Rick promised her a final 5 spot after agreeing to a final 5 with me, Miguel, Red and Erlend. What a sneaky little punk, haha. He is ALWAYS jumping around. I don't think he has any true alliances.

Next tribal we go to, he is definitely gone.


So, I wasted my idol. I knew I didn’t have to play it. I could tell Solar really would flip. But it’s better safe than sorry I guess.

I was actually really confident that I would get 3 votes and Bryce would get 4. The main reason I did play it was to remove the target from having it post-merge. Pretty much everyone knew that I had it on the other tribe at this point, so I didn’t want to be freaking out every single tribal. It was also a great spot to use it. It was also almost needed. A simple accident like Solar forgetting to vote could have screwed me.

I am glad I played the idol. But looking back, I definitely wouldn’t play it if I could do it again. I’m ready to merge and to find the next one!. This time I won’t tell a soul.

This should be easy sailing into the merge now. Then let the games begin!