Tribe Profile
Season Laos
Namesake Crow for "green".
Tribe Type Post-swap tribe
Day Formed Day 7
Rival Tribe(s) Shúa
Tribe Status Merged with Hísshe on Day 16
Challenge Wins 2
Lowest Placing Member Henzzy (2nd Runner-Up)
Highest Placing Member Ckarimalis (Runner-Up)

Flag unavailable.

150px-Bimmaahchiia insignia

Buff unavailable.

Bimmaáhchiia was a tribe from Survivor: Laos.

Their tribe color was green.




Post-Tribe Absorption


Tribe History

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  • Unlike Hísshe and Shúa, Bimmaáhchiia was formed on Day 7. This makes Bimmaáhchiia is the first ever tribe not to be created on Day 1.
  • Both of the original members of Bimmaáhchiia were from Shúa.
    • Both also made it to the final 3 and lost.
  • Bimmaáhchiia is the smallest tribe in Survivor Wikia history, consisting of only two original members.
  • Bimmaáhchiia is the first green tribe in Survivor ORG History.
  • Bimmaáhchiia is the only tribe to never have any of their original tribe members voted off.
    • This is because Henry and Chris both made final tribal council.
  • A Green Elephant is Bimmaáhchiia insignia.

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