Bird Sanctuary
Purple quailWhitedove
Survivor ORG Challenge
Description A recurring challenge.
Appearance(s) Cuba

Bird Sanctuary is a recurring challenge that originated in Survivor: Cuba.


Both tribes, or in the case of it being individual, all contestants, must capture four different types of birds in a particular order; grey parrot, black falcon, purple quail, and white dove. Tribe that manages to catch the most birds by the end of the allotted time wins.


When this challenge first appeared in Survivor: Cuba, both tribes were to capture the birds in order within a two-day deadline, however due to time zone differences was reopened briefly. Before the challenge was reopened, Havana won. After it was reopened, Cardenas officially won the challenge.

It later reappeared during Survivor: Peru as the first redemption duel of the season. Both duelists had to do was capture the birds in the correct order, just like Cuba. However, unlike Cuba, there was a one-day deadline. The winner of the duel stayed in the game, and was able to give anyone in the game a clue to the hidden immunity idol. Philip won the duel, eliminating Liam from the game permanently.


Episode Challenge Type Winner
Survivor: Cuba
Like a Warhorse
Tribal Reward/Immunity Large 1124474 (1)AlfonsLarge 1088643150px-5098907
Dbwawesomepossum (1)Noah CubaYanivDavid34 Cuba
Survivor: Peru
Paranoia is Off the Charts
Duel Philip Peru
Survivor: Sardinia
Tribal Reward/Immunity Arun S17Hazim S17Jennifer S17
Joe S17Julia S17Ron S17
Sean S17Trevor S17Wesley S17


  • This is the only challenge Cardenas won throughout Cuba.
    • This is the only challenge Noah has won in either of his seasons, despite playing 49 days total.
  • This is the first challenge to be used as a Redemption Island duel.
  • All three times this challenge was used, it was used in the third episode.
  • This challenge has the longest gap between two uses with twelve seasons before being used again.
  • This challenge was originally planned to return for Survivor: Anarchy, but ultimately remained unused.