Day 33

If there has ever been a lower moment in my survivor life, I cant think of it. I literally am at my witts end with these people. I am truly alone in this game now, and it's all thanks to my good ol' buddy Renz! Not only did last vote laugh in my face thanks to Erica not telling me she was voting Hanne, but Amelia votes her too so she gets in good with Renz? Oh and to top it all off, according to Renz I'm in the tumblr alliance not Amelia!!!!!!!!!!!!! Because I'm the one posting all on their blogs!! Ugh. It's so frustrating in this game to be playing with people who can't see what the hells going on. Even if it wasn't a pre made alliance, its still four people who are obviously close! And now he probably told her everything I was doing, I am all alone in this game now. I have no one to count on but myself, I wanna make a move and get bit in the ass, and the people who don't want to thrive from it. My life.


So, apparently, I have been informed that there was a pre-game tumblr alliance in this competition, and the people in the alliance are Hanne, MJ, Jessica, and Amelia. However, Amelia voted with me and Erica for Hanne, while Sora voted for Erica because Erica apparently told her that she's voting for Jessica. That screwed up, I think, not only my game, but as well as Amelia's chances of getting rid of that pre-game alliance.

Amelia saw that vote against Hanne as an opportunity to opt out, but we failed, so there's a possibility that she's going to be the next target. Am I right about this? I'm not sure. Am I happy about this in case I am right? No. Amelia is such a nice person, and people with superiority complex should not get to the end, I'm talking about MJ and Hanne. Meanwhile, Jessica's just out there working her ass of to becoming the master of lies, and I don't even know if Sora is even real sometimes. It feels like he and Amelia are the same person. Anyway, I am only playing for myself in this game, and my goal is just to get to the end and provide a really good speech of how stupid they all are. I know I'm powerless, but I will do my best to win all the upcoming immunity challenges if that's the only way for me to get to the end.

If I'll analyze everyone's gameplay now, I would say that MJ and Hanne are tight, Amelia's trying to opt out of the alliance, and start from there, Jessica's riding coattails, and Sora's trying to be the hero of the game. I won't actually believe any of them anymore.

I can make up a good lie, but I choose not to do that in this game because as much as possible, I don't really want to forget all the values that I taught myself, but at the same time, I still want to use all my assets to my advantage the way I do in real life.


well so far Survivor: Geese has been a pretty fun season. i have done basically nothing and plan to continue this. If we can pull off a vote of 0 for someone at final 5 i can die happy. The way this will work is: someone wins immunity. said person is safe. then me/mj/hanne play our idols (or one of us gives one to amelia if we won immunity). then we all vote for each other and the votes don't matter and sora goes home.

however i've been talking to sora and he's pretty cool. because i don't really care about winning i think i might just give my idol to him at final 5 and then i'll just go home. or if sora wins immunity, i'm playing my idol on amelia and then i can just go home. so long as it's on a vote of 0 I will be happy.

I can't tell mj hanne and amelia this though because they'll probably try to stop that from happening. this is my big move. getting myself out. i'm so excited.


Also i sent that in so at the end of the game when people say "you accidentally idoled yourself out" i can point to that confessional and be like "bitch please"


Day 34

ok so, jessica wins immunity yay, shes someone who i feel like in a game where im afraid to talk to people and do stuff, shes someone who i can talk to. As much as I'd love to prove a point to Renz and have him voted off, its not the smartest thing for my game. Right now Hanne MJ and Amelia are the threats I need to take care of. So it's time to make a move. I have been dying to make one ever since Eoins vote off. It's the right time and the right cards to do so, I have to do something or I might as well be happy with 5th.


I am totally screwed based on that challenge, but I am not really going to plead to anyone just so I could save my life, I'm better than that. What I do is I approach them simply, tell them who to vote, and say thanks, like "Hey person, vote for Hanne cuz my sexiness demands it. Kthanksbye bitch." I hate all of these people that I would rather just have a chit chat with the people over at Ponderosa.

This is probably the last confessional I'm going to make for this game, but I'm still hoping that they won't get rid of me just and think that I am not the real threat.


If I could describe how I'm feeling post last tribal council to this one, I'd be a completely different person. I don't know how, but I think people are finally willing to go against their allies in this game. Instead of this "lets vote out whoever we don't like". I'm finally in a driver seat in this game, I mean it could hilariously blow up in my face, but I've played this game not trying to look too threatening, and keeping my strategies to my confessionals and close allies, but now it's time. This game loves big moves, and so do jurys, and if I can pull this off it would make up for my huge blunder last round. So lets begin, Operation: Make the Big Threats Kill themselves.


Day 35

goshdang it is 11pm and im supposed to be asleep and someone is FINALLY making a move (spoiler alert it's me) (hopefully)

mju came to me finally and was like "i need u to be team real with me" and asked if the final 2 deal we made was legit because whoops apparently hanne told him that it was fake/designed to stop him from flipping. hmmm interesting choice hanne. i c u. i decided in that moment that our f2 was in fact legit and so now here we are being team real. so hooray for that (#finally). and appARENTLY sora's up to no good - according to mj he was trying to get him and possibly renz to vote for me at this tribal council, whereas he told jess that he wanted to split votes between renz and either hanne or mj or possibly both?? idk what he is doing honestly and it's a problem. bc now that we've become team real, me & mj wanna make a move and get rid of hanne while we can, but we have to figure out what the heck sora is doing before we can proceed.

of course because this is survivor and i am amelia, im still greatly suspicious and especially since my name's been thrown around i cannot be 100% sure that anything anybody is telling me is real but what can you do tbh? i feel like mj is not going to betray me (at least not yet and we can definitely work with "not yet") and i'm honestly just glad that i'm not the only one who has been wanting to switch things up a little bit. so we're gonna see what happens. the plan right now is to tell sora that we are both willing to vote hanne and try to stop the double-sidedness in order to get him to vote with us, and then the assumption is that hanne is going to vote renz and jess is going to vote with him for whoever (because of this weird plan he told her about splitting votes and whatever) and then - sadly - hanne will be gone.

[shrugging emoji] i feel like i have not done this moment justice in this shitty confessional but it is almost midnite and i am a small tired egg let me live


Alright, the votes are in and as far as I know, its going to be a 2-2-2 tie. Just as planned, and now comes phase two for the plan, get an idol flushed. We'll see if it's in our best interests who goes after the split.


i will probably be proud of this move tomorrow but right now i feel like the worst human/cactus in the universe!!!




Had you asked me who I thought the biggest player was this season and biggest threat to win, never in a million years would I say Amelia, but come final 6, that's the answer. Amelia has proven to me that she is playing one of the best games I've ever seen, which is why all my hardwork will be to see her go home tonight. She's set up such a lowkey amazing endgame that no one but me seems to be able to see, if MJ/Hanne goes then her Renz and Jessica will take out the other final 5 and then me, I don't like my fate not being in my own hands, so tonight im taking the bulls by the horns and just rolling with it, this move should put me in a spot to get further, so lets hope its right.