Black Widow Brigade 2.0
Jessy PeruAlexandra Peru
Natalie PeruEllie Peru
Season Peru
Members Former:
Jessy (Day 16-19)
Natalie (Day 16-19)
Alexandra (Day 16-19)
Ellie (Day 16-19)
Ryan (Day 16-19)
Day Formed Day 16
Enemies Nick
Lowest Placing Member Ellie (13/18)
Highest Placing Member Natalie (Runner-Up)
The Black Widow Brigade 2.0 was the core alliance in Post-Swap Jivaro, and was made on Day 16. Despite not lasting even a Vote-Off, many of the castaways in the alliance thought of creating the alliance before the Tribe Swap.


It is known for being a very dysfunctional alliance having the first vote with all the girls on one tribe to vote off a girl. The idea of the alliance was brought up by Jessy and the alliance went into effect when the swap came. The initial plan at the first Tribal Council was to vote out Jossue but the plan failed once Nick revealed he was going to use an idol on him. When they were still going to vote him, Ellie was still thinking about going with the girls or the guys and the girls were fed up on waiting and decided to vote her out, with Ryan's help. Ellie also told Nick about the girls alliance. The alliance drifted away in the merge since Aly was on one side of the divide and Jessy and Natalie were on the other.


  • It only lasted 3 days, although Jessy had told Natalie the idea of the girls alliance before the swap ever came. Aly and Ellie also knew about the possibility of a girls alliance before the swap, too.
  • Natalie had contacted Domca whether or not she wanted to be in the alliance but she changed the subject, so they took that as a no.
  • If Ellie hadn't talked to Nick and told him about the alliance, the alliance probably would've lasted for 1 tribal council.