Day 34

So somehow my parchment didn’t go through which was a voted for diego. Thankfully it didn’t matter and Hugo was blindsided with enough votes but damn rookie mistake on my part. But at the same time I’m starting to think maybe I should pretend that it was intentional then Hugo wouldn’t be as mad at me as he is… Nah that’s too much thinking lol I’m just going to keep playing dumb ;) at least ill get another chance to show this parchment when we vote Diego out!


Final 6 and i'm still we must vote out Diego and Tom beforeF3, if they will be in final, we have no chance. Our best chance are with Katie. Nobody know who she is because she don't talk with anybody except Tom.


I just heard that Diego is trying to get me out next. I mean, it's smart that he's trying to take me down because I'm after him but he shouldn't put his trust in people that are just gonna run back to me to tell me everything. Now I won't feel any regrets in getting his ass out of here, I will actually enjoy doing it.

Having an idol at F6 is nerve wracking! I don't know whether to take a risk and leave for F5 or just play it now and trust that it won't bring me consequences later on.

Fuck, I've been making fun of Tom's overplaying ways all season long and now I'm the one who's getting paranoid.


Ok, so Final 6 YAAAAAAAS! OMG everything is going pretty good right now which makes me happ and I think I might win reward because my highest score is 11.3 compared to Tom's 9.7 (Miguel told me). Also I've decided to attempt to get Miguel out of the game by telling Tom and Katie his plan to get them out and then maybe pulling in Red. Also Miguel expects me to share the clues with him but… since this is the last reward I'm just going to tell him the opposite of whatever the clue says and since he can't win clues any more he'll have no idea.


"Fuck those skinny bitches,

Fuck those skinny bitches in the club"

^my thought about the remaining 5 people in the game neatly summed up by Nicki Minaj


Things are getting pretty crazy around camp. Diego is at the bottom of the totem poll, at least it seems that way. Especially since he's making a lot of desperate moves. A couple that are annoying me.

One is he supposedly scored a 11.3 on the recent reward challenge, but I scored perfect on every part, meaning I literally got 100% on the challenge and scored an 11. Which leads me to believe the 11.3 isn't possible and Diego cheated.

He's also clearly trying to split me and Miguel up, the power pair. I have been running the game for a while with my various alliances and Miguel became my right hand man at the swap. Since then, every vote has gone the way we've planned. Diego sees that and understands his only way to win is to have BOTH of us eliminated. Diego easily can beat Rick, Red and Katie in the final, but me and Miguel should beat Diego no problem.

Diego discussed voting me out at 5 with Miguel, then he turns around and plots with me on voting Miguel out NOW. I have had zero trust in Diego since he attempted to overthrow me.

Everyone else is getting paranoid to. It's understandable as it's the final 6 and things are getting tight. Red is paranoid Diego is going after him since Red aided in making Diego first boot at Nicaragua. Diego's move to vote Red out last tribal make so much more sense now, haha. Miguel is now nervous that Diego will get people to flip on him. Katie is totally chill, I think she's happy to be at 6 having been the last Miyang for so long. I'm only keeping her around because she's a easy goat right now. Rick is a bit crazy and flip flops, so I'm sure he's a little nervous, but he's always on the move.

Funny how people tried to vote me out with the idea that I would win myself into the final. I haven't won any of the past like 5 challenges. Albeit, a couple I have no doubt were the result of players cheating. But if that's what it's going to take to knock me down, so be it. Unfortunately, that ruins the game a bit :(

I still feel ok with my current remaining alliances, but I certainly am not going to be blinded by trust. I don't trust anyone 100% and certainly have my ears open and my eyes peeled for anything and everything.


Day 35

OMG OMG, so I think that Erlend had an idol when he was voted off because Tom just said he guessed for the idol but the idol was gone so either he's lying to me or it actually had already been found, and it makes sense too. Like that's why we had another reward and my idol clues were different because the idol was rehidden. And these clues from the reward challenge have actually helped and I think with one more guess I can actually get it right and be guaranteed a spot into the finale!!!!! Lmao, and to think I was worried before


So I sent in my idol guess and Gerda said "I'll get back to you soon." Presumably she doesn't know if I just have to guess the episode or if I have to guess which part but this is stressing me the fuck out. Let the panic eating begin!
  • goes to kitchen*
  • grabs multiple cookies*
  • stuffs face*

Also, thanks for the puzzle fucktards

  • rudely smiles*


So I've decided not to play the idol because it's my belief that all the votes are going to Katie. Honestly though I'm so done with this bitch, she doesn't respond to me or submit and the jury is full of people who'd gladly tale her spot, she just needs to go


I really hope Katie doesn't screw this vote up by self-voting, I want Diego out bad!

Diego has definitely underestimated me in this game. He hadn't even finished giving his case against me and people were already telling me all about it. He shouldn't have done that, and now he's gonna find out that I have this season under my control, and I don't really need or want him here anymore.


Diego is the last of the back stabbers to go. Lucky for him, he won immunity last round, but this time I pulled out all the stops and went crazy at the recent immunity challenge. Now he's scrambling a bit to save himself because he knows he's on the chopping block. our entire alliance, "cardinal direction" now that we lost erlend and can no longer be fab 5, is working every angle to deceive Diego into think Katie is the target. Making up fake conversations and what not to make him believe we all on board with voting out Katie. He also seems to think he's tricking everyone else into turning on each other. Give him the confidence and we'll be fine. Sorry Diego. If you didn't try and oust me, we could be the ones on track to the finals, but you had to put a knife in my back.


Day 36

So waiting for results and for some reason I'm this odd kind of nervous where I think that I'm safe but have this feeling that someone is gonna be a bitch and vote for me. Everyone has shown me decent proof of their intentions but if I go home with an idol in my pocket I'm going to feel SO INCREDIBLY STUPID!