"Blood Will Stain Soon"
Season Survivor: Switzerland
Episode Number 8/14
Episode Chronology
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Blood Will Stain Soon is the eighth episode of Survivor: Switzerland.


Immunity Challenge: Tilt
The contestants must balance a plate on a stick. Whoever can stay the longest, wins.
Winner: Lincoln


Day 22

So I survived my first tribal council because of Jino and Gilad. Thanks to them. Why does people hate me? What was wrong to me? I hope i survived and hope the merge comes.

–John Arvin

So, now we're merged! I am excited but at the same time paranoid. First of all, Valais is down to two members. This sucks because, now the Lucerne members are probably going to gang up on us but, this is a game so, I thought I will do something about it! I created the first ever FAKE Hidden Immunity Idol in this ORG wiki. This is probably going to be the start of the villanous Max because, It's time to STOP DREAMING.


What a great day

I found the hidden Immunity idol and Max accidentally sent me his confessionals So I know his plan he wants Lucerne out and create the fake idol however I have the idol what is he doing haha.... I am going to say game over to you cause you are going home...


Day 23

Now I can say that the game is only starting

But for me I have the advantage A hidden immunity Idol clue and the glycerol alliance we have our affiliates Lincoln and mark Now I can control this game but for what that I can see skandi is controlling the game, John is to demanding because he really want Lincoln out, Lucy is not doing anything, wojtek is good at challenges no not good great, Matt is the person I am sure that is going to vote with me on every tribal council, ken and max are not in control of the game anymore, mark and Lincoln can't make any moves because this 2 are the last Ticino people but this 2 are good at challenges beware of them, cal is not good at strategy but he is kinda good at challenges . Now my plan is to remove valais and send them to ponderosa they deserve to go there...


Ok. Huge trouble. I accidentally sent my confessionals to Jino! Crap! This shows how dumb I am. Silly mistakes like this causes people to be voted-off right away. I hope he doesn't percieve me as a threat. Also, me, and ken (using my smarts) created an anti-lucerne alliance. It consists of me, ken, mark, lincoln, and johnarvin. Hopefully this will give us the numbers to get the Lucerne members out. ITS ALL IN GOD'S HANDS NOW.


It took far more time than I thought it takes to compete in this competition, but I am not giving up. Max sent his confessionals wrongly to Jino. I still don't know what exactly to do, but surely either Skandi or Jino would be who I vote for in the next tribal.


Starting the merge I really want Valais out. But while the days get a little bit longer I thought that I can bring them to the end...

Unfortunately what Max did change my mind... But you know it is really fun and now he is convincing me it is a typo error either it is true or not what said is said. YOu cannot change it that only let my mind return to a decision that I can't trust Valais... Well I can trust ken but not obviously 100% maybe 25% After having the Idol I shared the clue to matt, wojtek, Skandi and even ken I can share the clue to anyone cause I really don't care I already have the idol... haha :) but anything can still happen so I don't need to be confident... but for now I am confident that Max is going home


Jino insisted to vote for Max. If nothing happens next, it could be a 5-5-1 vote. It depends on the other 5, whether or not they vote for Max as well. He might have the idol to save himself, but how unlikely as he plans on fake immunity idol. I just hope that I can find one more person to persuade now. Get on facebook!


Day 24

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 8:
Org avatar
Max (6 votes)
Cal, Jino, Lucy,
Matt, Skandi, Wojtek
Ken (3 votes)
ArvinLincoln AloisioBeteeD3
John, Lincoln & Mark
Skandi (2 votes)
KenkwhoOrg avatar
Ken & Max
S5 Survivorfan13 out

Voting Confessionals

I vote Max. I dont know u, but I don't like u


I hate to blindside you like this but, it my best move right now. Had a great time playing with you. Sorry buddy.


Final Words

Ok, so I was blindsided. This is probably the worst ORG I have ever played because there were many inactives and I don't like that. To all the people who got me out, well done. I never saw it coming. I had a great time playing. My one vital mistake was to send the Confessional to Jino who, was apparently scared enough to trust me again. I believe I played a great Villainous game. I certainly had to show a lot of tricks that I could pull off. If I had to play this game one more time, I would just know what to do! Well, I guess that's not going to happen. Nonetheless, I consider myself as a great player. So, ADIOS, SEYONARA, HASTA LA VISTA and as they would say in New Jersey, SEE YA LATER.


Still in the Running

Glarus Lucerne
70px-IAN! MANGATAR! pb
S03 Jad bw
Valais Ticino
Holeseditor28 S3 out
S5 Survivorfan13 out
S05 Cancanpiano.joffe381 out
S5 will out
AlPal bw
Al Pal
Lunapic 13694829914959 1
S03 Julie bw
Lincoln Aloisio


  • With Max's elimination, Ken is the last remaining Valais member.


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