Contestant Profile
Hometown North Carolina, USA

Survivor: Korea

Tribe(s) Silla
► Goguryeo
Placement 18/21
Challenge(s) Won 3
Vote(s) Against 5
Day(s) Lasted 11
BlueBarracudas555, also known as Jordan is a contestant on Survivor: Korea.


Name (Age): Jordan (18)
Hobbies: Video Games, Web surfing
Pet Peeves: Inactives, Annoying people
Occupation: College Student
Personal Claim of Fame: Graduating High School, Getting A's and B's at in my first year of college
3 words that describe you: Intelligent, Friendly, Introverted
Inspiration in life: My Family
Survivor contestant you resemble the most: Physically, Ibrehem Rahman. On the real Survivor, I be like Natalie Tenerelli
What kind of a contestant do you think you will be?: Hopefully, like Kim Spradlin Quiet and Strategic.
Why do you want to be on Survivor: Wikia?: I love Survivor
Have you ever participated in an ORG before? Yes DrPanda's Survivor ORG (I was screwed over by an evil bottle) and many on Teneged
Why do you think you will be the Sole Survivor? My Activity, My alliances, and hopefully dominating challenges.
What are the 3 things you would take with yourself to a deserted island and why? Journal and Pen(to write stuff

Survivor: Korea

Voting History

Jordan's Voting History
Episode Jordan's
Voted Against
1 Silla Tribe Immune
2 Daniel -
3 Silla Tribe Immune
4 Cassels Aaron, Amir, Cassels,
Hunter, Monkey
Voted Off, Day 11



  • Jordan competed in DrPanda ORG's first season, Kiribati along with Crtha, Eddie786™, and Coldmanner.
  • Jordan is the eighth contestant with autism.
  • Jordan is the 100th contestant voted out from Survivor ORG. (This excludes the eliminations of Sockpuppets.)
  • Jordan played in Facebook ORGs hosted by Nathan Miller and Brian Long.
  • Jordan generally plays Survivor ORGs during school breaks.