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"Borrowed Time"
Season Survivor: Cuba
Episode Number 4/15
Episode Chronology
Previous Like a Warhorse
Next Most Valuable Player

Borrowed Time is the fourth episode of Survivor: Cuba.


Immunity Challenge: 99 Bricks
Players are to play a game called "99 Bricks". Using only 99 bricks (similar to the ones used in Tetris), players must build the highest tower possible. The player (one from both tribes) who has the highest tower wins individual immunity. 
Winners: Blaine (Cardenas) & Random (Havana)


Day 9

Almost everyone in the Havana tribe is happy that Luke is gone, except Liam, as he was an ally to Luke. After Luke was voted out, he wanted to focus on winning challenges and throwing the other outsider, Jessica, under the bus. However, since she was evacuated, he is all alone. 

Meanwhile at Cardenas, Alfons decides that he will get rid of DB at he next tribal council because he is not trustworthy, and he does poorly in challenges. Adam, however, is close to DB. At the same time, Yaniv and Blaine make an alliance, and agree that they will flip to Havana the first chance they get to be able to vote off Alfons soon. 

At the immunity challenge, it is revealed that both tribes will vote someone out, but the two tribes will compete individually in the challenge. One from Cardenas will be immune from the vote, and one from Havana will be immune. Ultimately, Blaine and Random win individual immunity. 

Havana goes to tribal council first, making Liam feel vulnerable because he is outnumbered 7-1. He votes for Zac, but the seven person Havana Alliance votes for Liam and he is eliminated in a 7-1 vote.

Cardenas goes to tribal council next. Alfons, Zachary, Noah, and Brian vote for DB, and DB votes for Alfons. The alliance of Yaniv and Blaine vote for DB, making it 6-1. Finally, Adam decides to vote off DB as well, and he leaves in a 7-1 vote.

Tribal Council


Tribal Council 4:
Liam (7 votes)
PepsatarJere90Large 796251Random
TaylorMeLarge 796253
Max, Jeret, Kesh, Random, Taylor, Tommy, Zac
Large 796253
Zac (1 vote)

Voting Confessionals

Sorry Liam, I know you still wanna work with me but my alliance already voted for you and they can't change their votes. I'd keep you over Taylor or Zac.


Hey man, didn't really get the chance to talk to you much but it wasn't a smart move teaming up with Luke. I reckon you got a rough deal in this tribal, hope to see you again in a different season or something.


Liam. You are pretty inactive and I really don't know you because you are never here. This vote doesn't affect me at all nor did I have to contemplate on anything because its like voting out a stranger from my family. Sorry, I just don't know you.


Liam, sadly you have to go. But it's your own fault... You never talked to me so it was easy for me to vote this .wish I could of gotten to know you better.


This vote is purely strategic for me. I am voting for Liam. Kesh and I orchestrated this vote to save Zac. I want Zac to trust me. if he does have connection with the other tribe, he can help me out tremendously at the switch. if he does not, I hope I have a jury vote from him. either way, it's a no brainer for me.


I'm voting for you ain't cos you have been inactive, is cos of your association with Luke and Cardenas which is a big No no. this is my island and you are just a pawn so adios muchachos!


I have no idea what to do. I guess I'm on the chopping block. But that was kinda expected. Zac you can relax. I doubt you're going home.


Final Words

When I saw the votes for Luke, I knew that my days were limited. My last hopes were to win challenges, and use Jessica as a scapegoat. Unfortunately, it all went downhill. Jessica was evacuated and we had an auto tribal. So the moment I saw it, I knew my fate was sealed. I tried to earn back trust and become active, but it was all for naught. I decided to not participate in the challenge, due to me being busy and that I didn't want to see a better player leave. So the only person to blame is myself, I aligned with the wrong people and got too comfortable. Add in my inactivity and I was asking to leave. I wish I had been more active and played a better game. But 18 others say that too, so whatchu gonna do? *laughs* To the remaining people of Havana, go kick butt and have a newbie win and kick those "old people but." Especially Duy, go win it for me!



Tribal Council 5:
Dbwawesomepossum (1)
DB (7 votes)
Large 796247AlfonsLarge 1088643Blaine
Noah CubaYaniv3112252
Adam, Alfons, Brian, Blaine, Noah, Yaniv, Zachary
Alfons (1 vote)
Dbwawesomepossum (1)
DB S3 out

Voting Confessionals

Tonight I'm voting for DB, though I'm voting for him it's just killing me but he is untrustworthy and the alliance says so.


DB, I'd love to keep you in the game longer, but I'm afraid I can't. I'm really pissed that I have to do this, but I take no whatsoever pleasure by voting you out. I'm not doing this for Alex, Alex's behaviour towards you has been beyond unacceptable, I'm doing it for myself.


My vote is for DB. Sorry man, I have to vote for you, but all in all it's just game. Hope you forgive me.


I vote for DB. Sorry buddy, Blaine was next, but I'm good with booting you. We can't take the chance of you flipping, and your just kinda lazy at challenges.


Between you and me. It's just for paranoia.


DB, if this vote will go as planned, I should probably expect a "Dear Cardenas" blogpost soon.


I really wish it would have been Noah, Brian, or Zachary, you know, one of the most useless members of the tribe, but I don't have the numbers to turn it around. Sorry.


Final Words

To win this game is a perilous task
In which you must out play wit and last
I came to win no longer play
It is a shame to go out this way
I dont think this time ill be returning
Although on my knees I may be yearning
For now ill join Kait and Sole
We`ll ponder how we lost control
For now my friends a fond farewell
And to Havana givem hell


Still in the Running

Jessica out
Large 796251
Luke S3 out
Taylor-survivor cuba
Large 796253
Large 796247
Large 1088643
DB S3 out
S03 kait bw
Noah Cuba


  • At both Tribal Councils, the votes ended up being 7-1.
  • The episode title was said by Zac when he felt that his tribe didn't trust him.


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