These are the confessionals made within this episode.

Day 9

Thank god that kid's gone, his explosion at tribe after finding out was awful. It's good not having him around anymore, Havana is cancer free now! Also I wish the best to Jess and her baby. After this vote I think the original Havana 6 is no more now. That's what you get when you align with people from day 1. Luckily we only lost Luke and Liam, I still work with Jeremy, Jastine and Max. We now have Kesh, that's even better. The only thing is Kesh doesn't trust Max so we have to pretend Max is not with us. I think it's the new Havana Alliance now. Our target for the upcoming tribal council is Taylor but Kesh said we should vote Zac out first. Well we'll see after the challenge.


I can't blue just like the we are down to 8 and we are tied Cardenas in numbers. Also I can't believe that Luke is finally gone! Hallelujah ! Praise The Lord! Especially after his Brandon Hantz like rant.. That was horrible.


This is where, the teams are finally even again so, I need to survive this council and keep Db with me (with the alliance) that leaves only Blaine or Yaniv it's time for them to hide or all be killed!


I really need to win this challenge. With every day that's gone by, I feel like I've gotten lower and lower on the totem pole. I've heard that my name's been thrown around numerous times and no one seems to want to talk seriously with me. All I need to do is make it to the tribal swap or merge and I'm golden! But I need to make it through this upcoming tribal first, and I'd say that my survival rate is quite low.


DB is going next, as much as I like him and would like him to stay. I know there's the Sabbath thing every Saturday however whenever it's not Saturday he's always delivering poor challenge performances. After DB, it will be Yaniv, I also like him a lot, but I don't feel he'll be trustworthy in the long run, because after all... he did want me out when Sole was in the game and I wouldn't be surprised if he still secretly does. But he's not as much of a burden as DB is, Yaniv is probably one of the best in challenges (despite him only submitting half the amount of birds I submitted).


I am quite nervous of Brian though, he could flip to DB. And if DB, Blaine, Yaniv and Brian team up, I'm screwed. I hope not to use the idol ever though...


My team doesn't trust me. I feel like I'm only here on borrowed time. I'll be the one who goes I'm sure of it. But even if I do I am gonna make sure they remember my name.


Havana seems worried that we are losing another member tonight but i dont really give a damn as long as it aint me. The more people gone, the less competition I have.


I feel like I might be in danger since the tribe doesn't need to be good in challenges I'll just try to vote DB out and then in the split it will be 4-3 in one tribe and 3-4 in the other and we'll just need to make sure the tribe we'll have the majority in will lose.


Everything seems good for me. I feel safe in this game. I'm the reason Zac is still here. I've have made keeping Liam in the competition seem really dangerous when really the guy doesn't talk which will get you no where in this game. I'm not having to tell people what to do, others are doing that for me, all I need to do is sit back and watch the magic happen.