"Boy Am I Feeling Heated"
Season Survivor: Sichuan
Episode Number 2/14
Episode Chronology
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Boy Am I Feeling Heated is the second episode of Survivor: Sichuan.


Reward Challenge: Each tribe had to make a tribe flag that was judged by three judges based on creativity, effort, visual appeal, and how realistic it was. The winning tribe got to send 3 people, 1 from each tribe to be exiled away at Five Flower Lake and the winning tribe also received a clue to the idol. Second place just received a clue to the idol.

Winners: Ziyang & Chengdu

Immunity Challenge: Each tribe participated in a live challenge in their tribe chats and competed against the other tribes. At random intervals a host would post a Yuan (Chinese currency) amount in each tribe chat. The Yuan amount would range from 1-20 and would be the same amount in each chat. This amount of Yuan would be up for grabs to claim by any tribe, and each tribe would have 10 minutes to decide on what they wanted to do. If one tribe claimed the Yuan amount, they would collect that amount and it would be added to their tribe score, if more then one tribe claimed that Yuan amount, no one would score that amount. The catch is one person would have to sit out for each Yuan amount they claimed. If two tribes tried to claim the amount, one person from each of those tribes would sit out, and no Yuan would be claimed by either tribe. The challenge continued until everybody had a Yuan amount. The two tribes with the most amount of Yuan claimed at the end of the challenge won immunity.

Winners: Ziyang & Chengdu

Five Flower Lake

Sent to Five Flower Lake: John, Loren & Priscilla.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 2: Leshan

Tribal Council 2:
Loren (4 votes)
Alexa, Jake, Jessy & Marks
Marks (1 vote)

Voting Confessionals

You’re active, a messy player, overly aggressive and are actually trying to play the game. Marks on the other hand is quite inactive and everyone is constantly complaining about him not responding to messages therefore this is the deciding factor for me. In the longterm game I feel you will align with everyone and be of no benefit to me. I’m thinking longterm and not personally. If there is a switch I know for a fact you will jump ships. You’re a nice person but you staying here does little to assist my game. Nobody knows where you true loyalty lies. Farewell, Tony Vlachos.


It KILLS me to do this. It was either be one random vote on my own or do this. You played a damn hard game from the very first minute and I was looking forward to working with you for the rest of it. Best of luck, mate.


Loren, you just needed to learn how to play the game a little more passively instead of trying to align to with everyone. People talk! Sorry it had to be this way


Welp, Marks, you did not talk to me that much. I wasn't a big fan of yours since you ignored me. You aren't very helpful in challenges, and you aren't a core ally of mine. You were lucky to even survive the first tribal, but I am afraid that your luck ran out hun. Have fun getting your torch snuffed!


I would rather be writing Jake or Alexa's name down, sorry about this


Final Words

Welp, I flopped horridly. And now i will always be remembered for sucking horribly. It was a fun run, thanks! <3


Episode Summary


  • The episode was named after Priscilla's quote