Day 6

$hit has hit the fan once more! While I was offline, Ahad asked Jon to submit his guess for the immunity idol in his behalf because apparently he already submitted his and is still in the 12 hour lock period. Jon got the idol and told Ahad about it. So Ahad bullied Jon into giving him the idol and even threatening Jon that he'll vote out Patryk if he didn't do what he asks. Jon gave the idol, which for me is a HUGE mistake.

Adding to Ahad's villainous ways, he is upset at the IL members of the winning Black Team because we didn't throw the challenge. In an act of desperation, Jon and Agustin tried to convince Noah into changing his vote to Nokomis... Bad move in my opinion.

Fast forward to Tribal, Ahad played the idol and we now have a tie between Pat and Nokomis. Pat was sent home and now everyone in IL is pissed! So now, Jon and Agustin is angry at Ahad for being such a bully. Some Internationals feel the same way. I, on the other hand, just want him to be sent home next.

Plus, Jon got mad at me too because he feels like I left him to fend for himself during the Idol fiasco. Well Jon...

Number 1: I'm breaking the fourth wall here but know that I was asleep because I have work and as much as I love playing Survivor, my work is still my priority. My work pays for the Internet bills and without it, I won't be online at all!

Number 2: You had all the excuses you needed for it not to escalate like this. You shouldn't have told Ahad that you got the idol in the first place. It's freakin' Survivor! Every man for himself! Okay, say you already told him that you had the idol and Ahad was bugging you, you could've gone offline! There was a lot that you could have done...

Number 3: Man up and take the blame! It was YOUR actions and YOUR decisions. I didn't join Survivor to be a babysitter.

I don't know what will come out of this chaotic mess that unfortunately the others have dragged me in but if it comes down to it, I don't mind getting dirty!


Shifting outlook on the game. Now Patryk is gone I feel as though I'm looking at the game differently. On the one side, I'm angry and upset and I've said a lot of angry things to people and I'm being reckless which could hurt me.

It's like, now it's just me, I don't have to be so careful now. Before, I felt like I needed to help and look out for Patryk, so I played a great listening game, making sure I didn't say anything bad. Just gathered info so that I knew how to move forward. Well. It turns out I was a terrible protector. and I feel pretty lost in this game. People talk to me, and tell me they want to work with me. But they vote against me. They don't want to rock the boat. They say "wait until tribes". But guess what, we have no idea how far off that is and we have no idea if we will be on the same tribe anyway! I could be doing a whole lot of waiting just to be the first person voted off my tribe because i'm with the wrong people.

I've burnt more bridges today that built. So I need to calm down and figure a way to move forward without having too many enemies. BUT GOD! I have a long list of people that I need to take down. Revenge. It might be mine. One day. The worst part is, I have to pretend like I don't care that they voted off Patryk. "It's just a game," I'll laugh to them as I sharpen a knife behind their backs.


Poor Patryk. And poor Lawrence. Both getting voted out over Corey, an inactive. I'm going to try and get a good score in today's challenge, but I hope the mods take out Corey. I really do. When that is said, I'm enjoying this so far. Of course, the Americans are trying to pick us off one by one. I'm sure that'll backfire somehow. Once the tribes come in play, hopefully, it will all change. But well, either way, it's fun, and that's what's important.


Ahad is so the definition of a peace of shit. No he is the shit that you leave on the sidewalk that gets all hot that you can't remove anymore. He is a shit stain. There is no way he will win this game.


Well, it's great that I am safe...but probably not for long. I definitely believe my time on this show will be sort lived unless I start winning a lot of challenges. Jonathan, one of my closest allies, got mad at me because Patryk got voted off. I mean if I didn't play the idol, I would have gone. He straight up told me that I would be the next one to go. Luckily, the rest of my alliance is helping me sort Jon out and tell him to stop fighting and just stick together.


Last night at Tribal Council... it was way too close for anyone's comfort. Ahad...let me tell you something about Ahad. He's as sly as a fox, and he definitely trumped me. And man, am I stuffed on what? Oh, don't mind me, I've just been eating my words for the past six days, my stomach is beginning to hurt. I think I'm getting fat. Despite this, we still managed to get Patryk out of the game, making the "numbers," alliance-wise, ten to eight. And I woke up this morning to discover that I'm competing with a challenge monster, in Jerby. This man's been immune for the past six days! He's on fire in this game, and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous at all for this. But, you know me. I'm the type of guy who never, ever looks at these negatives. Think positive, Noah. Think positive now...


Tribal Council was crazy last night! I was able to keep the vote 4-3-3. Ahad had the idol and used it. Patryk gets sent home in the tie breaker. However, Nokomis is the American the internationals vote for. It wasn't me! I thought I was saving myself! I saved Nokimis and the American alliance from falling. Two different times I saved them. It was me who split the vote and me who secured it after Quanz changed his vote to Ahad last minute. When it could have been 5-3-2, Nokomis going home.

We get back to camp. The Americans step aside with Quanz coming along. They asked how did it remain 4-3-3 when Quanz said he changed his vote to Ahad. I was about to step up; then Quaz said he voted Patryk. Right then and there I called him out on it and revealed what REALLY happened. Only 4 people acknowledged the fact I saved the alliance and put Quaz on the hot seat for what looked to be that he was flipping. Jordan, Jamie, Nokomis and Drew acknowledged me.

Nokomis pulled me aside. He genuinely thanked me. He felt so vulnerable. He lost trust in Quanz and he felt that no one would have cared had he have gone.

I later on went to Richie to apologize about me having to vote out his friend Patryk. He understood, but was very unhappy with the result. He said that "Patryk did nothing wrong to go. The only thing that went against him was that he wasn't American". I told him I hate this alliance I'm in. I said "it's like being in a street gang, and there is no way out". I told him to keep hope alive and let's survive this this thing.

I also shared with Agustín what had happened with the vote. I told him that his name was brought up at first as the second choice international, but I revealed to him that I got him off the block. He was very thankful.


Day 7

Stupid, Stupid, Stupid. That's what a lot of the 'MURICA! alliance members are seeing written on my forehead and I'm glad they're seeing it.

So here's what happened... It's Challenge day and I still think that l need that "Challenge Beast" tag off of my back. The Jigsaw Puzzle was (no offense Ian) easy and I reached 98% completion in just under 4 mins. I was waiting for the timer to reach a certain time so that it's not too high but still ensures me immunity, 6:11 (chose that number because if you add them up it totals 8 and 8 is lucky according to Feng Shui.. hahaha!).

And like clockwork, here comes the Americans asking what score I got. Really guys? You never talk to me unless there's a challenge and suddenly you're gonna ask me for my score? So here's where my "STOOPIDITY" act comes into play. I tell them that I'm having a hard time with the challenge, that im not fast enough and that I need help. And they believed me!

The only time I stop doing this stupid facade is when I'm talking to Drew. We're in the process of planning how we can overthrow Matt, which would make the US alliance crumble. If we can pull this off, we're going to turn this game around.

PS. In case anyone is asking, here's proof that I'm really good with jigsaw puzzles.

3 mins 52 secs


Day 7: The sharks smell blood.

This challenge is quite fun. I've done the puzzle numerous times now. I'm slowly beginning to recognise pieces better and better. Still... I don't feel safe with the score I have.

My rival Tyler finally contacted me. First time all game. He's just fishing for information though. I was an impenetrable wall of nondisclosure. I no longer care who goes as long as it ain't me. So I'm not down for throwing this challenge along with the useless Team I.L. I wanna be safe. For me. So I can get revenge.

I told Drew and Jordan that I got over 6 minutes. I'm hoping this info leaks back to Tyler, so he gets somewhere in the 5 minute mark and then stops. I'm currently at 3:53. This kiwi got game.


Another day another dollar.

I'm safe again. WOO HOO! I deserve it cos I worked my ass of this time round. Now i need to spend some time working on those idol clues. I'm clueless...

One problem I foresee now is that my score was a little bit too good. I may become the next round target if I'm viewed as a challenge beast. Hopefully Ahad and Jerby are still in front of me on the boot list, but there is no guarantee that all 3 of us will be at next tribal. I gotta just keep staying safe.

Myself, Jerby and Agustin have split off from the other International a little bit. We just don't know how trustworthy they are. The Americans are always one step ahead of us, so maybe Quanz wasn't the only mole. My money is on Dustin. Maybe. He's always reading our chats, but never replying. Ahad and Jonathan did that whole thing with the idol, and although Jonathan seems pretty angry at Ahad over it, I just don't know. I'm still so angry over that. Oh and then there's Kaffe... I actually don't know why we've excluded him from our downsized group...

Then of course, after making a tighter bond with Jerby and Agustin....Agustin is going to tribal with a bunch of Americans.

I feel so bad for poor Agustin! I keep thinking he is a lost cause, but he's pulled through 2 tribals now. Maybe he can make it through a 3rd? Somehow...


Immunity once again. I'm not gonna complain. Now, Jonathan will give Agustin individual immunity, and the Americans will probably vote out Corey. That's fine with me. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure Corey is a great guy, but he was inactive and I just don't think it's fair that he stays in the game. He should have been voted out in the first council instead of Lawrence.


So I'm heading out for Tribal a second time. Let me get something, I could do the puzzle, thank you very much. It's just that Drew asked me to throw again, for numbers. So I did it, hoping for another International Alliance member would get the boot. I'm pretty sure everyone in my alliance either had the same idea as I did, or they didn't do so hot in the challenge...either way, we got the numbers now! ...And Jonathan gave his immunity to Augustine. Not a problem at all. Why? Well let me tell you something about Corey. He's a pest, like a cockroach or a weed. No one likes him, yet it amazes you how they're still surviving! So the guy's talking with Ian about how he's supposedly back in the game now. And he says his inactivity was some strategy?! Are you kidding me?! I feel terrible for Lawrence and Patryk right about now. I don't care how everyone feels about this, but Corey is going down.


Day 8

I feel overwhelmed when I won the immunity and I was surprised in the raffle that I was the one chosen to give an immunity to one of the losers. I want a fair game and since two internationals are voted out plus the biggest factor that contributed my decision is the inactivity of Corey, I gave it to Agustin.

If someone approached me why I did that move. Simply, Corey is inactive. That's it!


I was shocked when I saw Corey's post about his inactivity in the game. Then he is apologizing to the hosts and castaways. However, it's too late and he deserves to go home!


So far my strategy is working- throw challenges, play dumb to everyone, and go with the majority. I have been at every tribal but I have had the numbers. The American Alliance is 10 strong after voting out Corey. I am not sure what was going on there, he appeared to play a very Colton-esque game, oh well.

No one sees me as a threat, which is perfect. I am sitting back and looking for cracks in the alliance of 10, if I can survive the merge then I can win. People will trust me because I have thrown challenges and agreed with everyone, which should pay off.


So Ahads plan failed. He played his idol and Patryk went home at the revote. Richie was furious, and wants revenge on ahad for eliminating his greatest ally. So, I think I've taken that spot away from Patryk.

His plan failed because quanz was stupid enough to tell us of his plan. Ahad sent him a fake idol, and quanz told us. He said it's obviously fake, so he decided to vote for ahad, making it 5-2 instead of 4-3. If everything went as planned for him, Nokomis would have went home. But, Matthew saved the day. When he noticed this, he switched his vote to Patryk, fixing the situation. Quanz is playing it off, and Nokomis isn't mad, strangely. I told a few people what happened, throwing quan under the bus. One was drew. I feel like we could be good allies now. Also, I told Nokomis, and he is furious now.

During the challenge, I found out that Jerby was on the chopping block. As part of the Fil-Am alliance, I helped him and have him advice on how to do good at the puzzle. Because of this, he survived, and is safe.

I was excited with my time and was thinking that I had the best time. When I got second, I was not too upset, but I, other than Nokomis was the only American to win immunity. So, tonight, Corey will go home for sure since Jonathan protected Augustin. This is no question. He is a loser, and I'm ashamed to know him. Both Lawrence and Patryk deserve to be here over him, and this isn't a gameplay move. It's personal. I liked both of them. I would be perfectly fine if I never saw him ever again in my entire life, and I would not throw a life raft if he were drowning.


Woohoo! Finally the International Players have caught a break. With the twist, Agustin has been saved by Jonathan. I'm very happy for Agustin. He deserves to be here! I just made him an official ally yesterday, it would have been RIDICULOUS if he had gone. Almost as if anyone who allies with me goes home. But not today!

This has been the easiest day in the game so far. Maybe the calm before the storm? Who knows.

Today has been quite insightful though. Suddenly the Americans want to do all the talking, telling me who is with who and who is in charge and who I should trust etc etc.

There are 2 that I trust quite a bit: Jordan and Drew. I tested them the other day, when I told them both i submitted a time of 6:18 for the puzzle. I reckoned that if either of them were not trustworthy, they would inform Tyler of my score so that he could beat it. Tyler got something like 6:38 which means he was not told my score. So I have built some trust with them. I also explained this to them and they were not mad. They understood my need for caution.

Of course, they may have told him, and he just didn't need to win. Cos as usual, mostly americans lost so he was never really in any danger.

Myself, Jerby and Agustin are still sticking together it seems. But will we be on the same team for next challenge? Who knows. Also... what kind of name is Jerby?!? It's like a nickname I would give to my pet gerbil. Not that we have gerbils in New Zealand...


Ok I am the first one to get individual inmunity, so far that is the only way to get inmunity, as a gift but I love that people see me like a weak contestant, i'm just waiting the best moment to play hard, three tribals and im safe, this game is constantly changing, the thing is that I'm trying to see who can i trust and who dont. So far I trust Matt, Jerby and I think Richie too, I trust and probably owe my life in this game Jon but he is a little bit Shady (I'm returnbing the favor, but at the same time i'm careful with him), he is getting so much power. I'm like Ok with Ahad but he is really smart. Dustin is reaaly a mistery he seems to be with the internationals but he doesn't actually talk just listens.. I wonder if he is listening to much. Quanz is so out of my game, I cant trust in him the minute he got into tribal he flipped alliances, i think he dug his own grave. Noah Jamie and Jordan are nice people, i wish we can work together in the future after this all american vs Internationals. Nokomis is weird he never spoke a word to me, none, zero. I yhink we aren't even friends in facebook. I don't have a individual strategy just yet, i want to make it to tribes, knowing who can i trust that is my "strategy" then I will start to play really hard!! for those not mentioned here, is because we neverreally talked.


All I want to say about that challenge is... I don't know. 22 MINUTES!!!

Now I get to go to tribal council tomorrow for the third time. There is suppose to be a twist involving the winners. Don't know what it is yet.


I vote for Corey he really really deserves to leave right now, good bye. this could be me right now, but is corey bye this is for Lawrence and Patryk


Things are going great for the Internationals because of the Immunity Twist. All of the Americans are in Tribal so we're sure that the US alliance will be down one member.

I am in the process of organizing something for the next challenge so the Internationals can bounce back and even the scores with 8-8 going into possibly the tribal phase of the game.

Drew and I, I believe, have a strong alliance. I do trust him but we were going over strategy and he said that his Final 5 consists of me, him and 3 other Americans. I didn't say a word but that scared the hell out of me. I could be in the bottom of this totem pole if that happened so my plan is to find the idol.

I do admit that that's thinking way to ahead. Our initial plan is to take out Matt as soon as possible and I think we can do that with Jon, Kaffe, Richie and Agustin on my side while it's Drew, Noah, Sam, Tyler, and Nokomis on the other.

To be honest, what Im thinking is if that plan works, Drew would be untouchable and he'd become the next threat. I just have to wait for things to pan out and take Drew out before he gets me voted out first.


Today out of no where Corey shows up. He asks me if I want to be in an alliance with him and Blake. Us 3 can get to the final 3. LOL! I told him I couldn't do it. He asked me if he was going next. I told him that he was going. Right after, I told him that it was good to see him start playing and his reputation has gotten better now because of it. He took the news well.

So we know that the twist involves Jonathan. He will give immunity to someone on the losers team. We know it will be Agustín. So everyone agrees to vote for Corey. Later on Tyler comes to the Americans and says that Corey wants to form an alliance. Tyler told Corey that the Americans are going to blindside me and get me voted off. He tells Corey to vote for me. I think it was completely unnecessary to fool him like that. You get him all excited that he's still got a chance and then you take the rug out from under his feet. I didn't think that was cool to do to Corey. Which of course now gets my mind thinking about why my name was the one they told Corey to vote for. Tyler pulls me aside and tells me the reason why he told Corey to vote me was because my name showed up on an "online randomizer". He said I would have nothing to worry about. I just told him it was cool. But really I don't know

Agustín and I start talking and he tells me about some things he heard a few of the Americans say. He tells me that the Americans have been discussing who to keep between Quanz and me. Who would be the better choice to keep. Apparently they are confused. Mainly because of the way the last vote went. At first they don't think I am 100% loyal with the Americans. But then they see that I saved them from their potential downfall and put the blame on Quanz for making a near fatal mistake. He told me the Americans think I'm THE mastermind of the game. To me that sounds cool but I know that's not a good title to have right now. Especially this early in the game. Now if I can somehow get to the end with that title on my back that would be great. But I don't know, this could mean I am due for an early exit. I wouldn't be surprised now. I'm actually starting to wonder if I'll make it past Tribal Council tonight. The Americans probably SHOULD get rid of me early. But they should get Quanz first. I don't trust the guy one bit either. Because I'll at least stay with this alliance until I find a crack in it. Agustín may have bought me some time though. He said he made me look good in front of the Americans and I shouldn't worry. And Quanz is in bigger trouble now.

I do believe I have Drew's support. He says he thinks we are on the same page. I think he may want Quanz gone and the others are fools for not recognizing it. I know I have the support of Jamie and Jordan. I THINK I have Nokomis support and Drew's.