"Buried So Deep In Despair"
Season Survivor: Java
Episode Number 4/13
Episode Chronology
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Buried So Deep In Despair is the forth episode of Survivor: Java.


Reward: none
Winners: none
Immunity Challenge: Flash game - Island Runner
Winners: Jember

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 3: Malasan

Tribal Council 4:
Clairie Java
Clairie (5 votes)
Brian JavaDanielle JavaSeth Java
Trent JavaXavier Java
Brian, Danielle, Seth, Trent & Xavier
Trent Java
Trent (1 vote)
Clairie Java
Clairie Java

Voting Confessionals

To be honest, I kind of wanted you to go first, but I was fine with Marija going. Now we're down to the point where we don't have time to mess around with these challenges and votes, so it is your time to go.


Clairie.... YOU are the weakest link


Clairie I feel really bad about this, but you showed you weren't loyal to Danielle and Seth last vote. Sorry


Final Words

I want to say big THANK YOU to all of you for this amazing short journey of Survivor Java game! I won't quit and I won't give up till I win next round in the future game Thank you from the bottom of my heart to each of one!! Best of luck to players left in the game! Hope Karma bite ya butt (I'm kidding)



  • Episode's name came from Mikey's quote.