"Bye Felicia"
Season Survivor: Greece
Episode Number 2/13
Episode Chronology
Previous Bathe In Blood
Next A Big Happy Alliance

Bye Felicia is the second episode of Survivor: Greece.


Immunity Challenge: Trivia Endurance
The tribes were given trivia questions about Greece and Survivor. Tribe that scored the most points after a 24 hour period wins immunity.
Winner: Laconia


Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 2:
Ian Greece
Ian (7 votes)
Jace GreeceMartynas GreeceMJ GreeceRenz GreeceSora GreeceWill Greece
Jace, Martynas, MJ, Renz, Sora & Will
Will Greece
Will (3 votes)
Eoin GreeceIan GreeceJosiah Greece
Eoin, Ian & Josiah
Ian Greece

Voting Confessions

Ian, not only do I suspect you of having an intertribe girl's alliance, and not only do I think you are annoying, but you also added someone from the other tribe to our chat? What were you thinking? And then you tried to blame me? Don't blame me for your own stupidity. I am just praying you don't have an idol, because if you do, I may be the first Attica going home.


Will, we decided to vote you out. Sorry I didn't get to know you. Take care.


You screwed up big time when you added Missy to the chat. This may or may not haunt me in the future but yeah, The Five Horsemen will not really work.


I suggest knowing what sarcasm and internet phrases are before playing next time.


Will aside from my alliance you're the only one to talk strategy with me and I didn't like lying to you so I'm washing my guilt away!


My vote is for Will. He's too big a player in this game to me. Also, he is my biggest threat.




Final Words

*long, sarcastic clap* WAY to go, guys. I wonder how you guys will win without me. For my alliance, kick their butts. And for Jace: Bye, Felicia.