Day 35

Screw you, Nifty. My 0 vote run has been totally ruined now. This sucks. But better 1 vote against me than 4 and going to ponderosa lmao. Now I feel like Carolyn in WA bc I'm in the majority but I'm only a shadow. Also this challenge is fucked up, I'm dying LOL. Ashfjdhaghakshsoala I NEED TO WIN IMMUNITY ONCE AGAIN BEFORE FTC. Jared has to lose this challenge tbh if he wins we're screeeeeewed so much lol. We need Hunter in final 4. Then getting rid off him. And if it's a final 2, I have a amazing idea. But I'll explain that laterrrrr


With this challenge I'm pretty positive I can't win so my best option is to make me look sorta weak. I was promised something that I can't completely trust but its still a chance because I don't see the point in lying to me at this point.


Day 36

Well, as if I'm never writing confessionals here is one special for the hosts. Well, Jared's talking to me and he wants Clifford gone. I somewhat said I'd agreed. If I had the chance I'd take him out but we would go to a tie and then Felix and Hunter would vote Jared and then I'm going home at final 4. Nah-- I'm not going to risk my game for Jared. So too bad bud, you're leaving. I'm like the only one left who is close with you so when the time comes at FTC I have Jared's vote. Just hoping this tribal will be as easy as the previous ones. And hey, if I survive I beat Amber. LET ME SURVIVEEEEEEE


Okay, I'm talking with Felix now. The only thing I'm going to say for now is that I have a awesome plan in my mind and if I get the idol I can do it!


Oh come on, Felix. Don't be so silly and give me that idol like wtf is your problem. It's for your own good.


Today's the big day. Do I make a huge move and get Clifford out this vote? Clifford's gonna hate me, without a doubt, but I can't let the man win 3/3 ORG's. Voting Cliff out is gonna keep another big jury threat in the game, Jared. The guy has not pissed anyone in the jury off yet, mostly because he's been on the wrong side of the votes, since we merged. Either way, I'm gonna keep someone around that's going to keep the target off of my back at Final 4.



I was planning on blowing up this tribal, making a huge scene, etc but once again I worked behind the scenes and hopefully what I'm hoping will happen, will happen.


This fight, woooooow. Everyone comes in private to me saying what's bad about that person and that other person. I'm soooo gonna win this game now. Clifford goes home now and will be not mad at me since I never betrayed him. Jared goes next who hates Hunter and dislikes Felix. And then Hunter goes who dislikes Felix as well. That three plus Austin's votes makes majority already which means if I get to the end I'm winning this game. This game full of fights and endless discussions. It was all about; lies, cries and one big price.


So apparently I'm the bully and Hunter's the victim when in reality thats BS. Like thats so annoying because neither of us are a "bully" or a "victim." Hunter was actually rude to me first and started it, I just brought it in main chat to show everybody. If he can't handle it I don't know why he started it.


Azer Video Confessionl 111:14

Azer Video Confessionl 1


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