These are the confessionals made within this episode.

Day 4

So I'm um talking to Bailey and um I discover that Adam is trying for form an alliance against me... Like what? I haven't even done anything to you... I haven't even talked to him... I don't get how I'm rubbing people the wrong way already..


Yeah I feel sorry for summers friend dying but ultimately it’s not a part of my game so why should i care. if you know what I mean.


We definitely have to win this challenge. Prepare Joshie, it's your turn.


After last night’s tribal I can tell that I'm on the outs. Only myself, Summer, Gerard and Orange voted against the majority. Luckily I feel as though I can Brenda my way into the other alliance and hopefully stay under the radar. The thing is Summer came and told me that he had Brendan and CK after showing them a conversation between Duy, Jastine, and Luke saying they were on the bottom. Now I don't know whether to play it safe and go with the "majority" or to try and turn this game around and stick with Summer. Looks like I'll have to do some Recon to figure out which it the best way to go.


I hate this reward challenge. I'd much rather do the dupligon duel than this because, that one was possible of beating. This one is downright impossible! If we win i'm taking jastine and killing him!


This reward challenge is fucking huge, winning means you could flip the game on its head!

What I want is to win the reward, bring over a big threat from their tribe and throw the immunity challenge and vote them off. What bailey wants to do is win reward, bring over Luke, the village idiot and then throw it, and vote out Luke. Luke, who Is in no way a threat and a perfect scape goat...


My scheme last night failed. One of my closest allies (Orange) was voted out. With the numbers then 6-3, I tried to infiltrate Luke's alliance in order to last longer, but he flat out refused to my face and then I knew I had to fight for it. Bad move, Luke. Bad move.

The good news is that Raphael gave me a screenshot of Luke, Duy, and Jastine in private chat strategizing. I sent the screenshot to the assumed outsiders Brendan and CK, and they agreed to send Duy home next. Gerard and Will have agreed to. It is now 5-4, but it could always screw up again, no one knows for sure. And that's what I love about this game.

Another factor is the Loaning twist. My alliance has agreed to win the reward challenge, kidnap Maxwell, throw the immunity challenge, vote out Duy using Maxwell. If we lose the reward challenge, Regreso will kidnap Luke and vote him out. I have it covered both ways. Hope this works.


Luke is seriously driving me nuts. He thinks everyone is a threat to him and he wants to get rid of everyone that voted for him. Dude, Chillax, have a cold one or something because its hard to keep you under wraps!


Its nice to be sitting in a position of power with everyone wanting a piece of your vote and my ally having the idol. Everything seems great now.. lets hope nothing screws it up.


This season is going a lot better for me!! I have formed a power alliance. Myself, Wojtek, Bailey, Joshie, Courtney and Lloyd. We want Ometepe out. Since day 1 I am trying to get him out, he his so useless in challenges. I mean, the guy sucks. My 5 years old brother would do better -.- ! I also have control over the Regreso tribe. Duy, luke and Jastine proposed me an alliance. They are so dumb, I screenshot their conversation and send it to Summer. I hope they gonna get kicked off! If I am loan, Duy is gonna go! He is the biggest threath for my game in this season.


Losing the reward sucks..i wish i could help our tribe win that one... it's a pretty huge reward..but it's scary as well.....with that one reward challenge, i could be sent right now i'm really hoping that it's not me...i don't wanna get picked...please take maxwell..just choose maxwell...i just missed a lot of happenings here...and i need to focus on my game since i'm done with other stuff going on....i ust hope it's not me...


Since the kidnapped person would get to enter the pyramid, the 5 of us changed our plan and decided to kidnap Ralphie, as he is part of our alliance. I understand that Summer, Gerard and Will know they are the minority so they have to fight for their lives now, but Brendan, Brendan is with us (as least that's what Jastine said). I don't know why he ridiculously insists on choosing Maxwell. But whatever, we are the majority so Ralphie will be kidnapped anyway. Luke entered the pyramid and was handed an idol, hopefully there is another idol in the pyramid and Ralphie will receive it.


Day 5

This twist has not been good to me, I'm in a rather compromising position as of now. There is the alliance of Gerard, Brendan, Summer, Chris, and Will. But then there is the alliance of Jastine, Aiden, Luke, and Duy. Then with this idol in the mix, I am really in a predicament here.

Regeso is a really fractured tribe, similar to mine, except mine is a standoff for the most part.

I'm surprisingly not being targeted by ANYONE here, but both alliances think I am voting with them, so in the end, I am making a lot of enemies in this vote.


Max joins us for 3 days, which I dont really seem to mind though. Im working into his mind to get him to vote along side the Regresso 5 and who knows, we may have a 6th member!


Hohohohoho, Im as excited as a little kid on christmas! Being the only one knowing where the two playable idol lies is no mean feat and with this obstacle of paranoia out of the window, My game is going to run freaking smoothly now while watching others crash and burn!


So it's shaping up to be a 5-5 tie tomorrow night. Myself, Summer, Maxwell, Gerard, and Will are on one side, while Jastine, Luke, Duy, Chris K, and Aidan are on the other side.

So I came up with possibly the stupidest plan ever. I claimed to Jastine that Gerard wants Maxwell out, and that I would be willing to split the votes between Maxwell/Gerard. Only an idiot would fall for this, but I think Jastine lives up to the promise of being an idiot. Remember, he had to be told BY THE MODERATORS to play his idol when he was the only member of his tribe left in a clear pagonging situation.

And even if that plan fails, Maxwell has the idol, so either the five votes against him don't count, or my alliance has favorable odds in the rocks tiebreaker.

Oh, and one more thing: There's nothing in the rulebook that says I have to keep immunity if I win it, so giving it to someone else is still a possibility. Unfortunately, that would blow my cover and reveal that the whole Gerard/Maxwell plan was a sham, so I have some strategizing to do...


When we got there to know what the immunity challenge was, i was hoping that it's more of a flash games but it's not. it's not. It's a freaking tribal buff making thing!!!!!. I wasn't surprise that it's our challenge for this immunity because we've done it in our season in egypt where our tribe, the Anubis tribe won. but the thing there is that only one person made it. now what surprises me is the individual immunity challenge. I never participated in any individual immunity challenge before so there is a part of me that tells me to strive on learning the photoshop..

I've said before that the first elimination, which is a double elimination was like a sick the surprise or twist or whatever they want to call it is frightening..."THIS TIME, IT'S BEYOND SICK" we loan one person from the other tribe and one person will be voted out on each tribe.. i dunno what's going to happen anymore.. It became very unpredictable... what i only know is who's going home in our tribe..because me and bailey already decided where to side because we can't be a swing vote for the rest of the we'll so if it pays out...


Things are starting to look up again game-wise. Maxwell was kidnapped to our tribe, so now it's 5-5, as opposed to the previous 6-3. We agreed to not vote Luke, because he might have an idol. Also, Jastine is easy to see through. Duy is a major threat, so we will be voting him. If Duy wins individual immunity, Jastine goes. I've heard that Luke's alliance intends on having my alliance be split between Maxwell and Gerard, and they will target me. Another possibility is that Luke might save Duy with his possible idol. I think they will be too cocky to care, though.

I know Duy knows it's him, because CK blabbed to him when I approached him. That was before they tried to have us target each other, so I'm not worried. It will probably be 5-5 (5 for Duy, 5 for me), and then in the revote CK will vote Duy to avoid rocks. Then by that time Maxwell goes back to Vuelta and it's 4-4 (CK will flip at the revote, and I regain majority).

I am ready to kick Luke in the nuts!


I'm no challenge threat by all means so i have to use my strategics to survive this Double Tribal council. The mad Monarchs are ready to kill the lame Ometepe and if he wins immunity We'll Kill his rival so it's all good. We'll see revenge Rise for The Mad Russell. And this will show that on the Vuelta Tribe The Mad Russell Reigns Supreme! Because I'm not afraid of a Double Tribal.


Day 6

Ralphie won, well i'm not surprise at all i knew he will win it...were going tribal council now and yeah I'm pretty sure that this is already done..

"HIS FATE IN THIS GAME HAS ALREADY MADE" and he's going i'm not worried at all..This is my first tribal council after my egypt boot episode so i just have to enjoy this.. LOL :D


So, right now, I'm definitely voting for Duy. Anything to weaken Luke, honestly. I'm close to both Summer and Max, and I'm aligned with Will and Brendan. Us five are the "America Alliance 2.0". I'm also close with Chris, but he's in the opposing alliance, which kinda sucks. :\ Now, a paragraph about my dear friend Luke.

He's honestly the rudest person I've literally ever met. He has no respect towards any other human being, and just acts heartless. I honestly cannot stand him. He's basically a poor man's Phillip, mainly because Phillip does seem like a nice person. Luke is just mean, and I really do not like mean people.

So, even though I have a deep hatred towards Luke, I still gotta get rid of Duy tonight since Luke may have the idol. That sucks, doesn't it? xD But since I'm making Luke paranoid, I'm killing two birds with one stone. ;)


Regarding last elimination: my alliance held up and orange is gone. This is good news.

Today Summer messaged me a suspicious screencap from Raphaphous Facebook profile. This screencap shows raphs messages and one is a group message between Jastine, Luke and Duy only. I still dont understand how raph saw this message if he wasnt included. It's a harmless group message. Anyway summer is trying to convince me that I am not in Luke's core alliance, which I think is bs because Luke told me what he got from the pyramid. Summer is trying everything, I worry he will get someone with a weaker mind to flip. Still I will take this warning as a heads up for down the road.

Regarding reward challenge:

This is a difficult challenge. I hope we win so we can steal someone.

Regarding kidnap twist:

I don't think this twist is a fair one. I also don't see it working out. Whoever is kidnapped is bound to be eliminated, they won't stand a chance. Unless the other team throws the challenge to save the kidnapped member.

Regarding twists in general:

There is so much happening already. I don't think excessive twists makes for a good season. It's more confusing than interesting. I also dislike the lack usual twists, I'm having horrible Laos flashbacks to when a twist put me on a team of 2!

Regarding kidnapping max:

What? Is aiden really with us?

Regarding immunity challenge:

I am not good at these challenges. My tool for photo editing is paint, lets see how this goes... I actually like my buff!

Regarding upcoming double tribal:

Isn't this too soon? Whatever, one was coming and I think I'm ok anyway.

Regarding immunity results: damn! I sent my buff to the wrong place! Bwahahahah! Whoops... It could've won.

Regarding vote: I feel at the bottom of both alliances in the tribe. It's not a good feeling but at least I know now and can prepare myself for later. Duy is the clear leader... Or dictator of one alliance. I don't like him but I'm willing to work with him. Brandon has not talked to me ever, I don't trust him. summer is batshit crazy! No trust there. I like Aiden and Gerard the most. Especially Gerard, I feel he is making a mistake siding with summer and Brendan, but he has chosen his side. I know I can't work with the other two of them.


I heard that Ralph turned on us and is working with Summer, which is very disappointing because I trust Ralph ALOT!. I guess we're lucky Maxwell was kidnapped because he's with us now (hopefully that's true).


Well it's a tie. Crap. This is also really annoying, because even though Luke is my closest ally and I really like him, it might've been him that brought us here. He completely lost Gerard when Luke complained about Summer's deceased friend. In fact, I was the one who made him apologize to Summer. I was also the one who basically found Luke's idol for him by telling him the answer to the riddle. I can't keep dragging Luke along with me but the problem is he has an idol that I will probably need soon. I wonder how this will play out.


If someone asks me," Hey who do you think has the least chance of winning Revival?"

Straight away I would confidently say, "Luke" because he doesnt think of the repercussions of announcing he has the idol, he doesnt know when to shut up and his english is literally similar to the Minions language in Despicable Me, albeit less cuter. Please Luke, compose yourself, take in Kesh advice of "Grammar gets you places" because if you keep blabbering the plan to outsiders, you won’t even reach your merge target man!


I will do everything in my power to keep him in the game. Bromance of the Org you might call it. Not in a homosexual way of course