Contestant Profile

Survivor: Korea

Tribe(s) Silla
► Baekje
► Goguryeo
Placement 13/21
Alliance(s) Korea Alliance (affiliated)
Challenge(s) Won 5
Vote(s) Against 8
Day(s) Lasted 23
Chalinona aka Chal is a contestant on Survivor: Korea.


Name: Joey
Age: 15
Lives in: -
Hobbies: Computer, Survivor, Soccer
Pet Peeves: Cruel people, slow drivers
Biggest Achievement so far: Winning the presidential award in 5th grade (straight a's all 4 terms)
3 Words that describe me: Outgoing, Caring, Sneaky
Inspiration in Life: Jackie Robinson. No matter how hard people treated him, he kept going on and on and on.
Are you active on any other wikis besides this one: Yep. Fanon, main one, drpanda's org wiki, plants vs zombies wiki.
How long are you usually on the internet per day?: 5–6 hours, sometimes 4, sometimes 7.
How did you find out about this wiki?: My sister
Have you seen survivor in real life? If so, what is your favorite season? Pearl Islands, because of the twists.
Survivor contestant you resemble the most: Cochran. I am a nerd who is obsessed with the game.
What kind of a contestant do you think you will be? An outgoing, brave, helpful one.
Favorite Wikia Season and contestant: Switzerland and Alfons. He used strategy to get himself to the final and win all the jury votes.
Why do you want to be on survivor wikia? Because i love survivor, and am too young to be on the real show.
Have you ever participated in an org before?: Nope. First time :)
Why do you think you will be the sole survivor? Because I am a big strategist that won't become too much of a threat.
What are 3 things you would take to the island and why?
My pillow pet: It is super comfy!
Rain coat: Incase it starts down pouring.
Deck of cards: Incase it gets boring.

Survivor: Korea

Voting History

Chal's Voting History
Episode Chal's
Voted Against
1 Silla Tribe Immune
2 Daniel Ryan, Dark Pearl
3 Silla Tribe Immune
4 Baekje Tribe Immune
5 Chandni -
6 No Vote
7 Goguryeo Tribe Immune
8 Hunter Aaron, Amir, Hunter,
Ivan, Monkey, Ryan
Voted Off, Day 23


  • Chal is one of the first 4 castaways to get an Artifact, where he obtained a Dark Pearl.
  • Chal is one of three people in Korea to be in all of the three starting tribes. The others are Jake and Ryan.