Cheating is a case where contestants attempt to rig the game for them to win in one way or another.

Forms of Cheating


This is Chris from Hawaii's Fanon wiki. We're all just figments of his creation.

Mitchell (mocking Chris7toppei's sockpuppetry)

Sockpuppetry occurs when a contestant (known as the sockpuppeteer) attempts to further their own game by entering a second account (known as a sockpuppet) into the game.

Another form of sockpuppetry occurs when a former contestant tries to enter a different account into another season, with the hopes of being able to play again, unbeknownst to everyone else.


Photoshopping occurs when a contestant tries to digitally alter their challenge scores, making it look like they received a higher score than what they actually did.

Password Stealing

Password stealing is when one contestant obtains another contestant's password and play as them. This is considered cheating as another tribe mate is doing the work for a different tribe mate, which can unfairly help them win.

Helping With Scores

Helping with scores is considered cheating as another tribe mate is doing the work for a different tribe mate, which can unfairly help them win.

Glitch Exploiting

Glitch exploiting is when a contestant exploits a glitch in a flash game, which can unfairly help them win.

Known Cheaters

Note that Survivor ORG Wiki was affiliated with Survivor Wiki and its spinoff Survivor Fanon Wiki through 2014.

Any reference to a block on "all wikis" up to and including Survivor: Similan Islands includes those two wikis in addition to the ORG Wiki.

Cheater Season Type Reason Punishment
Kaaitlyn Survivor: Hawaii Photoshopping Photoshopping her screenshot result in a fishing game from 5384 to '85384'. The screenshot can be viewed here. Her score was changed to -5000, which resulted in her tribe Manu losing the challenge.
Chris7toppei Sockpuppetry Playing under two different accounts in the same season Ejection from the game
Cassie watkins
AW3SOM3 S4MU3L Sockpuppetry Playing under two different accounts in the same season Hawaii jury votes negated, infinite block on all Survivor wikis
Kaaitlyn Survivor: Hawaii
Survivor: Cuba
J8in Survivor: Switzerland Photoshopping Photoshopping his challenge result. Ejection from the game
IAmNothing712 Password Stealing Obtaining tribemate Johnarvin's password and playing for him in a challenge None (Quit before a punishment could be given)
RangerStar Applied for Survivor: Nepal Sockpuppetry Being a suspected sockpuppet of AW3SOM3 S4MU3L (Sockpuppetry discovered pre-season, before cast was finalized) See Samuel's entry for details.
Survivor Lance Survivor: Egypt Sockpuppetry Being a sockpuppet of Hawaii contestant Chris7toppei Removal from the jury, and an infinite block on all wikis for both accounts
Sluesvince07 Applied for Survivor: Korea Sockpuppetry Being a sockpuppet of TheDrPeps79 (Sockpuppetry discovered pre-season, before cast was finalized) Max's jury vote negated, and a one-year block on all wikis for both accounts
Moonsik Survivor: Papua New Guinea Helping Other Tribemate Trying to submit for fellow tribe mate LukePrower with a challenge to get the win. Was given a self-vote at his next Tribal Council as a penalty.
Arcker55 Applied for Survivor: Côte d’Ivoire & Survivor: Polynesia Sockpuppetry For being a sockpuppet of Zingerace23 (Sockpuppetry discovered pre-season, before casts were finalized) One-year block on Survivor ORG Wiki for both accounts.
TheAspie Survivor: Anarchy Glitch Exploiting Exploiting a glitch in a flash game that got him immunity. Was stripped of his immunity.
Jefraislife Survivor: Indonesia Sockpuppetry Being a sockpuppet of Nommehzombies. Was disqualified from the game and a one-year block was given to both accounts.
JamesBCrazy Survivor: Salvation Glitch Exploiting/
Edited the code of the Squishy Bird flash game to increase his score in the challenge. He was also found guilty of Photoshopping said score, but as the person judging his screenshot was unaware of the exploit, it is unknown whether the artifacts in the screenshot were actually caused by Photoshop. Was disqualified from the game and given a one-year block.
Advance knowledge of cheating During the challenge in which James cheated, he hinted to his brother Brendan that he was cheating, but claimed to him that it was via Photoshop. Brendan did not inform the hosts of this knowledge until after the challenge despite knowing James' score, altering the outcome of the challenge. Was not given any sanctions beyond the block of the brothers' shared IP address.
Corey.altiere Applied for Survivor: Greece Sockpuppetry Applied for Greece, not remembering he had previously played in Survivor: Anarchy as Corey334489 (Was discovered on Day 1, immediately after cast was finalized) Was removed from the finalized cast and replaced with SurvivorMJ. Corey is not officially considered to have played in Greece.
KathyV Applied for Survivor: Java Being a sockpuppet of UgniusSlekys. Infinite block for both accounts.
MystiaBlue Survivor: Java Sockpuppetry Successfully entered a sockpuppet into Java. Was discovered a year later. Given a one year block to both accounts.
Bebhunghia97 Survivor: Sichuan Helping/being helped with scores After a 2-2 tie at the final four Tribal Council, TSN was to take part in the Jury Statements tiebreaker challenge against Tswifties. He was caught contacting members of the jury in violation of the challenge's rules. Was disqualified from the challenge, and as a result the game. Despite his elimination being the result of cheating, he was allowed onto the jury.
xTeardrops Applied for Survivor: New Zealand and Survivor: Sichuan Sockpuppetry Being a sockpuppet of QueenFioonz. Both accounts were banned indefinitely from future games.


  • "Kaitlyn" and "Cassie" are the first two female sockpuppets.
    • "Lance" is the first male sockpuppet.
  • James is the first returning contestant (excluding sockpuppets) to be caught cheating.

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