These are the confessionals made within the episode.

Day 13

The tribes switched! All stars is finally not boring anymore... However, i might be in a tight spot. I think I'm already safe and secure in this tribe, but the problems are the choices i make from this point on. So far, I have Alejandro, Henzzy, and Hunter. I think I'm pretty close with all three of them. Those three are mine for sure. I'm not sure about Lloyd or Ben, since i haven't really talked to them before. But my dilemma is that Hunter is really on about taking out Alejandro, because to him and probably everybody else, Alejandro is just simply untrustworthy. With all the crap i hear about him, i can't help but agree, but Alejandro hasn't really done anything bad to me yet. So at this point i do trust him. I do have to think though, that i should to dupe him for before he dupes me. It's probably only a matter of time when Alejandro is gonna sneak up behind me and say "Hasta La Vista motherfu*ker" and vote me out. So I have take him out first! I just hope he was never genuine with me in the first place and I don't regret this decision to write his name down.


So we switched as I thought. Sadly into three tribes which means that there will probably be a switch or an absorption or something like that sometime.

Also.. there is a triple tribal coming.

Grrrrr Alfons and whoever thought this is fun.

But I hope we can handle this. I still have Adam which makes me feel a whole lot better. Had I lost him I would be mad as hell now.

And Taylor is in a really good tribe with quite a few of my allies! This is great, because when merge comes, it would be easier for us to have this alliance. And on top of that, he is safe. I was so scared of losing him and now I don't have to be. Also, Alejandro is in the same tribe as Hunter.. and some other trustworthy people. This means that he can remove Hunter from the game quite easily. Hunter's been causing a lot of trouble and I hope that this coming Triple Tribal will be his demise. But I am also worried about me. In my tribe I have Andrei and Ash.. Ash.. seriously... I am not happy at all about this. This could mean that I am going. I'd hate to go cause of her.

But I have Adam and I think he will help us figure something out. Also, I get along well with Gerard and Andrei and I know that Sharky wants to work out something with Adam. Andrei also likes Adam quite a lot. I just hope this is enough to keep us both safe.

If Uli and Hunter go next I will be rather happy. Two original Slytherins with one blow! I do like them as people, they are both lovely young men. But they are scary opponents in the game.

But I still have Adam. And as long as I have him, I feel more safe. Also, this is my chance to work out something with some other people. Let's hope this will help me advance myself in the game, and not be the beginning of my end. In any case, we still have an idol.


New tribes! I'm no longer a stupid Rolih bird and am officially bumped up to the next lowest rank of being a Mpilo hippo! This tribe is very good for me. I have allies everywhere, except for Lloyd. I have a strong feeling I am safe with these guys, but I need to start thinking of who I want to stay in the game with. Ben is by far my biggest ally on the tribe and I feel like I have a better friendship with him rather than Jhet or Henzzy. Lloyd is basically a non-entity. Then there is Alejandro. We have him surrounded right now, spears ready, cannons loaded, guns pointed, but he is giving me puppy dog eyes. I know Ben and Henzzy are down with the plan of ridding this game with Alejandro's villainous ways, but he is claiming he has changed. He says he has changed since Korea and wants to work with Ben and I. However, Jhet claims Alejandro told him that he wants to work with Jhet and I. Now this makes me suspicious. Alejandro either takes me for an idiot or he is making really stupid moves. I want him out so badly because I can't trust he has changed. He knows he may be in trouble so he will probably try hard at immunity. Luckily for me, it is Friday and I have all night to do this challenge. I will do my absolute best to ensure I win immunity. I guess I am going to have to release the Killer Rabbit From Within 2: Electric Boogaloo.


The Bromance is dead. 3 people on Zuma were members of the bromance and two of them are gone. I think it's safe to say that the Zuma side of this alliance has crumbled.


Woah this switch really shook things up!! Immediately Hickman, Uli, Zac and I formed a quick alliance and we decided it'd be Marish to go at our Triple. He's kinda flaky, kinda weak and kinda untrustworthy so I'd be more than happy to cut him. My only worry is when it gets to four, who's going first? I'm in an alliance with two former Rolih's and a winner... That's why I need to look at my options and see if I can swing Zac or Hickman into keeping Taylor and cutting Uli at 5, preferably Hickman - that way I'm a sure-fire number 2! On New-Mpilo Alejandro might be going... Both Ben and Hunter, people he burned in Korea, are there to get him which really sucks because I sorta trusted him... New Zuma I think will be targeting the winners because Ash has a possy over there and she doesn't trust Gerda... Either way, Old Mpilo will be taking a double hit :( I just hope I'm not one of them!


Not only is Mike gone, but we have a tribe swap/dissolve/shuffle thing going on, AND we have a triple tribal. Damn.


I hate these new tribes! In Mpillo, I was safe. i screwed up and caused my tribe immunity and yet they still kept me. But here, the odds are against me! I'm with BOTH KOREA CONTESTANTS! I felt scared as hell because I helped blindside those two. I wasn't sure if they'd trust me.

But either way. I have no chance of taking them out. Jhet already made up his mind on working with Hunter. So this is my back against the wall. Time for a last ditch strategy.

I'm a huge fan of Rob has a Podcast. And Rob Cesturnino recommended that future survivor players read 2 books, depending on how you wanna play. If you wanna be a hero, read "How to make friends and influence people" - I've already read this book because I needed to learn how to build connections with clients in the real world in order to strike deals with them. If you wanna be a villain, read "48 Laws of Power" because it will teach you how to properly lead an alliance (I used this book as a basis for my gameplay in Korea).

So I'm gonna combine the two for a while. I talked to Ben and Hunter and became as geniune as possible, and aligned with them. That's right, the people who I've been gunning for are now my new allies. Our alliance is the Taeguk alliance. I'm not sure whether they trust me or not, but I think i can get them to trust me somewhere along the road. I'm not going home tonight, cause I'm pretty sure I can win that challenge. So it'll buy me a few days to bond with them. My logic for this move is to maintain my main strategy of keeping friends close and enemies even closer. If Ben and Hunter think that i'm in a legit alliance with them, then they wont gun for me. Seeing as I have no way of taking either of them out, I need to stay off their radar for now.

So tonight, I have to adapt to the scenario. Lloyd is gonna go home. There's no way to save him, sorry Lloyd! Then we're gonna take out Henzzy cause I don't know exactly where he's going, I'm pretty sure he has numerous alliances.

Over at the new Zuma, I'm worried about Gerda and Adam because they're in really bad shape. Ash is somehow running the game over there. She's got Sharky and Andrei on her side. They wanna use Adam and Gerda to take out Gerard. I know that Gerda will be next on the chopping block, I CAN'T let that happen. So I'm trying to convince Adam and Gerda to pull in Gerard and go to rocks so that there will be a chance that Ash, Andrei or Sharky will go home.


Ohhhh god tribe switch and a triple tribal. Expected, really, but still unnerving. I think I'm on a pretty good tribe people-wise, but the last time I said that, we lost twice and I had to blindside someone who I thought was allies with...

Welp, fuck. I know I want to work with Andrei again, I think I'm loyal to my fellow ex-Tambo tribemates. Sharky's online, and I think we've set up a trio alliance between me, him and Andrei, pulling in Adam and Gerda to get Gerard out. Worst comes to worst, it's a tie. I feel bad for Gerard, but he's probably not the strongest member of our tribe. Or we pull in Gerard to get Gerda out, but I don't think that's gonna happen, Adam we can't get out because we want him to help us win immunity XD Andrei's good and so is Sharky. So let's just hope no one starts targeting me o_o

Either way, I don't think I want individual immunity, the games are friggin impossible, and I wouldn't win anyways.

Continuing on the goal ladder, I want to make the merge.


Okay good news, I've formed a 3 person alliance with Ash and Andrei so that should keep me safe. Plus we make a very attractive alliance ;)


Tribal shuffles are always interesting, they can improve your game, stuff it up or hardly even change it. And I don't think this switch has either improved or worsened my game. I'm still on a tribe with Hunter who I've been friends with from the start, I;m with Alejandro who I am friends with outside of the game. Ben is a fellow Australian and he seems really cool. Lloyd is a former winner, so he might be in a bit of trouble, but he seems nice. And Jhet seems really cool too. So I do like this tribe. However, Hunter and Alejandro are going crazy (more Alejandro). They both want each other gone and are trying to turn the whole tribe against the other. I trust Hunter far more. Alejandro is sneaky, everyone knows that. I can't trust him. As much as I like him and want him to make it far, he is manipulative and I need to make sure he's not controlling me. That's why he needs to go, I probably like him the most out of everyone on this tribe, I wasn't close with any of these guys before the game except Alejandro. So I really want to keep him for personal reasons, but I can't he needs to be the first one gone. It's crazy how in a game situation, your friends are the ones you trust the least.


Dang. It seems Sharky is actually with Ash.


I am trying to work out something , but I am not entirely sure... We might need to use his idol straight away.

At least Gerard is with us.. But even he was asking if Ash should be the fourth person in our alliance!

Seriously, why doesn't everyone get that she is a threat?! They might end up with bloody backs in the end.

I just hope I'm not going home. I NEED to win immunity.


So Andrei and I have decided that we are the perfect Survivor flirtmance. Let's see how long I can exploit that :p


And the dreaded tribe swap happened. We were randomly assigned new tribes, and I had to leave my good old Tambo beach. Luckily, I got sent on a tribe with Ash, Gerda, and Sharky! Someone hit the jackpot! I'm slightly more worried about Ben and Taylor, but they'll probably use their charm to get themselves out of trouble.


Day 14

As I feared, the switch didn't benefit me at all.

How can it be random that I end up with three people who could possibly go against me?

I mean, I am like one of those very few people who the switch didn't really benefit.

This could mean I go home next. Sharky is solid with both Andrei and Ash. I love Andrei, but I am scared of how he always works both sides.

I was just told that I might actually be the next one to go after Gerard. If we managed to get Sharky or Ash out, it would be super tricky.

Seriously, Zuma has just become the worst tribe to be on...

All of this for nothing cause some obnoxious purple haired teenager who envies me wants to get me out.


Marish is probably going home at this stage which isn't a bad thing, I really never trusted him any way. I've spoken to Zac, Taylor and Hickman about eliminating Uli if we were to lose again so I think that's a good plan. My only concern after that would come if we lost again... If that happened I'd have a choice of either siding with the "Cuban Three" of Taylor, Zac and myself or I try and pull Zac over to Hickman and I and get rid of Taylor... I'm not entirely sure what I'd do if that happened but either way winning is my best bet! :D New Rolih was made up of almost everyone I had little to no connection with which was awesome!! Now I have a working relationship with everyone in the game except for Lloyd, Adam and maybe Andrei! :DD Looking down the road a bit, Ash and Hunter are becoming a massive force to be reckoned with so I quietly hope something happens to them before the merge :p

In terms of this challenge, I'm not sure if I want to win it - I don't think I'm in danger but you never know... I'll have to wait and see whether 843 and 4730 is too high!


Also.. I heard Andrei would actually be prepared to work for me. This completely breaks my heart. So much for working together. Andrei, I'm never going to trust you again.


Firstly, poor Michael. I was right about the tribe dynamics of Zuma except that it was him on the outs with Charlie and not Lloyd. He was a nice guy but his elimination proves that you should worry first about tribal alliances before making cross-tribal alliances, because at the end of the day it's your tribe that will vote you out and all the cross-tribal alliances in the world won't save you. So I've lost Michael as an ally and - with him - Adam, though I'm not sure if that was ever a thing.

What else is new? Oh that's right.... TOTAL AND UTTER CHAOS! Tambo gets dissolved just as we were kicking into kick-ass mode and now we're on smelly new tribes. I think I'm in a good position on Mpilo even without any of my fellow Tamborines. I must have a good eye for allies because I ended up with Hunter and his ally, Henry. We even had a perfect plan that was all perfect and simple and perfectly simple. Alejandro ostensibly wants to create a Korea alliance as I knew he would. I'd be more suspicious of him if he didn't! Hunter doesn't want any of it and I can hardly trust Alejandro after he blindsided me in Korea. Plus Alejandro tried to make another secret society with Hunter and Ash. Sorry, but you literally could not have picked two worse people to try to keep that secret from me! I found out your last one and now I've found out about this one. Alejandro wants Lloyd out and he'd be a pretty easy boot. But if we can keep Alejandro from winning individual immunity then Hunter, Henry and I can vote out Alejandro in a 3-2-1 vote (my favvry). Too easy. Done. Just focus on winning immunity.

Then who turns up out of the blue uninvited? Adele? No, it's Lloyd! From what I'd heard, Lloyd wasn't very active but whoever thought that needs to hold the phone. And BTW, Lloyd's on the other end and he wants to talk. Lloyd and I have ended up in an alliance. And because there's Hunter and Henry on one side, and Alejandro and Jhet on the other, I'm stuck in the middle again juggling a hundred different possibilities. Like, could people stop allying with me? I can't handle it! I just want one stable alliance! To add to the headache, Henry is very sketchy and indecisive. Hunter trusts him and says he'd with us but to be honest I'm worried about him. Although he doesn't have much choice. If Lloyd, Hunter and I can present as a unified three then Henry would be a fool not to go with the majority.

So if all goes well I've managed to pick up another ally in Lloyd. I'm actually glad I got to talk to him. He seems friendly and trustworthy, and I'm happy to work with him knowing he's active than kick him out thinking he's inactive. Plus, maybe he can be my secret weapon if I keep telling everyone he's inactive! My own private ally :3

Further complications just in. Lloyd wants us to work with Alejandro because he thinks the target will be on Alejandro rather than us, which is actually a fairly good point. But I don't want Alejandro around if he's going to turn the target on me. WHY IS EVERYTHING SO HARD!

God I want immunity because I have no idea what's going to happen.


Shit's going down. So, I'm doing the challenge, and I'm having trouble, so Ash helps me out, and I finally get a pretty good score for Wingball or whatever the hell it's called. Anyway, I'm really thankful for that, because it was pretty nice. And then... Gerda comes to me and says that Andrei/Sharky/Ash are gunning for me. Honestly, I wouldn't believe this at all, but like... Ash hasn't really been acting... normally? recently. I don't know. Anyway, I'm really hesitant to believe anyone at this point, so what do I do...? Well, I confront the shit out of this problem.

I literally went to Sharky and mentioned that I was told about the supposed plan. He said, "you're not my target," or whatever. I call Gerda out on the obvious holes in her story, as Ash helped me in the challenge, and why the hell would she help me if she wanted to vote me out? I guess to gain my trust, but I mean, what the fuck? This is so annoying. I'm not used to being the decoy or the target, without a single fucking ally.

It's literally a whole new world to me. Do I trust Ash, the person I've been talking to for a while now, even though I felt like she was manipulating me? Or do I trust Gerda, who's literally been KNOWN to be extremely loyal and kind? I really don't know at this point, but... This vote isn't going to be a blow-out, that's for sure. It's going to be a shitfest.


Just when I thought I had a chance, the chance got taken away...

I found out from Jhet and Lloyd that both Ben and Hunter still don't trust me after I talked to them. Which is a shame because I was really willing to work with them. Well I'm not gonna go down without a fight. Tonight, will be my chance to take out Hunter.

I reached out to everyone. Lloyd talked to Ben (I don't think Ben would really be willing to flip, but it doesn't hurt to try). I talked to Jhet and Henzzy and asked them to vote for Hunter. It's taking a lot of convincing but it just might work. It's not a good chance, but it's a chance nonetheless.

For insurance. I talked to my loyal buddy from the original Mpillo, Sole. I knew that he has ties with Jhet, I know how powerful non-tribe member influences can get (believe me, that's how I played in Korea after all). Sole really came around, he pushed Henzzy to talk to Jhet. Henzzy knows me from outside the game, we were close ever since we made that mid for Season 14 (We bid together for season 14, but Anarchy won by a few points). If Henzzy points out my good qualities, it might just be enough to convince Jhet to save me. If those two side with me to take out Hunter, this will be my new biggest ORG achievement.

It's not a big chance, but at least it's something. If I'm gonna go down, there's no way in hell I'm going down without a fight!


Ben won immunity! I'm extremely happy he did so, as Alejandro isn't safe. I have talked to many others and they are up for the plan with taking out Alejandro, the only problem is, am I? The decision of voting out Alejandro is a decision that will decide if I am a Hero or a Villain. People have told me I was the biggest hero in Korea, but am I really? Alejandro of course was the biggest villain, so if you are pitting the biggest hero against the biggest villain, does the hero taking him out still make the hero heroic, even after the villain has apologized for his wrongs? Or does it make the hero a villain, an even bigger villain than the original villain. I've already organized and booted potentially the biggest villain on the entire ORG, Skandi, now I am taking out potentially the second biggest villain, Alejandro. This vote will really be a game changer for me, personally. Johan-Amir messaged me today. He told me he knew about the Alejandro boot, and that Ash had told him. He said Ash had said somebody on our tribe was trying to get rid of Alejandro. Now obviously, this means me, but Johan-Amir doesn't need to know that. I'm a little pissed Ash told him. I was able to weasle my way out of it (I think) and convince him, Ash, Alejandro and I are NOT allies. Ash is lying to him, and we are voting out Lloyd. Now when Alejandro is voted out, JA will be asking questions. I guess I can just cover it up by playing stupid? I don't know. Maybe put less of a target on myself somehow. I just need to keep JA thinking Alejandro is NOT going home so that he won't warn him beforehand. Mpilo Team 5, Hunter, Ben, Henry, Jhet, Lloyd, will go down in history for this move. I better have Isaac make a movie poster for us.......


So I got to talk to Sharky and Ash about strategy and everything and it turns out we're all pretty pumped about voting out Gerard if he doesn't win immunity. Sharky and I seem to be on the same page about a lot of things, and he doesn't seem like a loud mouth, contrarily to Ash, so it's good to be working with him.

I told Gerda and Adam about my intentions to work with the winners, so the plan is to make sure Gerard and his annoying ass do not win Immunity. He let everyone know that he enjoyed both games, which immediately made me wanna smash a coconut on his empty head.


Gerard approached earlier and told me he heard that Ash, Sharky and I were targeting him, which is true. I didn't confirm or deny, but what's more interesting is that he was quick to throw Gerda's name out there and make it look like she was scrambling. Ok, first of all, bitch, I know Gerda, she has more class than that. Secondly... Weren't you gunning for the winners? And indeed, he turns out he was... So he's slightly smarter than I thought. But he's still about as transparent as clear water in a sink. I'm hoping people can see through him.


Day 15

Well, this looks like my last confessional. Hunter knows that I was gunning for him, so he will without a doubt take me out tonight. I think the chances of anyone siding with me to take out Hunter is pretty small (heck, I don't even think Lloyd is gonna side with me).

But damn, the new Mpillo is one hell of a tribe. While everyone was busy scoring a million points, Mpillo was scoring BILLIONS of points. I seriously thought my score was gonna be high enough to win immunity, but all I ended up doing was placing 4th...4th place with nearly 2 billion points in total... I'm in shock right now.

So yeah, it's time for the battle. But it doesn't look good on my part. My only hope is that Gerda, Sole, Marish, Adam and Taylor end up going far in the game.


So this shits getting crazy. On Zuma, you have 1) Gerda and Adam 2) Ash, Andrei, and Me 3) Me and Adam 4) Me and Gerard 5) Adam, Gerda, Ash. Everyone is "friends" with everyone. And it's going to make for an interesting tribal.


This is the saddest day for me in this competition.

First I hear that Andrei is not planning to really work with me, but is sticking with that annoying Ash. Then I hear that they plan to eliminate Gerard. I tell Gerard and he immediately tells Andrei which was suspicious but at least he admitted it to me too. I'm still not entirely sure of Gerard, but he is out best way of moving forward.
Plus he also has been telling me valuable info which neither Ash nor Andrei have admitted.
Ash is trying to get me out. If Gerard goes, I'd be next. As Marish put it, "Ash doesn't really care which 'G' goes first".
But it seems Gerard indeed is with us.
As for Andrei.. if he really knows about Ash's plan and didn't tell me, it hurts me even more.
Still.. there is one good thing.
Which means we can probably boot Ash. If they vote Gerard, we will go to rocks and will all three of us be safe. I hope this works. At least I won't be going home this time.
But it's so confusing.. Ash tells Gerard and Marish she wants me out, and then she and Andrei tell me they want Gerard out. They are messing with my head. But the saddest thing is that Alejandro will probably be booted from Mpilo.. Hunter has once again taken charge of a tribe. He is a nice person but he absolutely sickens me as a player now. He has gotten out one of my allies already and he is gunning for Lloyd next :(
I do hope Alejandro and the others can make something work. But the chances are slim. Hunter isn't really the fairest player.
And him and Ash are working together. KNEW IT.
All Stars isn't fun anymore. Why is everyone trying to be a villain this season? Why is everyone flipping?
Even people like Jhet and others are! Seriously, with this we can't really have a HvV season.
I at least hope Ash bites the dust.
But in the end, this is all just a game.


Fuck. Adam and Gerard are voting me out, I don't know what Gerda's doing, she's probably with them, my allies and I are voting for Gerard, it's gonna be a tie 3-3, and either I'm going to get voted out or we go to fucking rocks. Which I doubt my allies would do for me.

Well, this is not a fun day, no it is not. I'm annoyed because I really wanted to outlast Gerda. That's like my main goal for this freaking season, outlast Gerda. That's sad. But you gotta have priorities.

Either way, I'm annoyed. Adam told me he was literally targeting me because I was fucking allied with Hunter. Really?!?! I ended up telling him that I didn't really trust Hunter and that he was dangerous. It's sort of true, I'm sort of scared of him. Wouldn't mind voting him out, tbh. I also told Adam that, and I think he miiiiiiiight save me. Oh well. Let's see if I can make it past this vote.


So Adam, Gerard, and Gerda are solid for voting Ash. I'm now in the position where I have to choose between Ash and Andrei and hoping for luck in the tiebreaker, or I'll side with Adam stick to my Day 1 alliance and betray one of my best friends. This sucks.


After Marish got voted out and Alejandro is going next and my other allies are on the line and my targeters are going ahead.. I HATE THIS SEASON. It's official. Thanks Hunter and everyone else who made it possible.


So with the results of the immunity challenge came good news and a bunch of really bad news: Taylor and Ben are safe. I'm happy for my pretty TamBoys, you have no idea. But then the bad news is I didn't win Immunity, which makes it slightly harder to navigate through this TC.

At first I thought things would be easy: Gerard is a doofus, he's gonna run back to Rolih first chances he gets, no worries. But chaos is coming. Neither Gerda nor Adam are telling me what they're exactly going to do, which makes me think they somehow believe that they can use Gerard and would like to vote out one of me, Sharky and Ash. My instinct tells me it's gonna be Ash because she has a way of trying to control shit and she told Gerard to vote for Gerda... And that's just not going to sit right with her. It looks like she's sinking her own ship, and there's only so much damage control I have time to do.


Fuck. Adam and Gerard are voting me out, I don't know what Gerda's doing, she's probably with them, my allies and I are voting for Gerard, it's gonna be a tie 3-3, and either I'm going to get voted out or we go to fucking rocks. Which I doubt my allies would do for me.

Well, this is not a fun day, no it is not. I'm annoyed because I really wanted to outlast Gerda. That's like my main goal for this freaking season, outlast Gerda. That's sad. But you gotta have priorities.

Either way, I'm annoyed. Adam told me he was literally targeting me because I was fucking allied with Hunter. Really?!?! I ended up telling him that I didn't really trust Hunter and that he was dangerous. It's sort of true, I'm sort of scared of him. Wouldn't mind voting him out, tbh. I also told Adam that, and I think he miiiiiiiight save me. Oh well. Let's see if I can make it past this vote.


Operation: Burn Johan-Amir.

I am implanting lies into the brains of Uli and Zac to get them to take out Johan-Amir. It seems they are taking the bait and I guess the rest of their tribe is too. I feel so Godfather like right now. Someone is out to get me or my allies, I let my men loose, and soon they will be sleeping with the fishes. Hopefully this will be the case for JA. Two birds with one stone. I would feel a lot better if I had that immunity right now though....


Oooh a 3-3 tie and Adam throwing his idol to Gerda! Didn't see that coming. Oh wait yes I did. Everyone on the tribe did!


Check mate, Ash.