Day 1

I can bitch about Josh, that guy is not even on, if he wants to be in my alliance he better talk to me, he's like a hermit, won't share his facebook with anybody, jeez Louise, it's either our alliance or be the first to go from Isis! he won't share, and I won't bother him, it's his own fault if he doesn't wanna join in. I sent him an e-mail and he is yet to respond anyways. (thoughts on Nobo’s challenge score) "You had ONE job!" I swear I'm on the worse tribe this season :S FYI, my alliance is now me, Pedro and Ralph.. and hoping to get Chicken and Nobo on our side (and Josh.. if he ever bothers to show up).


The challenge wasn't too difficult, after you played the game once or twice it became "Find the object you found last round" and it became much easier. I'm not a betting man, but I'm fairly confident that we won this challenge.

The moment that we got our team assignments, I hit the ground running. Survivor isn't a "live for the moment" game, you need to be planning ahead all the time, thinking how to get yourself to Day 39. That's why, the moment the game started, I said "Get a majority alliance set up". So I first joined up with Cowboy and Ali, and we roped in Togz, KJ, and Mihai. We've promised each other final six, but in this game, you never know. Just because I'm in an alliance, doesn't mean I wouldn't sell out my alliance to further myself in the game. I'll play Brutus if need be.

I will make it far! Day 39, Here I come!


So today, Raphael told me and Jack, separately that Johan-Amir is planning to take out all the American contestants. Initially, I trusted him, but the moment Jack began telling me what Raphael told him, I felt that trust disintegrate. So I decided that Raphael should be first to go, since we feel that he's going to cause unneeded drama in the future. Raphael wanted me to warn Nobo and Chicken about Johan-Amir's supposed plan, instead I sent an e-mail warning them about Raphael instead. To get at least a tie, I told Austin about what Raphael told me and Jack, because I'm aligned with him and Nobo already. I'm hoping the three message me back ASAP.


I'm cautiously positive we will win this immunity challenge. However, if Isis is given a miracle and we don't win, Qayyum is most likely the first off our tribe. I don't think he's said a word since this game has started. At first, I thought it was just inactivity, but once Alfons said that everybody from Anubis had submitted a score, which implies that Qayyum did too, that makes me even more paranoid. Nobody is that quiet unless they have something to hide.


Ya know, even though I am sittin good in a six person alliance (me, bailey, Ali, kj, togz, and mihai) I still feel like the matsing tribe a little due to that I can do so much better but I am limited by my Internet being down. Oh well, at least I was able to do the challenge thanks to Starbucks.


So.. get this.. I'm casually thinking everything is dandy, and you know, this is a social game, I strike up a convo with Sinjoh.. and get this, he tells me something is goign after me, somebody is tring to get me voted off, and it is none-else than.. RALPHIE, my ally, the person who trusts me the most.. but the funny part is, Sinjoh, Jack have enough numbers to blindside him and want me in an alliance. So I'm now, in a Final Tree alliance with Jack and Sinjoh, and we're blindsiding Ralphie if we lose (which, I personalyl thing we are), Ralph also sent me "proof" that Sinjoh and Jack were trying to vote me off by sending me the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen.


Can't wait to kick some old poeple but!! oppan zachary style!


I feel like Jeff Probst playing survivor. Now I know what it's like.


Being in a blue tribe was just a curse! but being with my tribe mates was so happy..they're kinda strong and active players (hope so) Anubis ftw! For now, haven't yet make an alliance and nobody's approach me, that sucks.


I am now feeling the weights of this game crumble down, I'm suffering greatly.


Day 2

Well, the first day was interesting. I thought i was going to be on the out side but thanks to Rahpael Lying to me saying "Johan-Amir is gunning for you" acctually helped me because i told Sinjoh and then we decided to work together to get rid of Rahpael he already had an alliance with Nobo and Austin so we had 4 people then we got chicken too our side the side then we got Johan on my side too so Hes gonna get whats coming for lying to me and then saying he is gunning for me. Its called payback. Me Johan and Sinjoh had made a final 3 deal today which makes me happy because i get along with them really well and FINAL 3 DEAL BABY!


Today, Johan talked to me on Facebook. At first, he chatted personally with me. But Johan asked me who I was targeting. I wanted to withhold Raphael's name, but I told him. When he asked why, I told him Raphael told me that Johan-Amir wanted to get rid of the American contestants in the game. Johan was confused and baffled on what I said, but when I showed him the picture of Raphael's lie, he was immediately on board of getting rid of Ralph. He's now 100% loyal to me, and I trust him. Raphael's not going to see what's coming to him.


The fact that no one's coming up to me and talk to me about alliances makes me feel a bit uneasybecause we really don't know if we will win the immunity challenges all the time. About the immunity challenge, I knew we're gonna win that. I feel great with my score because that was my first try LOL and some of my tribemates were trying it a couple of times just to get a good score LOL that kind of making me laugh because i am thinking they have to try hard because if we loose that challenge, probably the person who will be voted out will be the person who got the lowest score. I believe the Anubis tribe are ready for the next challenge and personally, I don't care who will be booted at the Isis tribe as long as it's not part of my alliance or ME.


Don't get me wrong, I'm ecstatic we won the first immunity challenge. If we can keep this momentum going, that would be awesome. However, I would like to go to tribal council to see where my alliance stands. I trust Cowboy and Ali full and I don't think they will get rid of me, but I don't fully trust Togz, KJ, and Mihai. They say they got my back, but they haven't had to prove it. Actions speak louder than words. Togz, KJ, and Mihai can tell me everything they think I want to hear, but when it's time to go to tribal, we will see where loyalties lie, and whether or not they have lied to me all along.


There's a lot of strong too in Isis that makes me nervous. So glad we won and no one was inactive! I hope it will continue and of course our winning streak in challenges.