Contestant Profile

Survivor: Anarchy

Tribe(s) None
Placement 18/20
Challenge(s) Won 1
Vote(s) Against 12
Day(s) Lasted 8
Corey334489, also known as Corey, is a contestant on Survivor: Anarchy.


Who is your favorite (real show) Survivor contestant and why? Boston rob is my favorite real life survivor because he is a boston fan like me, he plays hard and is a beast at challenges and strategy.
Three words to describe yourself? Easygoing, funny, aggressive
Have you played any other ORGs before? If so, where? Only played on facebook, but yes I've played over 25 games , I don't have all of them still on my facebook.

Survivor: Anarchy

Voting History

Corey's Voting History
Episode Corey's
Voted Against
1 Corey Agustin, Corey,
Jonathan, Lawrence
2 Ineligible
3 Matthew Agustin, Blake, Drew, Jamie,
Matthew, Noah, Sam, Tyler
Voted Off, Day 8


  • Corey is the only contestant in Survivor: Anarchy not to be a part of any of the four major alliances.
  • Corey is the only contestant in Anarchy to cast a self-vote.
  • Prior to joining the ORG Wiki, Corey competed in the first season of Brian Long173311's Facebook ORG. He was disqualified from the game at the final seven.
  • According to Brendan, Corey was originally an alternate for Anarchy, but was chosen on short notice when someone dropped out mere days before the season began. Corey was chosen because he had played ORGs with some of the hosts in the past.
  • Corey has the highest amount of votes during Anarchy.
  • Corey attempted to enter a sockpuppet into Survivor: Greece. Corey's sockpuppet (also named Corey) was initially included as part of the cast, but was discovered on Day 1 and removed from the game prior to the first challenge. Corey was replaced by MJ.