Day 24

Omg, Giving the mask to Monkey was a huge mistake. He has no intention on giving it back unless we merge tomorrow. And he is currently making a move to flush both MY mask and the idol that Ivan may have.

He's really turning into a threat. Monkey tends to have this habit of going around in circles. Like, he'll say one thing then he ends up being proven wrong, then he says the same thing again.

Not to mention that he can be really hard to get through sometimes. He tends not to budge on his ideas no matter how messy they are.

I had to agree with him on his plan to play MY (Not the caps lock) mask on Ivan to flush out his idol, then use Amir and Aaron to take out Hunter.

Something scary about Monkey...He's playing for Jury votes before the jury is even present. I kept telling him about a much less risky method that could do the exact same thing and he said "I wanna have a target on my back" which is crazy! He just knows that he's gonna make it to the final 5, then he'll probably go with Miggy and Ben to the final 3 and win for making these huge risky moves.

I'm gonna talk to Aaron later. As much as possible, I don't wanna blindside someone in SS too early but I really don't trust Monkey as much anymore. Well, worst case scenario. I can solidify my alliance with Aaron and Amir then have Aaron play his idol at the final 5.

I'm still thinking about who would win right now if it was Monkey and I sitting at FTC. He'll be the person who got Monkey out while I will have been the person that got Jake out, made SS and dominated the early portions of the game. So yeah, I still win but that can easily change...Monkey is just scary O_o


Last tribal, there were expected and unexpected things happened. I expected Chal to go home, but I didn't expect Hunter to have a vote. As a competitor, it is a good thing because his light pearl is now gone.

I was also surprised when Amir told me that Monkey asked him to give to Monkey the Rings of Duality. Maybe because of paranoia, but IDK. Monkey now has 2 artifacts, which I'm kinda nervous about.

Monkey is smart, it is proved by his ability to find idols and his suggested strategies from the Tribal Councils. It's just that many are annoyed at him.

Anyway, I really want to make it to the Merge. I think the idol for the Merged tribe is already up for grabs. The clue for it was given last reward. The idols for each tribe were already given away, so the clue for the idol is like a hint for me that we are near the merge. But it's just a guess. I just really want a merge. Hahaha.


So the whole tribe unanimously voted off Chal at the last Tribal Council. And of course Chal waits until after he's voted off to complain about how homework got in the way. I'm gonna start college this year and I never had enough homework to prevent me from playing, mainly because I made sure I wasn't biting off more than he could chew. He also calls us traitors even though no one was with him. I feel good about our decision all ready.


Well. As of now, I have a big plan. To blindside Hunter. It could work. As long as Amir and Aaron are loyal. OMG. I want to blindside him so bad. Thinking I am in his pocket. He knows *bleep*. Which is good. And then there is Fei and Eddie. Pretending to be with me. *BLEEP*. If you want me out say it. Alejandro I think is covering stuff up. But I can't be certain. Anyway, I think I am in trouble if we don't win immunity. I am also sure, people are saying Monkey is stupid and he is so weak. Well, let us see about that.


Tree Mail comes and a lot of us were shocked to find out we were no merging. I thought we would merge at 10 so I wasn't very surprised, but I was surprised to see that Chal was voted off. Should of been Monkey. Monkey is a massive threat and Chal isn't as active. I guess I should be focusing on what’s left to come, and by that I say a merge.


I hope we stay premerge for a couple more tribals. I don't think I'd have the numbers if we merge now...


I have to admit, Monkey is a lot smarter than people may think. He came out from this TC as a winner, not getting a single vote and got to keep both Alejandro's mask and Miggy's ring that I recently gave him. And if that's not enough, Chal threw his vote at Hunter, flushing the Light Pearl. That means Monkey only has to play one artifact next time to have the numbers, unless we merge. At least he seems to be happy about having a huge target on his back, calling himself the "Bullet Monkey". It's funny to think he's the only American contestant who actually has a chance of winning this season.

Speaking of Americans, people keep talking about this "American Curse" which prevents every American from winning an ORG season. Considering a vast majority of the contestants ever played came from USA, they may have a point there. However, I think blaming your failures on a curse is rather childish. If I was voted out, it's because I didn't play well. Seriously, let's take a look at the Americans who participate in Korea besides Monkey: they are all either inactives, idiots, making themselves targets or just blindly following their alliance. If all past American contestants were like them, no wonder they never won.

Back to the TC, Hunter has kindly done the entire work for me and convinced Ivan and Ryan to vote out Chal instead of Monkey. He did such a good work, that Monkey felt safe enough and didn't think of using any of the artifacts. That wasn't good for my plans, but it was good for business, as I finally begin to see the cracks in the Secret Society... However, that's for another confessional.


I have been asked who my ideal final 2 or 3 is, I would say Me, Alejandro and Amir, all good ally's that played a good hard game.


After a landslide lost in drpanda org because my game is not convincing, I decided to change my game to a more aggressive game, a super strategic game with no real companion. Its time to prove that i can really play this game.


By today and other days I have my vote locked in, I'm going for Eddie, He cannot contribute in challenges and has an attitude that seems extremely cocky, I told myself at the start I wanted to play a heroic game, I'm just taking out the Villains. I've been here for 24 days, and am shocked that Eddie is still with us, There was a period of time that I thought you were a potential ally until you started thinking "Hey why don't I take out my only ally's left" Well it looks like that thought screwed you over and you're about to pay.


I can't help but laugh at Ivan's gameplay right now :)) He's actually trying to be the new Jake and take control of the Korea Alliance. Well Ivan, if that's your wish, then I'll do whatever it takes to make it come true. So I'll plan your blindside, just like how I plotted Jake's blindside >:)

But seriously though, Ivan is just...he's a character. He accidentally sent a message to me that wasn't for me. It said "If Monkey does win individual immunity at this double elimination, just letting you know I won't blindside you so you can trust me". Then he realized that I wasn't from his tribe and said "whoops you're not on Goguryeo...sorry haha"

That's just crazy. I suspect that he's sending that message to everyone on his tribe. I brought it up with Amir and he said that he got the same message from Ivan.

I highly suspect that it's Ivan who has the Baekje idol. So he just made it on my hitlist. And as history tells us, nobody who's on my hitlist lasts long.

I don't wanna sound egotistic, but this is the way I see it. I have ties with nearly everyone in the game. I've been a bigger challenge dominator than Hunter, I've gone through the most days without going to tribal council, built the only day 1 alliance that is still standing and have gone through 24 game days without hearing my name tossed around. By the looks of it, I have a lot of power right now. Now, my job is to maintain it and to continue to try and be the silent killer.


So, still no Merge. This is crazy. Things get crazier. We are fighting for an Individual Immunity, and I need that.

Ivan thinks that if Monkey will not win the immunity, he will go home, but either way, Monkey will not go home.

I feel like I'm the target of Ivan if Monkey wins immunity. Hunter told me that Ivan has plans on taking me out later on of the game. I'm still not sure how I will make Ivan go home, but I really want him out.

Half of the game, I've been playing as non-threatening as I can be. I think so far it's working.

Hunter wants me to be with him in the finals. We are together in Goguryeo since Day 1, and we are on Jake Alliance (originally it's 9, but it is now down to 7).

Miggy wants me in his core alliance of 4 (Me, Miggy, Aston and Ben). It is surprising because we are in Secret Society Alliance (Alejandro, Amir, Monkey, Miggy and Me). He's scared that if we are down to 7 (SS plus Aston and Ben), the other SS members will backstab him. So he formed that Final 4.

Alejandro is the very first one who offered me to be in the finals. He is the person I trust the most. He is the only one who knows about my idol.

I'm having a headache now, as in literally. Hahaha. I want to make myself relax now. My main focus for now is to win immunity, and make sure Ivan will go home next.


Wow, a double tribal council. I wouldn't of thought there would be another one, not this late in the game. It's coming down to it. The Super Korea Alliance is going to start crumbling soon. I've figured out that this whole time, it wasn't Eddie that was the real threat, but it's all of us. We are the North Korea of the game. Which is why I am going to break off Aaron, Alejandro, and Aston, and then add in Monkey for the White Tiger alliance, based off of the 707th Special Mission Battalion of South Korea. It's time to take down the big targets in the alliance. And that's going to start by giving Monkey immunity.....


So, I want to blindside Hunter. He thinks I am just his puppet. That he can just cut the strings off whenever. He has to think twice. CAUSE I AM PINOCCHIO! The Puppet that can walk and talk. I got a mouth. I just have to make sure he doesn't win immunity. Now watch he does and I look like an idiot. Well, let us wait and see.


I don't think I will be able to participate in this upcoming individual challenge. I feel safe though, If Eddie wins then Max goes, my only concern is if Max or Eddie have the idol, It may of been an eliminated player but You can never be sure in Survivor.


The reason I didn't do the challenge was because I wanted to push my luck. XD. Plus it was too hard. And I think I confused the time. I want to see if Hunter was true to his word and if he through the challenge. Cause if he did, I want either Ivan or Amir to win. More so Amir. Cause my plan involves Ivan being a pawn. But whatever, I guess we have to wait and see.


Last weekend was Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement), the holiest day in the Jewish calendar. Among other traditions, Jewish people are expected to fast, refrain from pleasures and apologize for all the wrongs they have done to others during the past year. In case those are refusing to forgive them - they need to ask God to forgive them instead. Although I'm not a religious person and I don't fast, I think it's important to be able to look back at things you have said and done, and admit you were wrong. And if that's not already hard enough, try saying "I'm Sorry".

I know I've been bashing a lot of people in these confessionals. I'm taking this game seriously and I want to win, so it's just natural that I'd overreact and say things I may regret afterwards. I use these confessionals to let off steam and express my frustrations, and since people are eventually going to read this - I want them to know that I had nothing personal against them. The only exception for this is the inactives, who doesn't deserve any respect since they applied the game knowing they're not gonna take part in it. As for the rest (and that's including you Zion and Gerda) - I'm sorry if I hurt you in any way and I hope you could forgive me.


Argh! Double tribal council!

I was hoping to merge at twelve. It gave me better options of who to work with. But it looks like we will now merge at 10. Seeing Chal voted out from Goguryeo gives me a good idea of how that tribe is allied. Knowing Monkey and Amir to be in Alejandro's secret alliance they must be working together. Apparently Ivan, Chal and Ryan were allied with one another. For Chal to go, that says to me that Hunter, Aaron, Monkey and Amir voted him out, and that Ivan and Ryan are in the minority. If that's so, then that means Monkey went against his Silla alliance to Chal (and possibly Jordan too). If this is the case, there's nothing to say he won't turn against me too (or maybe he has already). Knowing Ryan to be strong in challenges, I'm thinking and hoping he has a good chance at individual immunity (with Hunter possibly standing in his way), which would mean Ivan is going home if my thoughts about Goguryeo are correct. I think I've done well in the challenge and even if I don't win, it's unlikely Eddie or Max will, which means the plan for Silla will most likely be split the votes between those two. This is where I must make my decision, and it's probably the most important decision I'll have to make so far. Granted that Eddie or Max don't win individual immunity, Alejandro, Aston, Miggy and I will split the votes between them. That gives me the opportunity to flip over to Max and Eddie and vote out Alejandro. Alejandro is a big threat if he makes the merge because he has Amir and Monkey on his side. The problem of voting him out though is I'm not sure Eddie and Max realise they're on the chopping block. They seem to think they're part of the alliance, although I might be able to convince them of the truth by revealing how the Jake vote really went down, and that Eddie was the original target until I changed it. I'm trying to visualise how things would play out if I were to flip or not. I don't have any control over the Goguryeo vote and I'm presuming either Ryan or Ivan will go home. If Silla votes off Eddie or Max then we merge at 10, I presume Amir and Monkey come over to our four, giving us a six majority over Hunter, Aaron, Ryan/Ivan, and Eddie/Max. This doesn't have any real short-term risks. I'll be safe in the six for four votes. But I see it very difficult for me to make it to the final in that group of six. I know Monkey, Miggy, Alejandro and Amir have their secret pact. I don't know if Aston is part of that but I know I'm not. That puts me and perhaps Aston on the bottom of the pole. Miggy and Alejandro are both very strong challenge competitors and so I'd have a hard time winning immunity. So if I stick with my current plan and go to the merge with my four-person alliance I could be setting myself up for final 6 but then not much further. So then I've considered how things might go if I flip and vote out Alejandro. I think it immediately weakens their alliance, as I see Alejandro as the ring leader. Eddie and Max would then presumably stick with me and we could team up with Hunter, Aaron and Ryan/Ivan, giving us the majority six. The problem here though is that Aaron, Hunter, Eddie and Max are all original Goguryeo members. They could team up at final six and vote out me and Ryan/Ivan. Though I'd like to think Eddie and Max would trust me after saving them and Ryan would team up with me if he made it to the merge. The biggest problem though is that my threat status would skyrocket. I would be betraying Miggy and Aston and probably have to cut ties with Amir and Monkey. It might be hard for people to trust me and they might be bitter at final jury vote. UGH!! I'm trying to decide what gives me the best chances of making it to the end. I think it's probably best for me to stick with my alliance for this vote. It guarantees that I go into the merge with numbers and I retain my low profile. I think from there I need to start getting nasty and cutting throats. If I could convince enough people what a huge threat Alejandro was and show the minority I could help keep them around, I might be able to shake things up a bit. Maybe I'm just overthinking everything. It'd be funny if I was totally wrong about Goguryeo and someone like Amir was voted out. I think it's too risky to shake things up and flip without knowing what's really going on over there.


Day 25

Wow!! I won the Immunity Challenge. I'm really happy because the challenge itself is hard, but I won. I really had a hard time doing it, because before I do the challenge, I am not feeling well, then the challenge gave me a headache, as in literally headache. So, the difficulty was twice for me. There were 3 puzzles, and after I solve 1 puzzle, I always need to take a break and sleep because of headache. But I still won. It's really nice. I think puzzle solving is my edge over the other contestants.

Now, everybody thinks that Monkey is the easy vote. But he is my ally, my secret ally. I will remain loyal to my true ally. I really want Ivan out because I know that he will target me. He actually tried to blindside me, we talked, and I know that it is an attempt to blindside me. Hunter and Ryan told me that Ivan will be voting for me if Monkey wins immunity. I don't want people targeting me. Those people who targets me, I want them out as early as possible, because if I keep them around, they will keep on targeting me which is not fun.

My problem is that, if I keep on pushing to vote for Ivan, they may start to distrust me because my Secret Society alliance wants to vote out Hunter. So the plan is Monkey will play the mask on Ivan (to scare him so he will play his idol, if he really has it), then Me, Monkey and Amir will vote out Hunter. I'm one of the people who planned to blindside him, because he is a challenge threat, but when I heard that he wants me with him in the Finals, I'm kinda feeling bad now. I don't want to follow Dawn Meehan's footsteps (Survivor Caramoan).

My Secret Society alliance are the people who gave me an assurance early of the game, which was only done by Hunter at the middle of the game. We are both originally from Goguryeo, but my secret alliance are the very first people who expressed their desire to go with me in the finals.


So today is the double elimination. And it's weird that I'm putting more thought into the White tribe's alliance rather than on my own :))

Two big players are going home tonight and I guarantee a very interesting tribal council ^_^

Eddie is going home tonight. He doesn't suspect a thing, because he thinks that he has control over the tribe. He think that he controls the game because he got everyone to take out Jake. We all know that's not true, because I'm the one who got Jake booted out :))

As for the white tribe. It will be Hunter, that's right. The challenge dominator won't get to the portion of the game where the challenges matter the most. This tribal council will be more strategic than the others, because we're gonna flush out Ivan's idol as well as blindside one of the biggest challenge dominators in the game.

First thing's first, our plan is to make Ivan feel paranoid so that he'll play the idol so we can blindside Hunter, who wont suspect a thing. I "leaked" information to Ivan and told him that he's going home. To be specific:

"I'm giving you this warning because I wanna be loyal to the original Baekje members. And since you seem to be the new go to guy in the Korea alliance. Think you deserve the info. Don't tell this to anyone But I heard that your vote is being written down tonight He has at least 3 people with him Make sure you're secured with the Korea alliance or you're gonna go home. Please don't tell anyone I told you this, I don't want a target on my back T_T G'luck bro"

Note the wrong grammar, that was intentional. I left wrong grammar in it so that I could purposely leave it vague (Ivan was offline at that time). That way, I don't need to reveal who is voting for him but at the same time, I get plausible deniability. And if Ivan doesn't believe me, he's gonna freak out when Monkey plays the mask on him. If that won't make Ivan play his idol, I DON'T KNOW WHAT WILL! :)) So he and Ryan are probably gonna vote for Monkey, Hunter is gonna vote for Ivan and Amir, Aaron and Monkey are gonna vote for Hunter. It ends with a 1-2-3 vote and Hunter will go home!

Go secret society! I hope my alliance gets a lot of positive reviews from the other die hard survivor fans! ^_^


So we all thought the merge is about to come now, but it turned out to be yet another double elimination. I kind of suspected such twist, since the Absorption happened just a couple of TCs ago, and it would seem pointless to dissolve a tribe just so its members will get to the merge right afterwards. I'm not sure how I feel about this yet, since that means backstabbing either Monkey or Ivan, so I'll just have to observe and see how I can take advantage of the situation. However, there are a few things I'd like to point out first that could be important later.

The mystery has been solved - Ivan has the Baekje Ring of Dualty. Considering what I remember from our rankings, this makes no sense at all. Although none of us put Ivan as #1, I was certain me or Alejandro had a better rank overall. I guess I owe Alejandro an apology for accusing him of hiding the ring away from me. If you think I know this because Ivan confessed to me, think again. I actually got this from Aston, after he simply asked Ivan for this info. I don't get why he hid it from us, however that could be the same reason why Aaron and Miggy took their time before they told us they have their respective artifacts. Anyway, the conversation with Aston revealed he is willing to work with Ivan at the merge, rather than Monkey and Aaron. That is great for me, as this is exactly the opposition I needed against the Secret Society.

On that same day, Ivan came to me out of the blue saying he wants me in his ideal final four, and that he thinks Aaron and Alejandro should go first out of the alliance. YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME! Too bad I didn't ask for a million dollars. Is this guy reading my mind or what? I don't even have to convince him that Alejandro is a threat as he already got that himself. Sorry Ivan if I ever underrated you, you deserve to go far in this game just for having the balls to call that out. All you have to do now is forgive me for lying to you in the upcoming TC, and follow my plan for you at the merge.


Tonight's Tribal Council is a lot tougher than it looks. In my mind there's only one person that should be getting more than one vote tonight but I'm still a bit worried regardless...


I have an evil plan coming to merge bwahahaha lol. I will pick 3 people out my 7 current alliance who I think are not strategic players, in the name of Aaron, Ben and Aston to be my secret core alliance. Another good thing about this is plan, Aaron is the least closest to mine in Secret Society, and Ben and Aston is not part of Secret Society. So hope this work.


Eddie is saying I'm a snake after he found out I voted for him last tribal. He is the snake. he has back stabbed Jake who was an ally to all. He has also come last in every single challenge we have participated in, even though we may be merging, I believe we should take the people that put more commitment into winning things, another reason why Jake isn't here.