Day 17

Confessional #88 wow I'm so great in this. Anyway it's amazing to have a day without strategy. But i dont understand why people are always telling; don't play too hard too soon. Why wouldn't you? If you watch the real show the people who are taking the lead and doing the moves without backstabbing things are always winning the show. This time it's up to me to do that. Like I said, I already made big moves. And if these people are trusting me I can make bigger moves in this game. Sorry not sorry but I'm here to play a big game. If I go home I'll be voted out and seen by a threat instead of a goat. I'm here to make big moves and to play a solid game which leads me to day 39. If i'll taken out because of doing this I wouldn't be mad at all but just proud. Anyway I don't have to vote tonight. If baku's smart they vote out Bryce, Felix or Minke. But we'll see. I'm going to enjoy my free day! It would be waaaay better with champagn and food but you can't have everything


It was a very difficult decision, but Minke has too many connections and Bryce is being targeted by Baku 2.0... I love Minke, but I won't be played. I see 50 shades of Jamie in Minke, and I can't have that in my way. I'll miss you Minke.

–Jake N.

Score! Knew Jake was a snake, and that he was just trying to make us feel safe with that bullshit fake alliance. Now he's trying to make it seem like he was the third vote, when I know for sure that it was Jared. Thank god I talked to Jared when I did, or Bryce would have been gone now :')


Fuck them I'm playing my own game and I'm just going to bid now. IF I get that idol and we will lose I feel a lot safer. I know when people have a idol, I knew it with Jaylen as well so yeah. It's time to play my own game and Austin will bid for himself as well



The vote last night was pretty nerve racking. I thought the minute my name came up twice I was a goner but then Minke is voted out!!!! This is great! The only thin is, who voted against me?""

""Felix is convinced that Jake didn't vote with us but idk for 100%. Looks like secret agent Bryce needs to be unleashed. Who the heck is lying why they always lying?


Wait, is Jake stupid? I specifically wrote "I know you DIDN'T", when he said that he kept his promise, yet he's still trying to strategise with us in the fake alliance chat...


So, last night after we won immunity, The (Almost) Five Guys Alliance started scheming up a plan of attack in case we do go to tribal, and made such a plan so that none of the three of us are at risk of going home.

I talked to Hunter last night, just to touch basis with him, and I decided that I may as well try to talk some strategy w/ him as well so that, if he does have the Sheki idol (which he most likely does at this point), that he would feel comfortable without playing it. I convinced him that The Baku 4 isn't as strong as he thought it was, that Ella is telling everyone on the tribe different things, and that Austin and Ella are a pair. Now, the only thing that is true out of all 3 of those statements is that Ella is telling everyone on the tribe different things. The other two statements are lies that I got him to believe because of his lack of communication w/ anyone else on this tribe.

So, the plan is that Hunter will vote out Ella, and he thinks that Nick and I will vote w/ him so that we can get rid of a very sketchy player and break up the Austin + Ella pair. However, Nick, Austin, and Ella will all vote out Hunter. I'll vote Ella w/ Hunter in case Hunter decides to flip for some reason and vote out Austin, and just so that it looks like more of a blindside in his eyes and I can truthfully say to him once he's blindsided that I didn't vote him out.

This plan, at the end of the day, ensures that 1) Nick, Austin, and I won't receive any votes and, therefore, won't be at risk of going home in any way, shape or form, 2) Hunter goes home by a 3-2 vote (or 3-1-1 if he votes someone other than Ella) if he doesn't play the idol, and 3) Ella goes home in a 2-0 vote (or 1-1-0, then a 2-1 or 3-0 revote if it comes to that) if Hunter plays the idol.

The (Almost) Five Guys are on top of everything on this tribe atm, and none of us have been identified as a potential alliance nor are any of us at risk for going home if we end up going to tribal in this tribe of 5. It's a genius plan with no flaws.



–Jake R.

cliff is going for the negator, i'm going for exile. that way we only waste one idol on saving him and can negate one of their votes if we lose again.

i don't trust jess/jake to go all in on immunity a line is going to be drawn in the sand. i'd rather i'd do it than they do it.


I decided to vote out Minke since she was pretty weak at challenges and I didn't trust her at all. She wouldn't talk to me until she needed me even though I tried to talk to her and I heard she was coming after me. I know Bryce & Felix are a duo but by voting Minke out I have no one mad at me and I think they'd get Jake N out before me, while voting Bryce out I make Felix & Jake(he wanted me to vote Minke) mad at me which leaves only Minke who I don't trust at all.


Day 18

So I got this cool thing called a Vote Spy from the auction, in which I can reveal someone else's vote before I cast my vote (can be used up to F6). I might not end up usin' it cause I'll probably forget I have it entirely lol, but its still nice to know that I have some sort of an advantage in this game over most of the people here.


This dark pearl has made me paranoid, I hate that I bid on it instead of the rings of duality, I want to throw this next challenge so I don't have to worry about being targeted at merge because I have an automatic vote against me, but if people decide they wanna swap on me if we throw the challenge they easily could, this auction is trash and it has made me very displeased at my position right now, but hopefully we can just throw this challenge, keep the 5 guys safe, and get rid of this wretched cyst that is the dark pearl before merge.


So I am currently trying to make Jake just feel as safe as possible. He told me he JUST found an idol, which is honestly really hard to believe, because the guy is the biggest liar I've ever seen, but I'm still trying to make him feel safe, making up some story about how Bryce and I had an agreement to each bid $400 on immunity, which Bryce didn't do, so I want him out now. I don't know, shit story, but I hope he catches the bait and I'm not in for a bad surprise at Tribal. It would literally kill me to get idolled out by Jake N., the messiest Survivor player I've ever seen.


The thing people are so afraid of doing in this game is making mistakes. When I realized the tribal immunity showed the price-paid, and I was going to be revealed a liar, I wanted to first drag myself deeper into the mud. First, I started a bitch-fest about Joe and his move to get the Exile, acting as if they're dumb not to notice I went behind their backs too. Then, made sure to gravel and back-pedal when I fessed up to the truth because that's what a coward does. A coward loses your trust, loses your respect, and loses your favour. But do you know what coward is not? A target. Not if you're thinking logically in terms of game threats. The problem with goats in this game is they aren't self-aware enough to realize they're goats or how to properly articulate their position in the game. As the game gets more convoluted, I will lose allies, foes will gain power, rivals will be born. It's best to present myself as weak as possible. A simple way to do this is reach out to the group like I did, fall on my face, then put my tail between my legs and weasel away. Guaranteed they're all shit-talking me now, maybe even bitching about me in confessionals. "HOW DUMB DOES HE THINK I AM!" "CLIFFORD IS A SNAKE!" Those are the words you say to someone you'd be willing to drag to the end. Not someone who looks like a winner. That's the problem. All the "threats". The people who look like winners. Lose. You need to look like a loser because this is a social game and it's all about people and people will naturally feed off of the weaknesses of others. It's human nature. Everyone's taken the bait. Now I don't need to say anything at all. I got two idols. I got the mask. I'm properly discredited and we're on the cusp of merge. You can't win Survivor if you don't take risks. You can't win Survivor if you don't put yourself on the line. Sacrifice your image, your dignity, your self-respect. Do what you have to do to win this game. Or die trying. I've been accused of a lot of things but going easy is not one of them. Let the games begins.


We won the auction. But I only have horse brains. That sucks, I had to bid for something useful. I really thought there would be a hidden immunity idol in it. Well, there's not. So we're heading to day 19, it's episode 8 then... which means we can expect merge in a few days. I'm pretty excited for it since we're almost halve away from day 39. But there's something that worries me. Austin talked with me about his black pearl or something. Dark pearl is it, right? Good, Austin wants to throw the next challenge so he won't go to merge with the dark pearl. But it doesnt make sense because he's acting like everyone is now: AUSTIN HAS THE DARK PEARL LETS VOTE HIM. That would be dumb but okay. Second part of the story now. He started about sits outs in the tribe chat and he wants me, him and nick to compete because we could easily throw it. Like he will not be targeted for that? Nifty just said; I can sit out if it's necasarry. (Or how do u spell that lmao). Nifty and Austin are always online on the same time. So the bells ringing. There could be a alliance between Austin and Nifty. But I don't know. Austin is acting weird. I have to figure out what'll happen. But one thing is sure. I ain't throw next challenge tbh


Austin wants to throw the challenge, and is talkin' to everyone and plotting out ways we could do it, but the way he's going about it, it's making people uncomfortable and will most likely trash our social game if we force ourselves into a position where we can throw the challenge. And it's all because of the Dark Pearl; he's uncomfortable with the fact that he'll have one vote against him the next tribal he goes to, and doesn't want to go into the merge w/ the possibility of being targeted because of this extra vote against him.

Right now I'm tryin' to calm him down and have him think through this a bit more, and not just rush into this. We have plenty of time to decide who to sit out, and we don't have to force it out of people to cooperate with us or force them to sit out while people who will throw the challenge will go ahead and do it. We need to do this calmly, logically, and persuasively so that we don't crumble everything that we've built up so far. Honestly its a pretty selfish thing. Austin wants to throw it because he has the dark pearl and is worried about it screwing him over, BUT HE FORGETS THAT HE HAS ALLIES THAT WILL DO ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING POSSIBLE TO MAKE SURE THAT THIS DARK PEARL DOESNT GET THE CHANCE TO SCREW HIM OVER! Like, HONESTLY Austin. You're a really cool dude but sometimes you need to learn to calm down and think through things a bit instead of just acting on fear or instinct. I want to help him out. I really do. I just don't want him trashing our game because of this one little thing that only lasts ONE ROUND. ONE FREAKING ROUND THAT WE CAN EASILY PLAN AROUND LIKE WE HAVE BEEN UP TO THIS POINT! God damn...


So Austin and Nifty want to throw the next challenge. Well they can throw all they want but I'm not throwing shit.


I'm pretty sure they're pretending to fight to make sure I don't play the idol. I might as well be extra careful then not at all

–Jake N.

This game is crazy insane. The Auction seems to be a little bit of fun BUT IT ISN'T Like what the heck? If I would have known that, I probably would have gone for immunity. But, I do have the Ring of Duality so I can lash that out when I need too. Jared going to exile is interesting. Not sure why they would do that. You would think they'd send me to exile and then make it easy for Jared and Jake to vote out a strong player out.

Jake is full of crap. He tries to bluff that he has the idol. Then he goes off and says that I'm a lying deceiving person. Felix and I found it hilarious. So we decided to play along with it and act like we hate each other. This vote haunts me. I'm nervous that by some act of God Jake found the idol. So, that temps me to use the Rings of Duality on Felix. He believes that Jake doesn't have it. I'm still wavering but this is a game time decision. I'm super super nervous and I SWEAR THAT IF I GET VOTED OUT DAY 18 AGAIN I WILL THROW SOMETHING.


Even though I would love for the idol to be in the hands of myself, Jake and Jess for the upcoming merge, it might not be bad if Cliff and Joe get it. If they get it, Cliff would let me know and I would tell them who we are voting, they play the idol, and their two votes (the only ones that count) go to Jess. This helps my game greatly, I get rid of a huge threat of Jessica as a returner, gain allies of Cliff and Joe, and still maintain trust between myself, Jake and the entire Sheki tribe because as far as they know, they just found the idol and guesses who we would be voting. I could also make this interesting and prove my loyalty to Sheki by telling Cliff the wrong person, get rid of the idol, and keep complete trust in Sheki. But do I really want to move forward with all of Sheki?


okay i feel like some insight on me and Cliff's past ORG experience may be needed for this

when we played together, Alex/Cliff were a tribe that essentially FoaFoa'd to the end and I was the Laura Morett. At the FTC, after Cliff cut Alex at F4, I essentially gave a speech to Cliff calling him a bully bc he pretty much bullied someone on my tribe to quit the game which gave them the numbers. and then after that I was the deciding vote to give Cliff the win I feel like Cliff is very controlled by guilt. He feels really guilty about what he did in our season. He feels really guilty about what he did to Alex. There are people in my season (Eva, AJ, I believe Alex at one point, and now again) who refuse to talk to him. not to armchair psychologist him but he keeps on asking me for ""verification"" that he did the right thing and how he's going to change his ways and crap. He feels really guilty about the way he handled the Jessica situation and because of that he's going to completely go overboard in trying to add her as an ally. He thinks that he screwed me (which isn't true they were going to vote me anyway) but I feel like if I really stress how much he screwed me over he might become more likely to save me with one of his idols


Jessica is so pissed from what I am now calling the Great Khizi Clusterfuck of 2015. In a lot of ways this is good because stronger bonds grow out of adversity and I'm being absolutely vulnerable right now really painting myself as the scared sheep. The whole situation was a mix of bad play, bad circumstances, bad luck, and damage control. It's within the damage control where I can flesh out some good plays but anyone playing this game without bumps in the road is being hand fed. I think I can use this to my long term advantage and Miss Jessica Rabbit could be the key to all that. After enduring an hour of her drunken rambling I think she buys the narrative I laid out before her. Joe accepts he was always the target so adding extra heat on him doesn't affect him too much and gives me more of an in to talk to Jessica. We'll see what happens. If we have one tribal left before merge we may end up going and sorting all this out. If we go to merge next, it's going to be a rodeo. How exciting!!!