"Cross Your Fingers"
Season Survivor: Cape Verde
Episode Number 10/15
Episode Chronology
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Cross Your Fingers is the tenth episode of Survivor: Cape Verde.


Immunity Challenge: Laser Cats
Each contestant must move a laser pointer around and collect a horde of as many cats as possible without a cat catching the laser. The contestant with the largest overall cat horde wins.
Winner(s): Inconclusive; Scott & Tyler tie and move on to tiebreaker

Tiebreaker: Tilt
Scott and Tyler must balance a weight on a pole for as long as they can, earning points while they do so. The contestant with the highest score wins.
Winner(s): Scott


Day 27

Tribal Council 9: Maresia

Tribal Council 9:
CV Nathaniel
Nathaniel (6 votes)
CV BraydenCV EmmaCV Heather
CV LindsayCV ScottCV Tyler
Brayden, Emma, Heather,
Lindsay, Scott, & Tyler
CV Brayden
Brayden (3 votes)
CV JoshCV NathanielCV Pedro
Josh, Nathaniel, & Pedro
CV Nathaniel

Voting Confessionals

I have to do this if I want to win this game. Because if you get to the end, I have absolutely no chance of winning. Sorry.


Forget u go home goodbye jk ur a strong player but u need to go!!!


I liked you a lot I just do not trust you or this alliance at all. Blake should be here not you he played his ass off


I'm sorry Brayden, I truly am. I can only hope Pedro's not playing an Idol, so that he finally can go home. I also hope he found the Idols, and not you. I also really hope I'm not going home tonight, something that unfortunately may very well happen...


You've already screwed me over in spite of me. Don't be alarmed if I f*** you head over feet. Don't be surprised if I vote for you for all that you are. I couldn't help it, it's all your fault!


Nathaniel. You have the best chances of winning out of everyone. And you've made it no secret you want me out after things with Gavin so hopefully Heather Tyler and Lindsay are honest with me and are voting you out even though I'm positive they are but still always good to be paranoid and think they wont.


Alrighty so I didn't win the tiebreaker challenge, which the competitive part of me is unhappy about but the strategic part of me is kinda happy about. I fought hard in the first challenge because I thought that Nathaniel was going to win immunity for sure and I wanted to at least put up a fight against him. When I saw that I was up against Scott I was still willing to compete and give it my best, but I didn't have as much drive to win, plus Scott and I had already started talking a lot more so I didn't mind it if I were to lose to him.

And now we get to the vote, which has been pretty chaotic. So Josh has allegedly told Nathaniel about the 6 person alliance or whatever and that's a biiig no-no. Nathaniel then tried to come up with some plan where we say we vote Pedro but then only 1 vote Pedro(??) idk but we all just said "yeah yeah whatever" to his idea. So then Lindsay decides she, like Heather and I, feel that Nathaniel needs to go and we have been able to get Scott and Emma on board, which gives us the majority votes needed to get Nathaniel out. We didn't include Josh because we all know Josh has become Nathaniel's protector or something and Josh would just spill the beans. We didn't include Pedro because Pedro does his own thing usually, he could be working with Nathaniel and we want to see if we can flush out his idol or something. We didn't include Brayden because he's extremely quiet and nobody knows where his head is at.

If the vote works out then yay I'll be in the Final 8! If not then well hey good game and I'll be rooting for everyone.

Also I thought I'd pay tribute to one of my favourite shows with my vote, I hope people catch the Avatar: the last airbender theme or this is gonna be a weird ass vote.


Final Words

So, I guess my time in Cape Verde has come to an end, just as I predicted. I now know (kinda) who voted me out, and to those who didn't, Josh and (presumably) Pedro, good luck in the game! If either of you makes it to the FTC, I'll vote for one of you, because of reasons I'll probably reveal then. It's kinda sad I, and my whole tribe, went home this early, but what can you do? At least they voted me out because they saw me as the greatest threat in the game! I'll see y'all at Day 39, as a bitter or not bitter Juror! Until then I'll just have fun in Ponderosa! And for the last time (fittingly enough it passed perfectly) I'll write my end message. This has been the best season ever!


Voting Parchments

Still in the Running

Alto Mira
CV Brayden
CV Emma
CV Gavin
CV Isaiah
CV Pedro
CV Scott
CV Blake
CV Evan
CV Heather
CV Josh
CV Lindsay
CV Tyler
CV Violet
CV Konrad
CV Laure
CV Nathan PC
Nathan PC
CV Nathaniel
CV Reid
CV Rhea


  • The episode title is from Lindsay's quote.