Day 25

So yay we come back to reward/immunity and guess what???

. . . . . . WE LOST!!!!

Like rip everything. Emma and Brayden didn’t submit for reward, who are my closest allies in the game next to Heather. Like that reward could have gotten us a killer advatage. And then we lost immunity and voted Blake out. Which I like Blake, but thing is he needs to go. Chances are he’ll flip to Corvo if he stayed and that can’t happen.

He wanted me to vote for him but I didnt. Rip. And surprisingly Pedro voted Brayden for a 2nd time. Like I wish they wouldn’t target eachother so we can work together. Or that Pedro will follow with the plan and try not to make moves that could hurt us. But what can I do about that? I need him to get me to merge.

Well Heather is sad about Blake going but hey, what can I do? I need to look out for myself, cause right now the only person I trust 100% is myself. Like chances are Emma and Brayden are close and would choose eachother for F2 over me. So I like really need to be careful about that coming into the merge which should be happening now that there are 9 ppl left.


Honestly, whenever I thought about merge names, I always thought we would name it something smart or funny like Arquipélago (a bunch of islands: Alto Mira, Corvo & Zaranha) or Maresia (a breeze from the beach)... And then we have Weeha as an option! (Pokerface)

Creoles are going to kick us out from here!


38! And guess what - it's merge time! I hope...

UPDATE: WE JUST MERGED! We're officially merged everyone! "Nine Golden Rings (CAPE VERDE)" just became "Cape Verde Merged Tribe"! Or is it "PIZZA LEGS MERGED TRIBE"? Josh...

Anyway, Arc 2 is officially over, and today we'll talk about the aftermath of it! First off - Blake. This TC could have been something huge, but it wasn't. It was just Blake goinbg home. It was kinda expected tbh, even though I had hoped for something better, personally. Now that I think about it, Blake going home was great. He was a challenge threat, and he had alliances with both the old Corvos and Altos. It's sad I never got to talk to him though - it also makes him the fourth and final person to never be on the same tribe as me in CV (together with Evan, Isaiah and Gavin). So overall it was good that Blake went home (even if it's never good that someone goes home tbh) - and now the game really starts for real! Also, the secret twist was the late merge - apparantly it's the latest merge in the history of the ORG. Nice twist Mitch, nice twist (I mean it)!

And as I said earlier - Arc 2 is finished, and this is the aftermath of it. ARC 2 describes a hard journey for me - from the fall of my ally, to the fall of my tribe, to the merge. This Arc will be known as "The Fall of Zaranha and the Rise of the New Alto Mira Arc", or maybe just "Pre-Merge Arc". I'll actually do a timeline for this one, describing what's happened and how it's affected my gameplay.

The Arc started with a new, strong Zaranha. One that would win challenges and prevail. Or well, at least one challenge. The drawing challenge wasn't all that nice, since I had time and a computer, but barely nothing to draw with. NPC, Laure and I connected much more that day though - and thanks to Laure we ended up winning (over Alto, nobody could beat Corvo)! Unfortunately that meant my great ally Gavin was blindsided, and the Avengers of Gavin was created to avenge him. That's also when my target changed - from Corvo to Alto. I didn't have too much time to think about it though, since we soon lost again, this time also because of Laure (but we're a tribe, so we win and lose together - it was the fault of us all tbh). The most crazy TC of the season (even up to this point at day 25) happened, and the three self-votes became a game of Idols, betrayal and the unfortunate departure of Nathan PC (who I still feel horrible for voting out). After that the swap came - and I was suddenly on a tribe with 5 old Corvos while Blake, Laure and the old Altos were on the other tribe. I felt confident in my new tribe, and it was pretty well-grounded apparantly, since we did win 4/6 challenges. Laure went home because of a self-vote though, and I suddenly became the last Zaranhan left in the game. I had now lost everyone I had been having since the start of the game, and I knew my only chance to stay was to be with my new tribe. When we lost I became slightly paranoid, but I found out it was because of nothing - the Corvo Miras stay true to their word. After Violet we thought the merge was coming, but the twist had Blake go out first. And that's the Arc! I feel much more mature and confident now than in the begginning, and losing all those people have only been making me carry them with me, to show them that they didn't fall in vain, and in one case - to avenge them. I've learnt to trust, and I'm in a whole new group of people - a group I think can take me to the end of Arc 3. Gavin, Laure, Nathan PC, Violet and Blake - somehow you all (in that order) learnt me something in this game, things I'll take with me for the rest of it. You all impacted me somehow, and I won't forget that. Ever.

Before we finish this, I'm going to do a small list of the cast, and my thoughts of them:

1. Josh - a great guy, who with his under-the-radar play can go far. His social and strategic skills could also even land him a spot in the finale. Also, my best friend out of the remaining players. 2. Heather - the queen of CV, a huge threat who could fall just short of the finish line. 3. Emma - the curse-breaker! A nice person who might either not want it as much as everyone else, or want it more than everyone else. A threat that could possibly go far. 4. Scott - a quitter who doesn't care too much about the game. He could, however, go far if he plays smart. He's also a two-faced (insert word I don't want to say out loud). 5. Lindsay - a huge threat that plays under-the-radar this time around. Could possibly won the whole thing, but might not have enough determination to actually do it. 6. Tyler - a challenge threat and a really nice guy. Glad to have somewhat been getting to know him. 7. Pedro - a big threat that with Idols, challenge and social skills could go far. Does not have the respect of the fellow tribe members though, and I have a hard time seeing him win. 8. Brayden - who's Brayden? A really anonymous player who could go far just by staying low. Has the biggest under-the-radar play out of anyone, but is also someone who'd be called a sheep if he doesn't change that quickly. 9. Nathaniel - the underdog of this game. Good in challenges, and lucky enough to survive this far. Has a target on his back, but also people covering him. Could possibly be the next Sole Survivor of the ORG (if Rome doesn't catch up to us, that is).

Also, it's kinda confirmed we'll have a final 2 - 6 Jury members in a 3-person FTC wouldn't really make sense, now would it? I like final 2s better anyway - somehow it makes everything so fun! Anyway, I'm just hoping to find the merged tribe Idol quickly, and get far in the game by using it. Thanks for this (relatively) short aftermath everyone, and see you tomorrow! This is still the best season ever!


Day 24

"Heading into tribal tonight, I am nervous and not nervous at the same time. I have a feeling I might be blindsided and then Blake will stay. But at the same time, I trust Emma and she knows nothing about a plan to get me out. She is my rock in this game. She is like my go to."

"Voting Blake sucks because I know he wants to be here REALLY bad. But, at the same time I know in my heart that the merge is looming and I want to be in that SO BAD."

Day 25 "I am absolutely relieved and ticked that I stayed. I am absolutely and very grateful to still be here because the vote was 3-2 and not 4-1. But I have NO IDEA who voted for me. Bout 110% sure it was Pedro but I have to move forward."

"Made the merge is unbelievable. It is amazing that I have lasted this long. Hopefully I can come in and grab the title of Sole Survivor."


Sliding into the dms like and WEEHA

Sliding into the dms like and WEEHA


After 25 long ass days, I have accomplished my goal of making it to the merge! I love the new tribe name, Maresia is infinitely better than Pizza Legs (sorry Josh I just wasn't feeling it). I can't complain about the tribe colour either seeing as I was the one who added it to the poll :P

I'm a little nervous about this phase of the game. I'm not sure how people are perceiving or how much they actually trust me. I am definitely going to be searching for the new idol clue and stepping my social game up to the next level. I purposely tried to limit my conversations with people from the opposing tribe despite the one world twist and stuff, mostly because I didn't want people thinking that I was gaining allies left and right like Gavin. I've focused on building bonds with the members of my own tribe as a base, and now I need to cement some bonds with the old alto mira people (namely Brayden, Scott and Pedro, I've spoken to Emma before). By bonds i mean that I want them to like me enough that even if we don't make any deals, they'll want to keep me around.

There's also the Nobody Likes Juan alliance that can finally come into a better light. If their intentions are honest, then that's a strong six that could be very successful. However, that only leaves 3 others, and Pedro and Nathaniel could have found their eay in somewhere.

Heather remains my closest ally, followed by Lindsay and then Josh and Nathaniel. I'm hoping to find the Maresia idol as quick as possible, or just find out who might be holding it. There's already the issue of where the Alto Mira idol is, so the less idols unaccounted for the better. In the meantime, I can only hope to win immunity and maybe build up some clues to where the idol might be.


Day 26

39 confessionals! And it's all well here in our merged tribe. Pedro actually did something good today - something really good. He came up with a suggestion of a tribe name (he had like 10 suggestions actually, but this one was the only worthwile): Maresia. I sounds so beautiful, and I thought that the colour teal would fit it perfectly. Other agreed with me apparantly, because we're now all part of the teal tribe Maresia (Sea Breeze). The challenge is up - Lasor Cats. I really hope I'll win it, because this first post-merge TC is going to be a crazy one. Unfortunately the computer begins to lag as soon I reach 50, so winning will be hard for me this time around. It should all go well as long as Pedro doesn't win though...

Also, I'm already down to 10 possible guesses for the Idol. My first guess was wrong, but I don't think anyone else even has a chance as good as me (1/9). The confirm of a female by Mitch made me really glad tbh. Oh well, that's it for today, longer confessional possibly coming tomorrow, when the results will've been revealed and so. Have a great day/night/morning/whatever, everyone! This is still the best season ever!


These are the moments that I can clearly see why Emma gets booted early in the game. I don't know how her head works while strategizing, she has a plan and tries to make it work without checking the pros and cons. I feel like our entire journey in this game is gonna blow in our faces because of her gameplay.


Day 27

I'm kinda feeling I'm alone in this game now. Do I care? Not that much, because I can choose my own path as I don't have allegiances anymore. Is it scary? I'll confess, it is a little bit. I need immunity to survive!!


Ok, this Fierce3 alliance is the stupidest thing I have ever done in my entire life, and believe me, I have done a lot. We are three people who are pretending to be together, and pretending we are believing in the other two. I know it won't happen, but it was worth the shot. I'm not losing anything...


Guess the number! Guessed it? Great! The number is... 40! You guessed that? Great job! I knew you'd have it right!

So, today we had our first Immunity Challenge! Laser Cats is a horrible game btw. Especially that sneaky little Pouncer... I only managed to get 88 (apparantly 99 was the max limit), and I didn't expect to win. I didn't either. Both Tyler (expected) and Scott (really unexpected) beat me with 99 points each. I really hope Tyler wins this one - Scott could win it too (as long as it's not Pedro it's fine), but I'd really prefer Tyler to be safe tonight. Otherwise the whole day's been good. I've began talking to Emma again, and Josh and I have continued to talk as usual. I'm scared I might leave next TC, but hopefully I won't. Being Immune the first TC is kinda important though, since everyone's true nature will be revealed. I've come up with a strategy already to get Pedro (hopefully) or Emma (it hurts me to say it, but she's the one expecting it the least tbh) out, and if everyone on new Alto stay true to each other, we'll make it. That's it for today (not much, I know, but at least it's something)! Have a great time, and I'll see you all tomorrow! This is still the best season ever!


I know I'm getting their votes. It's obvious. So, I'm kinda on my swam song right now.


Nathaniel blabbed and sealed his fate

Nathaniel blabbed and sealed his fate


Pedro bringing up MY NAME to other people while begging me to vote Brayden as his only hope???
Live footage of me realizing the repercussions of being aligned with every person in the game:
This is the most insane messy vote I have ever been a part of and knowing my name is being thrown out there is scary as hell, especially because I have noooo idea where 2 idols are. Josh is online and I'm going to have a heart attack during our conversation so I may need to be medevaced; stay tuned y'all.


41! Don't you think this number thing is getting a bit tedious? Oh well, I've come way to far with it to stop now! So, Scott won Immunity. A bit unexpected tbh, but apparantly both Ty and him got bad (decent tbh, but bad compared to mine :P) scores. Scott winning Immunity wasn't ideal, but better than Pedro at least. Now to the awesome plan I've come up with, the plan that will keep all new Altos from elimination, as long as nobody flips. This is how it'll work:

Because of the "alliance Ty, Heather and Josh have with old Alto but Pedro, they'll try to convince them Pedro's going home. Then, Linds will vote for Pedro, while Ty, Josh, Heather and I vote for Brayden (I think he may have an Idol, so I wanted to vote Emma, but oh well, what can you do?). Now, if they're true to their word and Pedro plays an Idol, Brayden goes. If Pedro doesn't play it, we'll vote him out in the re-vote. If the old Altos stick together, it'll be a tie between one of us and Brayden, in the re-vote Brayden goes home. And finally, if both Pedro and Brayden play Idols, one of us (me) is going home. I find that scenario highly unlikely though. Everyone agreed on the plan, and hopefully it'll work. Right now I can only hope that everyone stays true to new Alto, and I'm not getting blindsided tonight. This is still the best season ever!


This alliance of 6 with the altos isn't going to work out nobody talks or trusts each other i'm sorry at least i tried


Day 26

"Things are very quiet lately. I'm not sure why. Maybe it is because results took a while and everyone was just waiting for them. IDK. But, I don't want to seem too pushy or anything or else it will be me going home."

Day 27 "So, heading into the immunity challenge, I can't send a good score for multiple reasons. One, the computer sucks with this kind of game. And two, I had little time to do it. Hopefully someone on my side will win and then we can vote as a group."

"Emma came to me and said that Nathaniel was the one to go. She also informed me that Josh told him about the 'Nobody Likes Joan Alliance.' So that ticks me off A LOT. Josh better watch it. He is on thin ice with me, as well as Pedro. But, he thinks he is going so IDK what is gonna happen tonight."

"Heading into tribal is nerve racking. I can't even explain how nervous I am. But, I have plans in the future. But if this tribal doesn't go as planned. There will be Hell to Pay."


Ok so yay we merged!!! But things are looking bad cause the numbers are 5-4. Nathaniel is obviously siding with the Corvos cause he hates Alto Mira due to Gavin. But hey, not my fault Gavin had an alliance with almost every person in the game.

But there might be a chance things go well for me. Heather wants Nathaniel gone, as does Lindsay and Tyler. So I can try to get Alto Mira to vote Nathaniel. Issue is Pedro for some reason doesn’t wanna do that which makes zero sense. Anyways, I know Nathaniels gunning for me which is why I need to win immunity.

And guess who won immunity?


I’m happy cause literally as soon as i did Nathaniel comes to me and immediately starts apologizing and kissing up to me. Like don’t be fake dude. I know you don’t like me, which is why I am more than happy to write your name down on a parchment.

I’m just worried their leading me on, but the more I think about it when someone is really paranoid they’ll tell u how nervous they are. And I can tell Heather is nervous about this so I believe her. And i believe Tyler and Lindsay too.

The only problem with this vote is Pedro. Like we tell him the plan is to vote Nathaniel and he’s like “oh no we need to do heather!” Like ok dude that works. We can totally get Heather out even though we need her to vote Nathaniel and quite possibly get our numbers back.


Another long one coming your way!

Well, I made the merge! And if this vote goes down the way I think it will, I'm top 8- so so so much better than I did in Kamchatka. I'm really happy, as well as kinda nervous- this is where the game gets so, so real. And I hope I come out on top.

I still have my main alliance- Heather at my core, and Tyler right behind. We still have an idol for protection. Nathaniel's getting obnoxious, and Josh doesn't see it. Pedro's a character, but hey, he's not the most immediate annoyance. Brayden- he's nonexistent. And then there's Emma and Scoot, Tumblr buddies for life.

So what do we do? We take out Nathaniel. Here's the breakdown.

Me, Heather, Tyler, Emma, and Scoot all vote for Nathaniel.

Nathaniel and Josh think that we're going with Nathaniel's plan, in which Heather, Tyler, Josh, and Nathaniel vote for Brayden and I vote for Pedro to get rid of an idol. (There's no idol, Nathaniel's trying to save Pedro 'cause they're buddies.)

Pedro wants Brayden too, God knows why, and is voting him and thinks I am too.

Brayden's irrelevant and it doesn't matter who he votes for.

It's so fucking confusing and took forever to figure out. The idol for Pedro idea was actually mine before I realized what the real issue was (Nathaniel and Pedro as allies). But hey, we have this worked out. And at final 5, we take out Emma, Scoot, and Tyler in that order. If it's final 3, lucky Ty. If not, Heather and I sit at F2. I'd be happy to lose to her at this point, to be blatantly honest.

Cross your fingers for me, will ya?


42 confessional, before I fade into oblivion. I'm writing this one rather early, since I am somewhat sure I'll be heading home tonight. I know, I've said so before, but this time I know it's true. Apparantly Brayden's convinced Emma and Scott to vote for me, and Pedro's voting Brayden with me, Josh and Heather. Ty and Linds nobody knows where they stand, but hopefully they're with us. That won't be enough to keep me in this game though. Why? Well, because Brayden will play his Idol. Wait, what? Brayden has an Idol? Yes, yes he has. And how do I know this? Well, let's just say I've been analyzing what people's said, and I've realised some new things. I do think Brayden's reason for voting me out is stupid - apparantly I'm a big threat if I reach the FTC -_- I mean, seriously? THAT'S WHAT YOU WORRY ABOUT WHEN THE F5 IS COMING! Sorry for that, but that reason is nothing but bad. Brayden is so extremely dumb (sorry Brayden, I hate saying this, but it's the truth) if that's his only reason for wanting me out. I think he has other reasons though, reasons he's not telling Josh.

So anyway, I'll go home tonight if I don't play an Idol. And how am I going to do that? Well, I only have 5 choices left if my Idol theory is correct, and in this time frame I don't have time for any more guesses. I have sent in a guess to Joan already though, and that guess could be what saves me. I'll just have to trust my instincts, and hope I make it out alive anyway. Otherwise, this'll be my last confessional. I'm going to pretend it is my last confessional actually, since it seems very likely. If I go ome tonight, I hope Josh or Heather wins. I'll definitely give one of them my Jury vote if they make it to the F2. I'm sad I couldn't avenge Gavin, but I trust Josh to do it instead. I also never expected to make it further than this, and reaching 3 out of my 5 original goals (a 6th to avenge Gavin was added mid-game) is not a small achievement. And now, finally, I'll do some RoP-like thing, with all contestants, voted out or not:

Josh - I really hope you win this. You helped me when I had lost everything, and I won't forget that. Heather - the queen of CV. Really hope you make it far too. Look forwards to reading your confessionals! Tyler - I still don't know exactly where you're standing, but I still wish you luck in the game. Lindsay - good luck Linds. Slay like you would've done in Kamchatka if you'd had the chance to! Emma - I hope you get furthest out of the old Altos. This is only based on your personality, since blindsiders like you are horrible people. Pedro - good luck. I won't be sad if you win the game - you've played it amazingly. Scott - good luck to you too. You'll definitely need it. Brayden - good luck, I guess. You managed to get me out (if I go home, that is), so congrats on doing that. Blake - challenge threat who I never got to know. One of 4 people I never was on the same tribe as. Violet - great person I wish the best in life to. Laure - my fellow post-swap Zaranhan. Supreme player, who could've gone far in the game. Nathan PC - really wish you hadn't gone home back there. You had extremely bad luck, but I hope you have better luck in the future! Gavin - Gavin ;( My probably best friend from this season, and I'm truly enjoying playing other seasons with you too. Words isn't enough to describe how great you are. Reid - nice person I've gotten to know more after the game. Has good and bad sides, but overall a great person. Just wish you didn't try to blindside me back then ;) Konrad - words isn't enough for this either. You were screwed over this season, and if one person should return, it's definitely you. Isaiah - you, Blake, Gavin and Evan were the only people I was never on the same tribe as, and I talked to you the least. I didn't have too high thoughts of you though, unfortunately. Evan - great guy, who apparantly went somewhat insane. It was great to play with you those few days. Rhea - the few times I talked to you, you seemed nice. Not someone who's meant to play in ORGs, but a great person nonetheless.

That's it from me this last confessional. I'll finish it with my hopes of not going home. This is still the best season ever!


SHIT! I forgot that Brayden may have an idol! And he is probably going to play it. SHIT! SHIT! SHIT! I should have chosen Emma instead as the target!!!


Ur more of a sarah from Cagayan!!!

Ur more of a sarah from Cagayan!!!

He never listens

He never listens

Also here is my confessinal thats not a video!!! So basically Nathaniel said that i cant believe ill go that far down... and Scott is the only Genius... This is so great i want people to see scott as a bigger threat then me and apprently i am a horrible person... oh gurl i have some news for you!!!! its not like we were align or even close.. I still felt bad voting for him! I just love when people think that i am not stronger then i think i am... i mean i won an org 8-0-0... Basically my strategy is to backstab anyone i am willing to do anything to win! I know i got it in me but my problem is that these people can be so hard to talk too... like lindsey barely replies to me and Tyler is busy... josh talks to me at the wrong times when i am at freaking skule... I want basically tyler out and heather out next even if there are in my alliance.. i am willing to make moves i am gonna make up for my stupid lying you see will you will all see! I feel like i need to make moves soon because i dont want to be seen as weak which i am not!