Day 14

Okay, so Lindsay recommended that we send Bryce if we win immunity and reward! That is a BAD BAD BAD thing for the Uspekh 7(well, I guess you could just say Uspekhs). That would mean he would miss tribal council and James, Erik, and Rebekah would be down in numbers to Slava and Andreas, who claims he is with the Uspekhs. Lindsay said Andreas has a double vote though. This means that if one of them wasn't missing tribal then he probably would NOT have sided with USpekh. He would have voted with the 3 Slava and used his double vote to gain the numbers advantage. This means WE NEED TO LOSE!(I wish I was playing so I could throw it now. Lindsay is a writer... so we probably will win.) That way they can send Molly or me to Temptation. There, Molly or myself will choose a double vote. Back at Tribal things will most likely go as planned as we vote out Ivan(unless Slava flips, which is very possible.) We would have to lie and say we were choosing the challenge advantage to help out the tribe in a future challenge just as I did for Uspekh way back. Molly, Ziggy, and I would then throw the future immunity challenges to save our Uspekh members. Slava would be worried and try to side with Caleb possibly. It wouldn't mater though because Molly would use her double vote to give us the # advantage over them. Then Uspekh would be 3-2 on my tribe and could continue to dominate until merge. Whew... my mind is racing. Hope that was easy to understand!!!



Lindsay's sweet but deciding to vote off Nickson instead of Uspekh was stupid. Plain stupid and reckless. We NEED to get majority by the merge, and Uspekh still have all 7 members of the their original tribe. They're probably sitting there laughing at us.

Anyway, it's good that Lindsay has had to orchestrate so many strategy tactics so far. That'll make it so much easier for people to vote her out later in the game, becuase let's face it, she's to likeable to be allowed to finish the game. She's my greatest ally, but I won't beat her at the end.

Andreas is good, I'm beginning to trust him over some other original Slava members. Now that Nickson's gone, I hope that scared everyone else into not backstabbing Lindsay or me. I hope Lindsay didn't lie about Nickson backstabbing us.

All I need to do is use Nickson as a pawn and make up stuff about what he was saying to manipulate the rest of the tribes decisions.


I DID IT. I FUCKING DID IT. I spearheaded the biggest blindside yet in this game, and I couldn't be happier about it! My least favourite person and least trustworthy tribemate is out of this game, and I honestly wasn't sure if it was going to work.

First of all, I didn't even have to throw a challenge for us to lose. That's how bad new Slava was at the 2048 challenge. 2 people didn't submit and a lot of others just kind of sucked. I won my round because I actually tried for once. LOL. DIDN'T EVEN HAVE TO.

Then the voting war started.

Our tribe was split into two sides of four- me and the old Uspekhs (Taylor, Molly, and Ziggy), and the old Slava/Pobeda (Pydo, Nickson, Ivan, and Ziggy). Except Pydo's actually MY ally- not theirs. So that tribe half decided to vote for Molly. I can kind of see why- she's a threat, and they're not allies with her, so why not prevent a potential girl alliance and get her out? (Even though the chances of a girl alliance are zero- it'd be three of us against a million of them...) I knew from the minute we lost that we had to get Nickson out. He's been talking smack about me since day 3, he lied to my face about what happened at Temptation Island and why he took a self-advantage, and he was starting to talk shit about other people on the old Slava tribe and lie to them, too. I was having serious anxiety with him still on this game- his lack of predictability and honesty was throwing away all the power I had worked so, so hard for, and I wasn't going to have that. So I got old Uspekh and Pydo, and I tried to get Caleb, too, but he wasn't around much, to vote Nickson. It took so much effort- I was literally going person to person to person coordinating everything for at least two or three hours straight.


Knowing he left gives me so much more comfort and safety in this game. Yeah, there are a few people I don't know or trust, but considering I have the majority on my side, I think I'm good. Just gotta hope that we can pick off a few more people, especially the old Uspekh on the tribe I'm not on, so that I go into the merge with a huge majority. Then, I start picking off "allies" one by one until I get to FTC. It's a solid plan... I just have to hope it works.


This challenge is golden. The irony of me searching for the hidden immunity idol in the story must not go un-noticed. I mean, I already have one, so hopefully ill get a second one :)

And Jeremy's little lecture on how to spell colour correctly was so funny. I don't understand how some someone can be so serious on how to spell a freaking word. I was laughing so hard. And he thought the whole world cared. Wow... that reminds me of little Miss Day 2 vote herself, Ruby.

So I quickly chatted with Lindsay today, and I didn't really like the way she was talking.. it's like she power crazy. She was like 'this person could go, but this person annoys me. I've also been eyeing this person so they could go at any second'. I was like 'yeah ahha so funny.....' Actually it's not funny. I don't want to play with someone who acts like that, nor do I want to be associated with someone like her. I'm really leaning towards the Upsekh way, which is voting out Ryan, Tyler and Jeremy. I'm done playing for what's best for 'Pobeda'. It's now time for what's best for Andreas.


It's actually kind of cute how dumb my team is sometimes. I had talked to Ryan yesterday about how I want to throw an upcoming reward challenge or get him sent to Temptation Island so that he can get another idol clue and find the second idol. Two idols for the two of us is total safety in this game. But then, I find out it's a writing challenge. And by the time I've even read through the rules of the challenge, my team has already assigned four people to participate.

And I'm not one of them.

Um, I might want to mention that I'm a professional writer. I work for the Huffington Post, and have freelanced for USA Today and Amy Poehler's blog. I am negotiating a deal to get my first book published, and am halfway through writing my second. So... why did my team bench me? This isn't new info to them- they all know I'm a professional at this. Some of them have read my work. And yet, I had to argue my way into actually doing this challenge...

It's like they WANT to lose or something. (Which, yeah, I kind of did, and kind of still do. But it'll look SO dumb to the other team if we bench the girl who writes for a living during the one challenge she's actually really, really good at. It'd be like not letting Erik Reichenbach do a running challenge, or not letting James Clement do a challenge where he has to carry heavy things...

I just want to fucking merge already. I need new things to do- running a tribe of idiots is getting old.


Here you goo tbh

I am so happy right now! Why? Well I'm confident that Rebekah and I are on great terms, as is Andreas and I, so that gives us a five-to-three advantage over the Slava's in case we do go to tribal. And I doubt Andreas would actually turn against me in any way, shape, or form and I really believe he trusts me a lot because he's telling me all of his darkest in-game secrets, maybe it's because he has no one else to go with?

Either way, now I know some interesting things about Lindsay that I'm fairly certain I need to talk to the others about...she's a threatening player, and she's even going as far as to blackmail Andreas? Hmm, she sounds like a villain, all right. And we know what happens to the villains, right? Bye-bye.

As far as long-term game, I really really really wanna go deep into the game with Rebekah! She's like sooo funny and I don't think there's a mean bone in her body! I really do want to go final 2, final 3 with her simply because I like her so much as a person, I think I might just start talking like her~! As threatening as her social game is though, we seem to be on the same page during our strategy talks so I don't see why I shouldn't go with her for now!


Temptation Island:
  • A 1000 miles playing* Making my way down town, Walking Fast, Faces Pass and I’m Home bound. da da da da. *Arrives at hut, sees the amazing Sam* ‘Ooh damn she’s hot.’ I whispered to myself hoping that she’ll look into my luscious eyes. *Mr. Host comes in and she departs not gracefully* Buuuu-! *She leaves 😢*

Nicholas: Hello there Ziggy welcome to Temptation Island. You have the choice to choose from 1,2 and 3 which do you choose?


Nicholas: She died.

Ziggy: Oh K. Number 1 please.

NIcholas: *Types*

Ziggy: Oh no number 2.

Nicholas: K. This is yours now.

Ziggy: K.

Nicholas: K. Go to the hut over there for your shelter.

ZIggy: K

._. And this is the story of how Ziggy survived through Temptation Island.


Day 15

Uspekh, together as a tribe, immune as a whole... Nah, i'm not to sure about that, immunity only lasts that long, but we are a really good team, not dishing Slava or anything... Aha...


I did not want to win this immunity challenge. This sucks. I need James or Rebekah gone.

I don't want Molly to go to temptation island and be immune. I know if she doesn't she'll be safe and she's going behind peoples backs. She's no good for me or my alliance.

If Lindsay gets to the finals she'll win hands down. Jeremey thinks she's pulling all the big moves. I plan to go to the final four with Lindsay, Tyler and Pydo like we planned and have Lindsay go out the door.


God dammit Lindsay -.-

I immediately regretted my decision to vote off Nickson. Now Lindsay comes running to me telling me Molly caught onto her and needs to be taken out. I should have just done that last tribal! Now It's pretty clear Ivan doesn't trust me 100% and Caleb just doesn't talk to me much in general. I feel like nothing good came out of that. I explained to the Pobedas what happened and that I still was loyal to them, and they agreed to vote Molly. Then Lindsay made a chat with us and apologized to them, and suddenly Caleb starts talking. He pretty much never talked with us in the other chat, but with Lindsay there he's suddenly "It's ok you're with us now so we're all happy". I don't know if that means he's already closer to her, I could be reading too much into it, but still...

The big thing that could make things difficult is Temptation. If one of the four of us gets sent, we'll tie. If Molly gets sent, then we can't take out our target. Apparently it's going to be Molly, which sucks. I'd rather get out someone with power than a follower, and apparently Molly has the most power out of the three. If she does get sent, then we're voting out Taylor, since apparently he's more loyal to her than Ziggy.


Suckers. Pydo blindsided me (and Caleb and Nickson) last tribal council. And my good friend Nickson was voted out! Dang it. Blindsides are so much fun but its not if you're the one blindsided. Lol.

So yeah i feel like an outsider at camp. I asked Ziggy and Pydo if I am next and they both said that if we win Immunity then im not. So read between the lines, if we lose i'm out of Kamchatka! The feeling is so depressing Lol i cant do anything right. Is this the curse of Pobeda...


Ivan spoke with both me and Molly about how he wants Pydo out. Ivan said that Nickson told him that Pydo is tightly aligned with the 3 other Slava members on Uspekh 2.0. So we have some options for tonights vote. Hopefully things go as planned and Molly goes to Temptation and gets us the double vote advantage. After some convincing from Molly, I have realized that the best option for Uspekh is to side with Ivan and Caleb to take out Pydo. If a situation where someone misses Tribal Council arises in the future, Pydo will be a vote to send an Uspekh member there, which will put us at a disadvantage. Therefore, it is best for us to take him out and knock Slava's numbers down. Then we can try to throw challenges to continue to save our Uspekhs. I want to regain Lindsay's trust after we do this though as I trust her the most out of any Slava member. It wouldn't be terribly hard to do as she would have no where to go especially with our double vote.

New info shows that Lindsay is trying to switch the vote to Molly or me depending on if Molly goes to Temptation Island or not. Ivan showed us all the info. She thinks she's running the game, but she is about to go down. Ivan showing us this makes me more comfortable with him. Plus, Ziggy is going to Temptation Island, so I know it shouldn't be me tonight for sure. I thought I was going to go deeper with Lindsay, but she decided to mess with my Uspekhs and that's a nono. DON'T mess with my Uspekhs! I should have known she was trying to play me this entire time. The plan is for Pobedas(Ivan and Caleb) to vote Lindsay out with Molly and me.

The thing that made me LAUGH OUT LOUD was that Lindsay said I will do anything Molly tells me to. Like really? I definitely do my own thing. Molly rarely is telling me what to do, but if people see it that way, then Molly needs to go before final 2/3 as well. I'm hoping for a combo of myself with Erik, Rebekah, or Ziggy because that's the easiest win at the moment. Poor lil old Lindsay could have made merge if she was loyal to me... or took us out when she had the chance last tribal! Oh well.... sucks for her I guess. And I really thought I could trust her! Shows how crazy this game truly is. Now watch as I am voted out instead! bahaha! Sorry! Too funny if that does happen! It would make sense because it would probably be smarter for them to take down the group with the most people left(Uspekh). Just hope that isn't the outcome. I'm showing him what Lindsay said also to strengthen trust.


This Slava tribal council is ginormous. Thanks to a subtle message from Andreas, I was able to figure out that Lindsay wants to blindside Molly. This totally makes sense because Jeremy and Ryan refused to send Molly to Temptation and instead wanted Ziggy -- probably for this exact reason. I was able to warn Molly and Taylor about what was going on so I really hope they pull out of this tribal alive ugh. If Molly does go, Taylor, Ziggy, Rebekah, and I will all follow suit. This is a huge tribal for all of Uspekh and I'm so stressed that I can't be there to offer my vote to help secure their and our safety. Ughh I'm terrified to see these results.


I wasn't going to do it. I really wasn't. I didn't want to make yet ANOTHER big move right after I took Nickson out. But considering I decided yesterday was a great time to run my mouth, here I go again, hopefully about to pull off ANOTHER huge blindside...


I wanted to stick with the original Uspekhs that are now Slava until the merge. They're nice, they clearly seemed to like playing with me, and hey, I can't complain that they helped me take out my least favourite player in the game. But yesterday morning, Molly suddenly got nosy. We were discussing who we would want to send to Temptation Island if we won immunity, and at this point, who we send determines which tribe loses a member. Molly made it very clear that she didn't want an original Uspekh going home. Now, I like Molly. And Taylor. And Ziggy. And Bryce seems nice enough. But the other 3, in my mind, are disposable. In fact, they need to be eliminated before the merge, or Uspekh is seven strong in the merge and we all go home.

That. Can't. Happen.

I've worked too damn hard in this game to allow Uspekh to just eliminate me whenever they feel like it post-merge. And my frustration with Molly in not hearing me out about sending Bryce to Temptation Island (a solely selfish move for my alliance, obviously), put a huge, neon and flashing target on my back.

Again. Oops.

So I groveled. Not to Molly or Taylor or Ziggy, but to Ivan and Caleb, who were kind of blindsided along with Nickson last week. Luckily for me, two things are true. One, Pydo felt awful about voting for Nickson, and wanted to work with the two Pobeda boys. Two, Ivan and Caleb literally have nowhere to go unless they work with us. If it's not an Uspekh, it's them going home, and they know it. So getting them two and Pydo to vote Molly if we lost was actually really, really easy.

We lost the challenge- shocker. Nobody sent me their chapters to edit before we submitted, which was their own damn fault, and so the professional writer lost the writing challenge. I would be embarrassed, but it gives me a chance to blindside Molly tonight at tribal. I don't want to be too confident- with how many big moves I've made without any sight of the merge coming soon, I'm clearly a powerful target in this game, and I could be turned on at any moment. But I think tonight will go exactly how I want it to. Molly's going home, and while everyone will probably catch onto the villainy I'm employing to play my game, I don't really care. After this, I STILL have majority numbers- Slava + Pobeda > Uspekh. I can lay low until the merge and then start really playing again.


COming back from Temptation Island. I feel a spark bursting into flames. Merge is getting closer and this bitch has to start playing hard as from now! Time to do that one thing I despise the most. To Lie. That’s right i’m going to bluff and tell everyone that I chose the clue to the HII

No one from my tribe knows the order so this is absolutely perfect. But i’ll try.


After Tribal

Lindsay's out and I'm screwed. She had a big mouth and I put too many eggs in her basket. I now realize I'm on the bottom.


Oh my, wow. Lindsay is gone, which is good, she was manipulating a lot of them. I in all honesty thought Molly was going to go, and I really didn't want her too for some reason, and either did James. Sure, my debating skills sucked, but she didn't leave, and that means its only Molly and me left out of the 4 girls who started here.


Voting Confessionals

Lindsay, you tried to pull one over on us. Now it's time to give it right back to you. You won't be "running this game" much longer if things go as planned.


So yeah, we didn't talk much, and I really wish I had done this last tribal. You're the biggest threat out of the Uspekhs on Slava, and it's about time your tribe lost a member.

–Pydo voting Molly

I am voting for LINDSAY.

I thought you are a genuinely nice person, until I hear stories like you curse a lot, you are bossy and negative from our tribemates. So I can't help to think that you are the person who wrote the disgusting parchment vote, FU Nickson. If you are, oh my what a devil. If you are not, my apologies.

Then I feel that you are very much responsible for our tribe's loss at the immunity challenge. You were bossy and stepped up to the plate because you are a writer. I suggested that we get on a straight concept, divide it into four so that it is connecting to each other. But you rejected the idea. You rejected everyone's ideas except yours. So I am hoping here's your price to pay.

I'm doing this also for my brother Nickson. For blindsiding him. Here's for you. You think you are in control of the game, but better think again. Payback time.

I can be played here because I really do not have any tight alliance except for Caleb. And I feel like it can be me ... but... I hope you go home. My vote is for LINDSAY. You could have scooped me and Caleb last time, but you did not. Sorryyyyyyyyyyyy.